Greetings dear readers! This is month I’m talking about how to detox the jab with iMedDo System. The old types of vaccines were contaminated with aluminum, lead, and mercury which were very toxic when injected directly into the body bypassing the gut absorption defense mechanism, and these new types of “vaccines” which do not meet the definition of being vaccines so we call them the “jab” are also extremely toxic. They contain spike related poisons, lipid poisons, carbon nanoparticle poison, toxic metal poisons, and even synthetic & actual parasites! Because of their new form of attack upon your body’s defenses, few people have any idea how to detox them, which is why I am writing this episode, as I am one of the few people who has any clue what to do. Worrisome is that many people are in a state of despair that detox is not even possible as permanent genetic damage is an expected known side effect of the new class of poison jabs, and figuring out what do for that was the hardest part at first for me to wrap my head around, but ultimately it is easy as the jab is just making cancer cells, and I just so happen to be an anti-cancer expert, if you have researched me you know I have two degrees both undergraduate & graduate from MD Anderson cancer center evidence that I have dedicated a large part of my life thinking about how to whack cancer. In fact my initial interest in iodine was for its anti-breast cancer suppressing ability, and my spiritual journey of how to help people use iodine correctly is what evolved into the iMedDo Ultimate Detox system where the iodine is used with colloidal silver & gold. This newsletter is one of the first attempts to come up with a comprehensive jab detox explanation & strategy. It is my belief that the iMedDo Detox System consisting of only 3 very simple yet extremely powerful things iodine, silver & gold can detox the jab, and I explain in this episode what are the known poisons in the jab, and how iMedDo system detoxes them. However, it’s not tested as I’m not going to get the jab to detox it to find out whether this protocol works, & I do not recommend to anyone reading this to get the jab. But for any of you who already did get the jab, or were forced to get the jab, or were bribed to get the jab (get it or lose job, get it or you no can fly etc) then this article is for you to explain how and why if you want to experiment with jab detox after experimenting on yourself already with the jab, then I ethically need to tell you that the detox is possible, and it is my belief & scientific opinion & religious opinion & personal opinion that the iMedDo Ultimate Detox system will work for jab detox, and I will explain why that is. Enjoy!


I had a great time getting out there & talking to people last weekend at the Tree of Life Holistic Festival in Chattanooga, Tennessee in my local area. I’ll be doing some more holistic fairs with Tree of Life coming up one in Louisville, KY in September 18-19th and the one in Hunstville, AL in November 13th-14th for sure, Hope to see you there!

LINK: https://treeoflifeholisticfestival.com/

Talking to people, I realized the biggest problem is still simply chlorine & fluoride in the water which iodine directly detoxes. Halogens that interfere with iodine nutrient function in the body, but which blessedly flush out fast when real iodine shows up.

If the people who specialize in using their third eye at a metaphysical fair are inundated with chlorine & fluoride, how much more gunked up do you think is the pineal of the people who aren’t coming to holistic fairs? It’s a pleasure to be around people who listen to their own intuition, as your own body will tell you what it needs to heal, and many people who come to my table are guided there by their own higher self when they need my detox system to flush out mercury from metal fillings, aluminum from gardasil vaccine, titanium leaking from implants, and many variety of ailments that require detox to fix. As long as there is chlorine &/or fluoride in the municipal water, and fluoride (PFAS) in the processed foods iMedDo detox is as relevant as ever! Thankyou all, and welcome to 25+ new newsletter subscribers I had the pleasure to meet in person at the Tree of Life Holistic fair. Enjoy!


If you were at the fair then you already known the big news which is that graphene oxide the secret poison in the jab is detoxed directly by glutathione which is the secret ingredient in iMedDo Detox which is the food grade polymer stabilizer on the colloidal silver & gold. Hurray! I’m very happy to be able to reveal this formerly trade secret on the NeuSilver & NeuGold highest quality colloidal silver & gold as it is of utmost relevance to jab detox.


The system is very simple to use you put the iodine on your skin and the silver & gold 1 drop each in water and drink (or 1-4 drops NeuElectrum which has the silver & gold precombined in water & drink). NeuIodine has a dose ramping where you work up to 2 drops for men and work up to 4 drops (increasing by 1 drop per week) for women.

It’s not difficult to use and if you do it every day for maintenance you will feel your health improve if there are any toxins in your body.


You simply do the same detox as above and for custom dosing contact me iMedDo.club/book.

However, there are many more issues to be discussed. Firstly, I don’t want to encourage people to get the jab which some people, if they think it is easy to detox, might be persuaded to do. It’s very risky for me to even let you touch my detox system as if the jab kills you I don’t want you holding a bottle of iMedDo on your deathbed as you make me an easy target for the big pharma to use as a scapegoat for their poison. So it’s better if people just notice that people who don’t get the jab and use imeddo stay healthy and the people who do get the jab and don’t use iMedDo get sick. However, ethically, even if you got the jab, because I know how to detox it, I must share this with you even if I dont’ want you using my products if you got the jab as I’m not interested in being responsible as the toxins you will flush out are very nasty and if you die after getting the jab even using my detox then I don’t want to be involved. However, I also don’t want you to sit back and die if you get the jab either so better to detox than to do nothing. Because of the diverse side effects of the jab ranging from nothing to instant death within 24-48 hrs, taking the jab is like playing russian roulette and if you are reading this episode and are jabbed then you are already one of the lucky ones as you survived the initial bullet. However, you need to get those poisons out of your body as many more people are dying weeks to months after getting the jab and the long term effects have never been evaluated but don’t bode well.

There is so much medical fraud going on right now it is very disturbing and they are playing with the word “fully vaccinated” and defining it to only include people 2 weeks after getting a jab so that all the people getting sick and dying 24-48 hrs after the jab aren’t counted as fully vaccinated and are lumped into the unvaccinated group in a truly deceptive & fraudulent manner.

Regardless of the risk to myself in helping you, I am ethically bound to tell you if I known of a solution, and I do. It’s using the iMedDo Detox System.

Although this detox really is very easy, there is a spiritual component to it which depending on where you are on your journey can determine how effectively your body can detox the spike poison.

Typically the people who get the jab lack the spiritual progress to find iMedDo and typically the people who use iMedDo already have sufficient spiritual attainment to avoid the jab anyway. So telling you about jab detox is really in a grey area that most people don’t fall into as the people who got 2 jabs already will probably get 3, and those of us who avoid the jab completely will continue to do so.

But there really are some people caught in the middle being bullied into getting the jab having their loved ones denied from visiting them, having employment or travel or access to goods and services denied to them if they don’t submit the experimental poison. And for those of you who got it by mistake, gunked up your health, and need a path to regain your spiritual and health power, this episode is for you. For the rest of you who like me avoid the jab, it’s still helpful for you to know what is in the jab and how and why iMedDo system detoxes it so that you can help others so hopefully you will enjoy this episode as well.

It is your own spirit and body that does all the work and you can think of NeuSilver, NeuIodine and NeuGold as combined armor, helmet, and sword, battle armor set. Even with the best armor, you need to be a warrior to put it on, and the courage to fight as a healthwarrior must come from within, I cannot help cowards, and you must find your own inner courage through your own spiritual journey to effectively wield these armors of the body, mind & spirit.

I’m not saying you even need to wear armor to go into battle, you could jump in nude like or in a bear skin like a berserker, but most people prefer to put their armor on and fight with a sword in hand rather than tear enemies apart with bare hands like Beowulf. In the same way, you could rely on your natural immunity alone to protect you from bioweapon attack, and depending on your strength this will work, but I highly recommend using NeuSilver, NeuIodine & NeuGold to protect, armor and auto defend and boost & support your immune system like building a high wall around your sacred body city.

You don’t need to make it easy for invaders to attack, especially not when they are now using a back door Trojan horse having hacked our cell’s ACE2 receptor. If you get the jab, you are like the Trojans tearing down their high walls of their city gate to let the attackers in. Keep your gate shut and rain down electrum silver & gold arrows on the would be invaders. Iodine is the violet flame of purification and transformation which allows your body to butterfly into the spiritual vessel it is designed to be, and your spiritual connection is worth defending.


If you got the jab and are now having regrets, I can help but you must find your courage first. Your life is in danger, and if you detox you will flush poisons out which can cause damage on the way out, which is what iodine does. That is why the iMedDo system uses silver & gold which are body, gut & and brain & nervous system anti-inflammatories to protect from the poisons as they come out. You will want to use silver & gold and pay close attention to the iodine dose ramping as you do not want to detox too fast. Although the standard dose ramping should work, it may need to be modified depending on how sensitive your body is you may even have to ramp slower & longer. If you are planning on using iMedDo for jab detox be sure to talk to me iMedDo.club/book for custom dosing.


To talk about detoxing the jab I first need to talk about what poisons are in the jab that need to be detoxed. I’ve been talking about this for many months already but here is a summary of what is in it that is poisonous that I am aware of. This jab is interesting because some of the poisons are not in the jab itself, but are made by your own body and some have increased toxicity when stimulated externally making the jab a rather complex poison cocktail slurry but nothing I can’t handle.


Spike Protein Related Poisons: Genetic Material: Spike RNA & Spike DNA, & Spike Protein

The active ingredient of the Pfizer jab is the Spike protein RNA. Related poisons are the spike protein DNA made in the body by reverse transcriptase, and the fully formed spike protein itself transcribed from the RNA using hijacked cellular ribosomal machinery. The spike DNA is particularly a problem if it gets into a cell’s nucleosome and permanently modifies the cell’s DNA to make spike proteins, a viral hijacking. These spike protein related poisons are very pernicious as many cells in the body have an ACE-2 receptor and thus the spike protein can likely disrupt many a cell in the body leading to a diverse number of pathologies.

It’s going to take time to figure out what all these horrible side effects of spike related poison are but the main ones that are on my mind are:

RBC related: the spike protein popping red blood cells releasing iron into the blood where the free iron causes inflammation from oxidative damage and feeds infection and parasites in the blood.

Platelet related: Low platelets, thrombocytopenia (see last month’s episode for details, also note I added extra appendix sections to last month’s episode go back and re-read)

WBC related: papers I’m aware of on eosinophil damage, but like HIV, is attacking the T-cells and B cells causing them to become mutant cancer cells making viral spike protein. Cytokine storm inflammation cascade upon re-exposure to spike proteins is a concern.

Fertility damaging: spike proteins causing antibody response to proteins related to placenta

Brain poison neurodegenerative related. There is similarity to the spike proteins & prion proteins, and thus possibility of long term damage if undetoxed such as dementia & alzheimer’s.


Iodine can break down both genetic material and proteins and thus can be used by the body to ward against spike protein related damage. The foreign RNA can be attacked by your body’s RNAses, & suramin in pine needle tea is something proactive you can do to help. DNA is broken down by your body’s DNAses and silver and gold can bind to DNA and assist in identifying non-human DNA. Spike proteins can be broken down by proteases in the body. Free floating spike proteins can be grabbed by blood platelets (triggering conformation change in the platelet) and broken down with platelet granules. Silver & Gold & Iodine can all be used inside of platelets to assist. If you go back to last month’s episode on Jab Induced Thrombocytopenia, and re-read, notice I added an additional appendix section discussing iodine, silver & gold and platelet health, and I have thought deeply on this topic. Silver & Gold both can be taken up by platelet granules and aid in attacking blood poisons such as spike protein related damage.

The most pernicious of the spike protein related damage is if the spike protein RNA is converted to spike protein DNA and is able to integrate into the cell’s DNA causing permanent genetic damage.

One helpful thing here is ivermectin drug which is a viral integrin inhibitor which can slow down this process.

Once damaged with viral DNA, the cell becomes hijacked to produce spike proteins (the cell DNA will code for RNA which will go to the cell’s cytoplasm and be transcribed into spike protein molecules). Many people have been understandably freaking out about this and myself included guilty here, but I have obtained inner peace again by recognizing that even this “permanent damage” can be detoxed. How you ask?

By killing the damaged cell. Once “infected” with the spike protein genetic material the cell becomes effectively a cancer cell & the idea of discussing “SPIKE CANCER” is a useful concept. The spike cancer cell is no longer behaving like a regular cell as it is now making spike proteins as its genome has been hacked. Fortunately, our body has many ways of killing cancer cells including apoptosis i.e. programmed cell death. One way this occurs is with cytotoxic T cells, but even they might be hijacked by the spike damage, so the solution is to help our bodies out with additional anti-cancer agents. Fortunately, all three iodine, silver & gold are anti-cancer.

Thinking of the spike protein related DNA damage as being “Spike Cancer” rather than “permanent genetic damage” is a lot more easy for me to tackle as I have undergraduate & graduate degrees from MD Anderson Cancer Center and have spend a lot of my life thinking about the myriad of ways to tackle cancer. Cancer cells happen all the time in the body and your immune system has many ways to kill them so they are not the end as long as your body has sufficient resources to fight.

As I’ve been focusing on platelets recently, my current understanding is that you need to help your platelet warriors fight because if their numbers get too depleted before you beat the spike cancer you may very well die. The platelets are made from cells in the bone marrow and it is not yet clear how far this new spike cancer will go but if unchecked you could end up needing a bone marrow transplant if the cells that make the platelets (megakarocytes) become spike infected. Before that happens though the platelets in the blood will protect you, and you need to do everything you can to keep their numbers high while fighting. This also raises the question of whether you should even use iodine as iodine as it flushes out toxins, can temporarily lower platelets indirectly from mercury & lead and halogens and other poisons it will flush out, & as I showed last month the other ingredients in the jab also reduce platelets. My belief is that the benefit to getting at least a little iodine nutrient always outweighs any risks of detox with it AS LONG AS you also use silver and gold with it. This is the foundation of the iMedDo detox system. There are other reasons to use iodine as well (full body germicidal and anti-parasitic), so any detox reaction of using iodine is best adjusted for with dose ramping and using in the system with silver & gold. Just as platelets become reduced when fighting malaria, but quickly return to normal when using iodine to kill the malaria, any reduced platelets from toxins coming out from using iodine will be quickly replaced when the infection is whipped when using iodine silver & gold together; as all three are also potent antivirals & their anti-cancer properties in part come from this anti-viral property as the cancer cells become cancer from being infected by a viral or viral like foreign DNA integration.

It is interesting to note that the spike protein in the jab is a GMO (genetically modified) spike protein, and was although viral inspired, was not directly viral derived as it was made by a computer. Thus it is a synthetic pathogen, but essentially it acts like a virus by using RNA to turn to DNA to integrate with and hijack cells turning them into cancer. So although the jab doesn’t contain a virus, it basically does contain a synthetic virus, and thus both the triple anti-viral and the triple anti-cancer properties of the iodine, silver & gold in the iMedDo detox system are the primary ways that the system combats the spike related jab damage.


The jab contains two poisonous lipids: ionizable nanolipids & PEG.

Ionizable nano-lipids:

The lipid membrane of all of our cells is negatively charged, and thus if you get a positively charged lipid it is very toxic as is xenotrophic not meant to be in the body. The ionizable nano lipid is neutrally charged but can be activated (ionized) through external input of energy to become positively charged and then becomes toxic.


The jab also contains another toxic lipid called poly-ethylene glycol (PEG).

The primary mechanism of lipid toxicity is liver damage as the liver is where the body breaks them down. To aid in detox you need to protect the liver and gold in the imeddo system does that. Gold based on my gold-copper nutrient hypothesis has evolved in humans as a superior nutrient to copper for detox. Gold besides protecting the brain & nervous system is known to protect the liver. It is used in alcohol breakdown for sure as well as the breakdown of many foreign chemicals and breaking down foreign lipids including the ionizable nano lipids and the PEG is expected. As part of the detox you can do other additional things to help protect the liver from the toxic lipids as they come out, most notably known to me is to take Zinc nutrient which has liver protective properties.


Besides the spike RNA being a synethic virus, there is another poison in the jab, called graphene oxide which is acting like a synthetic malaria as it is causing blood to coagulate and release iron disrupting iron homeostasis in the body.

Iodine the anti-malarial is a major defense against the synthetic malaria graphene oxide in the jab, however, to detox it you also need glutathione the master anti-oxidant.

In the past I have not revealed the food grade coating on the silver & gold as it was a trade secret, but now I’m proud to reveal it as it is vitally important and relevant that you know. The food grade coating on the silver & gold in iMeddo system is glutathione the master anti-oxidant and this is directly relevant because it will detox the graphene oxide in the jab (even without the iodine), but the iodine is critical as it will detox the excess iron released from the popped RBCs and silver & gold are both known to be able to bind graphene.

Iron is bound in the human body in heme in hemoglobin inside vesicles called red blood cells RBCs. RBCs are not technically cells as they lack a nucleus which makes them VIRAL RESISTANT as no virus or synthetic virus can hijack their nucleus as they no have. However, they still are vulnerable to spike proteins and to + charged graphene oxide which makes them stick together (coagulate). Graphene oxide and spike proteins acting like synthetic malaria are causing the RBCs to release their bound iron into the blood where it can cause inflammation and oxidative damage and free iron promotes the growth of parasites. Malaria will pop the iron out of RBCs to feed itself, and graphene oxide like synthetic malaria will pop the iron out as well.

Reports indicate the the graphene oxide in the jab is fused with iron (stainless steel) and it could very well be when causing RBCs to coagulate be getting additional iron from them as well. In any case it is causing the blood to become magnetic and many people reporting their skin being magnetic after the jab.

Iodine is needed to detox the iron & glutathione on the silver & gold is needed to detox the graphene oxide. Both silver & gold can bind/chelate graphene (and thus likely graphene oxide as well).

So instead of being a triple detox, iMedDo system is a quadruple detox against graphene oxide as even the food grade coating on the silver & gold the glutathione is getting in on the detox action!

Although graphene oxide is not listed on the jab ingredients it is in there as a trade secret in the hydrogel and its presence has been confirmed. I’ll provide the links which convinced me there really is graphene oxide in there. Thanks to Karen and Dr.Young & many others for bringing the seriousness of the graphene oxide ingredient being in the jabs because like many people I was skeptical at first, but now am convinced 100% that it is in there.

Graphene Oxide is a carbon nano-material. I graduated in Biophysics back in in 2008 and was familiar with the metal nanoparticle work which spawned my interest in nano-silver & nano gold, but several years after my time in school around 2010 was kinda the hey day of graphene research but I missed it as was after my time so had to go back and catch up. Graphene is made of carbon and graphene oxide is modified oxidized graphene which has known toxicity (I showed that graphene oxide is toxic to platelets reference in last month’s episode) but it also has much more toxicity than just platelets. The main toxicity people are complaining about is that it is making their red blood cells stick together, blood coagulation so many people after getting the jab are being put on blood thinners. Similar to and probably combined with and supporting with the ionizable nano lipids, the graphene oxide is highly electrically conductive (in a bad way) and can be energized to come + charged where it then annihilates anything it comes in to contact with. It is not clear if they are using the external beam energy to stimulate the ionizable nano lipids to stimulate the graphene, or if they are using the external beam energy to stimulate the graphene to stimulate the ionizable nano lipids. Most likely though the sneaky poisoners are using the graphene oxide because of its superior magnetic properties to pick up the external beam radiation, and then the graphene oxide is stimulating the ionizable nano lipids to become ionized into + charged & Toxic form. Anyway, the Graphene Oxide is toxic and very likely has a synergistic toxicity with the ionizable nano lipids so they all need to be detoxed.

One mechanism of graphene oxide toxicity is that it can cause the red blood cells to clot which can be deadly. Like I said, all cell membranes are negatively charged, so when the graphene oxide is energized to become + charged, it will attract the red blood cells to stick to it and will cause them to oxidative damage. Like a synthetic malaria attack, this will rupture the RBCs to spill iron in the blood which will cause more oxidative damage cascade and will feed parasites.


Fortunately, the detox of graphene oxide is known which is to use glutathione the master anti-oxidant. Also useful is NAC (n-acetyl cysteine, the precursor to glutathione, and you will notice the government is making NAC hard to get likely as part of this graphene oxide attack).

Good news the polymer stabilizer on NeuSilver & NeuGold colloidal silver which was formerly a trade secret I now reveal. It is glutathione! So by taking my silver and gold you will detox graphene oxide for sure.

Additionally, it is very likely that the silver and gold themselves & even the iodine will detox or at least aid in detoxing the graphene oxide along with the glutathione:

DrBenGo’s Graphene Oxide Detox Hypothesis:

Additionally, there is every reason to believe that all three Silver & Gold & Iodine can bind to graphene oxide and aid in its detox as well. Silver releases + charged Ag+ atoms from the surface of the colloidal silver which can induce a – charge on the graphene oxide making it less toxic (+ charge graphene oxide is very toxic like a free radical). Additionally iodine can interact with graphene oxide, where the + charged radical when it tries to annihilate iodine molecule will result in two molecules of nascent iodine (health “free radical” iodine) which the body can use to break down and rearrange the carbons of the graphene oxide. NeuIodine consists of molecular & nascent iodine, and the nascent will react with graphene oxide to neutralize its radical action and the molecular iodine will split into two molecules of nascent which can neutralize the graphene oxide on contact. Gold is known to be able to rearrange graphene and the body can do very strange things indeed such as making graphene pyramids.

The worry is that highly electrical (in a good way) silver and gold could amplify the magnetic ability of the graphene oxide.

Fortunately that is not the case, as the silver amplifies the heart chakra which protects against foreign magnetic fields, and the gold only amplifies brain and nervous system electrical conductivity not graphene oxide conductivity.

However, graphene oxide has been shown to cluster around neurons, and thus if ionized to turn + can destroy brain cells. Gold will protect the brain cells as an anti-inflammatory but you really need that iodine to break it off of there & the iodine is needed to detox the iron in the stainless steel fusing the graphene oxide together and the iron released into the blood. Free iron in the blood will also be reprocessed into hemoglobin in RBCs by the bone marrow as long as your platelets are able to fight off the spike cancer attack to the platelet generating cells (megakaryocytic). So the most critical component of the graphene oxide detox in my opinion is using iodine, silver & gold as anti-cancers to stop the spike related attack, and then the body can catch up to fight off the graphene oxide synthetic malaria-like iron attack afterwards.


Dr. Young has found iron, aluminum & chlorine in the jab as well.

The iron, will increase the magnetic ability of the graphene oxide.
The aluminum and chlorine will increase the brain damage of the graphene oxide.

Good news, the iMedDo system (iodine especially) specializes in detoxing iron, aluminum and chlorine from the brain & please you must also use NeuGold colloidal gold to protect the brain from the toxins as an anti-inflammatory as the iodine destroys them.


My gut has been telling me that there was a parasite in the both the bioweapon covid19 & the jab bioweapon 2.0. I assumed that parasite was malaria parasite because of the susceptibility of the Sars-Cov-2 (nCov-19 now called Covid-19 & Covid-19 disease)to antimalarials including anti-malarial iodine and anti-malarial quinine drugs (hydroxychloroquine) as well as widespread reports that the anti-parasite drug ivermectin is working as well. Now I think that the jab is a synthetic malaria just as it is a synthetic virus where the spike part is the synthetic virus and the graphene oxide is the synthetic malaria. So no malaria parasite in there just acts like malaria, but could there actually be some other parasite in there?

Sure seems like there is a parasite in there but is nice to get some confirmation:

LINK: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/dr-robert-young-microscopy-expert-c-19-vaxx-vials-contain-graphene-oxide-parasites-stainless-s_8wYzrSpNeoYPoiW.html

It turns out it wasn’t malaria but another similar parasite. He found the “kissing bug” parasite that causes Chagas disease in there. Doesn’t mater. Iodine kills it. Silver kills it. Quinine drug kills it, Ivermectin kills it.

Interestingly, I was able to understand the mechanism of ivermectin action which is to stimulate the chloride channels in the parasite which causes it to become paralyzed & die.

Although there are likely many many mechanism of action for how iodine kills parasites, there is no doubt that as a halogen, iodine can also stimulate chloride channels (when it de-energizes into iodide form) and cause parasite destruction.

Ivermectin is also interesting because it also has an anti-viral integrin inhibitor function which helps keep the viral DNA out of the cell’s nucleus so although I’m not recommending for ivermectin while using iMedDo system, I won’t recommend against it either.

Likely you won’t need ivermectin when doing imeddo system, but if you want to do it too go for it. The ivermectin will help slow down the spike cancer spread while the anti-cancer iodine silver and gold kills it, though likely they are enough, but always remember there are more than one way to skin a cat.

We live in a strange time where before nutrients were suppressed for drugs, but now we are in an even stranger time where time tested drugs are being suppressed for experimental vaccines. Never thought I’d find myself defending drugs, but if the drug has been around with 30+ years of usage, I feel much more comfortable with it than a vaccine with less than 2 years of testing.

My general detox bias is to go with the nutrient and avoid the drugs & vaccines, but nutrients and drugs are better than nutrients and the jab that is for sure.


My beef with the old vaccines is that they contain toxic mercury and aluminum that need to be detoxed. The Guardasil vax in particular was horrible aluminum poisoning the ovaries of many young women making them infertile unless they detox with iodine. Eating aluminum is not toxic as it is kept out by the gut which does not absorb it, so the only way aluminum become toxic is when it is injected in a jab. Then it causes all sorts of mischief besides iodine depletion as body tries to detox it, the aluminum has increased toxicity in the brain especially in the presence of fluoride & chlorine.

So in a way the old and the new jab are the same old same old as they both contain aluminum & chlorine. iMedDo Detox will flush that out for sure.

But the new jab is unique from the old jabs as it is contains some new types of poisons in there in addition to the toxic metals.

It appears to be a magnetic sandwich with the iron, ionizable nanolipids & graphene oxide used together &

It appears to be a spike protein fiasco with all the RNA, DNA and spike protein damage as the active ingredient.

The parasite in there is very disturbing as there is no known use for that is just straight up poisoning and hippocratic oath violating to inject a parasite into someone.

So basically the new jabs are like the old jabs but much worse. Fortunately the iMedDo detox system is very sophisticated and can handle it.

The iMedDo system kills bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites & cancer. It’s a triple anti-viral and and a triple anti-cancer healing cocktail.

In a nutshell just like normal the heavy lifting of the detox happens with the iodine and the silver and gold offer the full body anti-inflammatory support.

But it’s like having Jason Stratham, Vin Diesel and the Rock as your support team which if you need to tap out can handle themselves on their own but when fighting in unison are invincible. Such is using iodine, silver & gold in a system. Such is the iMedDo Ultimate Detox System.

The jab may be the ultimate poison, but I’ve got the ultimate detox.

Don’t fight naked, armor your body, get iMedDo.



Many who got the jab did so out of cowardice and this system is not for them. This system is for those who were inadvertently jabbed, tricked into being jabbed, forced jabbed or exposed to jabbed people who need to detox. Like always you must understand the health supplement mindset before using iMedDo system, read the Guide Ch1 at iMedDo.com for more information. You need to known the difference between a health supplement and a drug, and now newly you need to known the difference between a vaccine and an experimental vaccine. I’m only able to provide these as health supplements, not drugs nor vaccines, these are in my opinion all three nutrients. Mainstream medicine also agrees that iodine is a nutrient, and I think I will be proven correct that silver and gold are nutrients as well as more and more data come out on their health usage.

Regardless, my system is based around the premise that silver and gold are indeed nutrients that are synergistic with iodine, and so far after years of people using them with excellent health result, there is nothing that I’m aware of to controvert that in humans.

If you do your research you will be blown away by the variety of health uses now known for all three iodine, silver and gold, but it’s still a bit hush hush though the people who tried to dissuade people from using silver in particular are having a very hard time supporting their position when there are now so many commercial silvers available.

Maybe you can and maybe you can’t. I think you can but jab detox is a very new field as the jab itself is a very new poison.
It is very risky to get they jab you might even die after getting the jab, and I don’t want anyone who gets the jab to use my products within a certain time-frame as if the jab kills you, I don’t want my products blamed as my products unlike the jab have never killed anyone and never will whereas the jab is mass murdering people.

To figure out what is that timeframe after getting the jab you need to wait before using iMedDo Detox, we need to look at the VAERS reporting as to how long after the jab people die:

According to the Defender, Children’s Health Defense News & Views:

Of the 13,627 VAERS reported deaths from the jab, 13% died within 24 hrs of getting the jab, 18% occurred within 48 hrs of the jab and 32% occurred in people who experienced an onset of symptoms within 48 hrs of the jab.

So my take home message from the VAERS data is that if the you are going to drop dead from the jab it’s either going to happen in the first 2 days (48hrs) or you will already start getting some very bad health premonitions of death within that first 48 hrs.

To be safe for me not you (you are already unsafe if you got the jab), I’d recommend you wait at least 2 months after getting the jab before attempting to detox. That way if you drop dead you won’t do it on my products as I’m not interested in being blamed for your vaccine death.


The primary concern for detox with the old vaccines were the heavy metals especially mercury & aluminum in them. Mercury in thimerosal injured one of my own family members and most young people I meet especially young women are suffering from aluminum toxicity in their ovaries from the Guardasil vaccine fiasco. Good news though you can detox with iodine safely with silver & gold and it will remove all toxic metals.

The new jab though is a completely different beast. Instead of playing with metals they are now playing with genetic material and nanotechnology, but not healing nanotech like silver & gold, they are playing with toxic nano-lipids and toxic nano-carbons (graphene oxide). Can iodine, silver & gold detox system still work for these new poisons? At first I was not sure but upon digging deeper I’m pretty sure it will but the mechanism is quite different. It gets into advance chemistry and I’m saying that as a chemist who has taken advanced biochemistry in graduate school, it pushes the limits of my understanding to known what is going on but I can tell you that the detox is still expected to work.

To have any hope of discussing “why” the detox will work, we need to first break down and discuss all the multiple poisons in the jab and think about how each on is detoxed individually:

Before we can even do that we need to talk about “which jab” as the jab ingredients may be different.


I’ve done a number of newsletters already talking about jab ingredients and even comparing the different jabs. At this point in time, the most relevant jab is the Pfizer-Biotech one as it is now Pfizer being promoted by the FDA under the trademark COMIRNATY.

Although I will assume that the ingredients of the two are the same, it’s not so clear to me if they are or not as the now FDA licensed COMIRNATY jab is legally distinct from the unlicensed PFIZER-Biotech jab which is still being used under an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization).

Although the two are being presented as being interchangeable, they clearly are not as they have different stated effectiveness levels and the biggest difference is that although the COMIRNATY one can be mandated in some situations because it is licensed by the FDA (although was very shady the way they did it without peer review), the EUA one cannot be legally mandated without breaking the Nurenberg code and other US laws prohibiting experimentation as EUA is jab is experimental.

There trial was only 6 months and the placebo group was tainted by being vaccinated later so it looks like a total scam to me a biomedical scientist looking at the situation with critical peer review.

There appears to be tragic bait and switch going on where people are assuming the two jabs are the same and are interchangeable but if someone is trying to force a mandated vaccine on you then you need to examine the bottle and make sure it says COMIRNATY on it because likely they are trying to foist their old expired supply of PFIZER-BIOTECH EUA vaccine on you, and say that it is mandatory when it is not as only the COMIRNATY licensed once can be mandated.

Since, they don’t have legal immunity for the COMIRNATY jab, they will no doubt try to give you the PFIZER-BIOTECH jab for which they have broad immunity under the EUA.

So don’t get the jab, but if you do you better get the comirnaty one as it is less likely they put the poison in as high levels in that one as they don’t have legal immunity yet for it when it injures you so they less likely to put the poison ingredients in there at as high levels until then. And don’t let anyone try to foist an EUA unlicensed jab on you and claim it’s mandatory when only the COMIRNATY licensed jab can be mandated.



Last month I went through the ingredients and showed how they are all known blood poisons. As a recap we are looking at:

1) mRNA genetic material for spike proteins in the jab being toxic

DETOX: Antivirals: (iodine, silver & gold are all anti-virals). Suramin in pine needle tea.Tips: Support your natural RNAases in body.

2) spike proteins produced by your own body (now cancer cells) after the jab being toxic & also viral shedding producing toxicity on those around you (why the unjabbed need to also be in a constant state of detox).

DETOX: Anti-cancer: (iodine, silver & gold all anti-cancer). Anti-protein: iodine (used to break down amino acids)
Tip: Support your natural proteases in body. Support your natural immune system in body to identify the viral-like proteins & to identify the cancer cells now reprogrammed by the jab to make viral spike proteins.

3) ionizable nanolipids in the jab being toxic when induced into being positively charged. (think 5G)

DETOX: Liver detox with gold. 5G wireless protection with silver & gold. Silver in particular for strengthening the heart’s protective field. Gold in particular for protecting the brain.

4) PEG (poly-ethylene glycol) lipid in the jab is a known toxin (liver especially).

DETOX: liver detox of PEG with gold. PEG causes gut damage & silver gut protection.

5) Hydrogel in the jab being made of secret ingredient graphene oxide a carbon nano-material with known toxicity (I showed paper last month that it causes low platelets) Induction of graphene oxide for mind control or to induce + charge in the ionizable nano lipids increasing their toxicity is also a concern for detox.

DETOX: Gluthione the master anti-oxidant is needed to detox graphene oxide. Good news! Glutathione is the formerly trade secret but can now reveal coating on the silver & gold in iMedDo detox system! That’s right! iMedDo detox system will detox graphene oxide. Additionally, silver & gold themselves not just their coating can bind to graphene oxide and assist in the detox.

These are the 5 confirmed toxins I’m aware of in the jab that need to be detoxed and all of them will be detoxed with iMedDo system.


6) Toxin-X. Anyone who uses 5 poisons is likely to have a 6th one in there we don’t know about which I’ll refer to as Toxin-X as a placeholder name for the nameless evil. Toxin-X is probably a nano-electronic circuit board of versatile function that could be used as a kill chip, or for mind control, or mind manipulation be it torture via inflammation, or via advanced secret tech I’m unaware of. Possibly spy uses might be implanted communications devices for example, or something simple like a digital clock signal that would allow you to be tracked via satellites or other RF signal.

DETOX: Toxin-X doesn’t worry me because silver and gold nanoparticles used in the iMedDo Detox would short circuit the circuitry rendering it non-functional.

7) Another Toxin-X: Parasites. The susceptibility of the COVID-19 bioweapon to anti-malarials makes it plausible that a parasite or parasite derived toxin could be in the jab which is bioweapon 2.0. Although parasites are not supposed to be in the jab, already some labs are reporting finding them with chagas parasite in one reported.

DETOX: Parasites of similarity to malaria do not worry me as iodine is the top anti-malarial and anti-parasite (move over drugs quinine & ivermectin). If a parasite is in the jab it will rue that day it meets your body if you using iMedDo detox system. Although much is known about how iodine and colloidal silver kill parasites, did you down that even gold slays parasites! So if there is a Toxin-X parasite in the jab nothing to worry about.


de Almeida, M.P., Carabineiro, S.A.C. The role of nanogold in human tropical diseases: research, detection and therapy. Gold Bull 46, 65–79 (2013). https://doi.org/10.1007/s13404-013-0086-9




With 5+ toxins in there, we can expect bad things to happen when getting the jab. We no longer have to guess as the results are in can read the VAERS, and what is happening is quite a laundry list of problems which I’ll summarize as:

blood problems
heart problems
brain problems
reproductive problems

Popping red blood cells and releasing iron which causes bilateral lung damage from oxidative damage was one of my earliest meditations as to what was going on and there is evidence of sequence similarity to HIV (hence our euphemism word COVAIDS) where just as HIV attacks the T-cells, these RNA jab is hijacking and rewiring the T-Cells & B cells to be like cancer cells to produce viral proteins to make more spike proteins. The platelet warriors get low as they fight of the attack and surround the compromised cells and try to bring attention to them to be destroyed and try to sop up the spilled iron before blood pathogens can utilize it.

The ionizable nano lipids for sure and the graphene oxide most likely are the ones responsible for the heart damage, though spilled iron in the blood could also be causing oxidative damage to the heart as well, and be promoting pathogens or parasites to attack the heart.

For the brain problems at first pass is the graphene oxide binding to neurons but could also be a problem with the ionizable nano lipids as well.

For the reproductive problems is the spike protein being similar to a placental protein and interfering with human reproduction.


The biggest problem was just the blood clotting which was instantly taking people out from brain stroke. And the babies dying from thrombocytopenia when their breastfeeding mom’s got the jab really got my goat. This was so bad with the Astrozeneca jab in particular it had to be pulled but is a problem with all of the jabs including the Pfizer ones as well

Other than that, I’d say the biggest problem is people dropping dead from heart attack within 48 hrs of the jab. No doubt the blood problems and the heart problems are related.

Other than that, the biggest potential for detox are the brain problems because if you survive the jab and get brain fog, then you have chance with iMedDo to detox.

I’m not an expert in reproductive science, and figuring out how to reverse the reproductive problems of the jab is going to take time to figure out. The reproductive problems with the old vaccines was simple enough is to detox the aluminum, but with these new jabs, it’s probably more about needing to detox the spike proteins. To do that when your own cells are being reprogrammed to make viral spike proteins requires your body to recognize them as cancer cells and to kill them and requires anti-cancer agents. There is much hope since iodine, silver & gold are a triple anti-cancer cocktail as well as a triple anti-viral cocktail but how exactly the body is using them to do this is not entirely known.

Iodine is suppressing cancer via interaction with the platelets to break down fibrous masses which form when you get iodine deficient and is particularly good at attacking thyroid, breast and ovarian cancer, though since all the blood in the body filters through the thyroid every few hours, when you have plenty of iodine, it can kill cancer in the blood no problem, and note the close proximity of the thyroid to the thymus where it closely works with the immune system. Silver as an anti-cancer is new to me but I have it from a reliable source that there exists a cell study that shows that silver kills cancer 400% more effectively than non-cancerous cells. I do not known the mechanism of that though. I have longer heard of known that gold is anti-cancer as it was desired to be used as a scaffold to host anti-cancer antibodies but the controls showed that gold alone kills cancer and then gold was suppressed after that by mainstream medicine as they not want you to known that.

In theory, iodine, silver & gold triple anti-cancer detox will help body kill all the jab mRNA infected cancer cells making the viral spike proteins and then once they all dead then the platelets can sop up the rest of them and then the placental proteins can regenerate spike protein free restoring fertility post jab. However, how long that will take is unknown, but I predict would need a few months after all the cancer cells dead.

It is possible that the miscarriages during and after the jab are also just simply related to iodine deficiency as iodine is burned up by the body used for detox and thus more iodine must be replenished before fertility can be restored just as it is with aluminum toxicity in the old jabs. I hope so in which case no problem.


I have no fear of any COVID-19 bioweapon nor of any made up COVID-19 disease which is just bioweapon 2.0 which is the jab itself. But the jab is scary. It’s scary because it’s being pushed toward being mandated by people who appear intent on enslaving the planet and on reducing the population via poison science in violation of the hippocratic oath.

People have been terrorized by being told that it is not possible to detox the jab. I think it is. The jab though it might rewrite some of your genetic code to produce cancer cells, cannot kill you if your body is able to resist its initial onslaught of clotting & heart attack, then you should be able to detox and to kill the cancer cells and get back to normal.


I’ve had excellent health while using my own iMedDo Detox system on myself which I’ve been using on myself now for going on 7 years. It’s been very strange to be health during a time when everyone around me is cowering in fear of a virus or of a bioweapon or of a bioweapon jab. Thankyou all of you who have gone on this wonderful journey with me for health & wealth as we show the world how to live in a time when they all cower in fear.

IMEDDO is now iMedDo s.s.m (my self supported ministry) and my interface with the world now is iMedDo Foundation (church auxiliary) which is a private unincorporated foundation (private church/religious organization) a charity/humanitarian foundation. I’m pleased to be able to talk to you all members of iMedDo family using the full protection of the US constitution first amendment which protects freedom of speech of religious organization because as you known we are in a time of extreme health & medical & spiritual censorship. Don’t forget that all purchases of iMedDo Foundation products are now charitable donations and you get a tax exemption for your contributions so thank you all.

DrBenGo (Aron) Healthwarrior (Goins): Executive Director iMedDo Foundation
Shari Grace Goins: Managing Director iMedDo Foundation


It sounds like “Comir Naughty” and indeed Comir the jab is quite naughty indeed. Comir is Commerce, and truly embodies the idea of poisoning for profit that humans can be enticed by bribery to hurt one another if the payoff is high enough.
Comir is also Commie Vir i.e. the communist man who believes that health is for the government to mandate and does not believe in the divine nature of the human nor his/her ability to self-govern & be responsible for one’s on health.
Comir is also Ka-Mirrodin an attempt to hijack the spirit of Merlin. It’s a very magical & not in a good way name which is not a name at all as nam means divine and it is instead the non divine, the name-less evil which can only experience divinity by hijacking your divinity if you allow it. Don’t allow it.


You can’t detox comirnaty, you have to instead realize that comirnaty is not the real name of the nameless evil, it’s just a misdirection from the real threat.

The Comirnaty vaccine that was approved by the FDA is not the same as the Pfizer vaccine which has been used under the emergency use authorization which is experimental.

So there is no comirnaty vaccine, but the COVAIDS JAB is very real.

I want you to know that detox is possible, and I want everyone to be familiar with the mechanism and theory behind iMedDo Detox System: NeuIodine (nascent iodine), NeuSilver & NeuGold (colloidal silver & colloidal gold) and it’s application to detoxing all vaccines including the new experimental RNA “vaccines” which are a new & ongoing health & economic threats.

Fortunately I am one such person and for those of you who experimented on yourself by getting the jab, you should have no problem experimenting on yourself again in a much more health way to try to detox the jab.


In America we now have an unelected monarch with dementia who is a pedophile puppet of satanists. I remember thinking ill of France when they got their pedophile puppet, but now America is no better. In America we are now being coerced to experiment on ourselves with the jab and endgame mandatory vaccine poison for everyone is rapidly approaching


It’s on the public record that the covid-19 virus has never been isolated. So although there is much reason to think it was a bioweapon the only CONFIRMED bioweapon is the COVID-19 Jab. If covid-19 was the bioweapon, then the covid-19 jab is Bioweapon 2.0. I can’t detox a ghost, I have to figure out what is real and detox that. The only thing for sure real is the jab, and as I showed with science references in last month’s episode, the ingredients of the jab are almost all known to cause blood poison via at least low platelets. Many more adverse reactions to the poison are also known.



Seneff, Stephanie, and Greg Nigh. “Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the MRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19”. International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research 2, no. 1 (June 16, 2021): 38–79. Accessed August 23, 2021.


Cytokine storm, and possibly prion protein-like similarity of spike protein might result in dementia.

special uracils in mana.
gmo spike protein in pre conformation.

Also possible for malaria like attack on red blood cells, t cells attacked. megakaryocte attack of bone marrow. Other white blood cells? eosinophils attacked.

Liver attacked. Kidneys stressed.


The main way poisons typically exit the body is via urine, feces & skin. The skin can excrete poisons through sweating and some poisons can be excreted via hair and nail growth excretion. Skin can also release toxins to non-air environments such as when you in a salt bath or a mud bath, and some other ways the body can possibly detox is via excretion of seminal or vaginal fluid or by bleeding such as nosebleed and menstrual fluid release. Anyway the substance can be secreted from the body can potentially be used for poison detox including lactation (milk), saliva (sweat), snot, tears, ear wax etc.

To detox the jab some or all of these ways will be utilized by the body.

Based on the ingredients in the jab: foreign genetic material, foreign proteins (spike), foreign lipids most toxic of which are the ionizable nano lipids & PEG, and secret carbon nanoparticle graphene oxide,

To detox it will use a variety of the detox pathways. The genetic material needs to be chopped up and exerted in the urine or feces. The spike proteins need to be chopped up and excreted in the urine especially. The lipid toxicity will mostly accumulate in the liver and probably released in feces via bile. Some lipids might be able to be release by the skin if in a hydrophobic surrounding (like clay bath, or oil pull). It should be possible to make educated guesses as to how the graphene oxide needs to be detoxed with first being flushed out of the nervous system and then into blood and then out via urine (kidneys) very possibly.


The word real comes for royal, and the word medicine is a compound word from middle (medi) and another word (cine) for moon (sin & sign). The word medicine the middle sin or the middle sign (reference to cygnus constellation the mother goose/swan) is a word with many meanings that all ultimately refer to Milky Way. The cow jumping over the moon in the English language mother goose poem is a reference to the milky way, and the great cow in the sky (Hathor/Torah) is the same as the golden cow referenced in the Bible. The vaccine or vax named after the cow is a slur against the goddess as it is naming a child poison after the goddess of medicine & child protection.

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