Author PaenDragon’s Summer Adventure

Greetings dear iMedDo newsletter readers! I hope you all had a great 4th of July, full of fireworks and adventure. For this month’s episode, I’m going to take you knights on a patriotic dragon hunting adventure. In this episode I talk about dragons, law, religion, US constitution freedom of religion, dragons, & more dragons! The stunning cover art photo was taken at Falling Water Falls on Signal Mountain, Tennessee.


If you want to find a dragon, the best place to look is in a cave. It’s been a cave-stravaganza recently as I’ve been to Nicakajack cave, TN, Howard’s waterfall cave, GA, & Russel Cave Monument, AL this month. The bigger the cave the better, and since dragons are water spirits, it’s better if you can find a cave with running water. Nicakajack cave is partially flooded up from the dammed up Tennessee River making the Nickajack lake. It’s blocked off by the feds as bat refuge but is still cool. I suspect there’s a dragon in there, but couldn’t get in to investigate. I could however, get up to the cave entrance in a kayak, but had no luck finding dragons, but I did find dragonflies! Howard’s waterfall cave is very near where I live, but requires a permit to get. I finally got to go this month, and we did the full helmet, knee-pad & glove experience. We had a great group of about 10 people including my wife, and it was very fun. No luck finding a dragon in there, but I did find some pretty cute cave salamanders. We went to the biggest cave I’ve ever seen in Alabama called Russel Cave National Monument. Here’s the picture I took of it July 4th.

It had an exceptionally large cave entrance, about 100 ft wide and 40 ft tall, and was kind of a double cave with a river that drains the valley going in to the left, and a more habitable cave to the right. In the large area above the water which had been excavated were found many exciting things including an 8k yr old cave man skeleton and much more. Also found were many more skeletons, dog burials, paleolithic stone spear heads, and near the surface of the excavation stone arrowheads and near top of the excavation was found Cherokee pottery. Russel cave had some great plant placards on the walkway, and this medicinal one is worth a moment to read:

What! These Mayapple “umbrella plants” as I call them, because they pop up like little umbrellas, that grow at the base of where I live, are “considered to be one of the most important medicinal plants, historically and today.” That’s a strong statement. More like most important medicinal plant I didn’t know about until this month! Elf medicine level up! If it kills influenza & smallpox then this plant is ANTI-VIRAL which I would also bet my bottom dollar would kill coronaviruses all types. Oh I’m so tired of talking about the covaids, that’s what they want us to talk about, but I want to talk about dragons. I did find a dragon at Russel cave! Me. It was the real deal dragon’s lair! What a summer adventure!


We need to pause our dragon adventure for obligatory talk about the covaids. Gina Dove, an iMedDo Super Distributor, wants me to talk about “What is a spike protein?”. It’s a great question, and I’ll answer it here real quick so I can get back to talking about dragons . A spike protein, just like it sounds, is a protein that behaves like a spike , which through a conformational change, allows it to poke a hole into a cell to let virus in. What you need to know is that spike proteins are toxic. People who got the experimental synthetic pathogen jab, “not-vaccine”, have damaged their own cells into making spike proteins. It’s not a vaccine, it’s a “synthetic pathogen.” Previously, I was calling it “experimental gene therapy,” but now I’m gonna combine the terms and go with “experimental synthetic pathogen.” I think that nomenclature really gets the point across: that the jab, which hijacks your body to make spike proteins, should be avoided at all cost.

People who participate in defiling their bodies with the jab might be in for a world of lifelong hurt, as their body, having rewritten DNA, is expected to continue to make spike proteins indefinitely. If you got the jab, please at least try to detox with iMedDo supplements, and yes; I do think it is possible for DNA to heal with iodine, silver, and gold, if you detox and meditate , so never give in to despair that healing your genetic code is impossible. The issue is that even if you didn’t get the jab, and are around people who did, that they can excrete spike proteins that can make you sick. Try to avoid rubbing up on them or breathing too much air around them . I’m really not too worried about it, just try to avoid letting them surround you in a group in an enclosed space like spike zombies, and avoid prolonged exposure to being around them if you can. The good news is that if you didn’t get the jab, and are exposed to spike proteins, that your body can rapidly detox them. And you body has many defensed to break down & keep fully formed proteins out. They might make you temporarily sick, but just get way from vaccinated and their dragon spike protein cooties, and you will recover rapidly. I feel very bad for people who have a spouse who got vaccinated, please contact me about helping them detox. If you didn’t get the jab, you can definitely detox; if you did it is still not known if detox is possible, but I believe it is, and have many ideas on the subject so contact me

Here’s an article talking about how spike proteins are toxic.

It’s a sad story, and now you can go to the VAERS (vaccine adverse reporting system) and read all the jab related horror stories. The article talks about a breastfeeding mom who got the jab, which killed her baby, which is horrendous. It’s just so sad how some people are dying from being brainwashed by all the propaganda volunteering their family for being experimented on like lab rats. Most experiments fail, so don’t sacrifice your family for big pharma scientism cult religion.


Did you see in Utah, a relative of Mitt Romney had her son hospitalized after getting the jab. .

It’s getting attention because the son was a 6ft 8 healthy basketball player, and then after a single Pfizer jab became hospital vegetable for weeks with blood clots in the brain. In addition to her son, also her husband got hospitalized from the jab! The poor lady is having a mental breakdown searching for miracles as her mind and gut are telling her that the jab is bad, and yet everyone around is telling her jab is good and making her repeat that propaganda on the news, even though the evidence (her whole family in the hospital) proves her gut is right. In one video. I heard her say that her son got the jab because their church (Latter Day Saints i.e. Mormons) required him to get it for a foreign mission trip. I don’t want to pick on the Mormons, but I got to say that churches, and religious groups of all types, should NOT be participating in this experimental synthetic pathogen distribution! If your church wants you to get the jab it’s either time to make a change within your church, or to change religions to one which does not support child experimentation & sacrifice. The greatest thing about the USA, is that we have freedom of religion. If your church or religion is requiring you to get the jab ( experiment on your family with a known pathogen), then it’s time for you to change your religion for the better; or if you can’t do that from within then time to get out and either join a different religion that is opposed to the jab or to start your own religion, and that’s exactly how I’m doing it. I’ve started my own church and now iMedDo is a church auxiliary (iMedDo Foundation) and all purchases of iMedDo products are now charitable donations. My church is opposed to child sacrifice and is thus opposed to the jab, and I denounce all churches and religions of all flavors that support it as false religions.


America, which has freedom of religion, came from British colonies, so the ideas and myths of the British Isles played a role in American religious psyche, and I found a story that needs retelling to Americans. It’s a Welsh tale of why their dragon is red as it opposes the Anglo-Saxon white dragon (so it’s about dragons awesome!), but more importantly it’s a story of how young boy child Merlin is used to abolish the old ways of human child sacrifice being recommended by the king’s council:

The British king is retreating west into Wales to make a new castle fortress to defend against the Saxons to whom he is getting his butt kicked (Saxons dominated around 4-9t h century until defeated during Norman invasion 1066 AD). An old tradition (possibly from the Romans) is to sacrifice a child whenever building something important. Merlin gets selected and uses his powers of argument, magic and prophesy to shame the king’s advisors, and the king has what I’d call a conversion (not clear to what Merlin religion possibly Celtic Christianity) and has his advisors who recommended child sacrifice be put to death. My take is that the old dragon religion became in harmony with the new Merlin dragon religion with a new “leave the dragons alone” policy instead the old policy of trying to appease underground dragons with child sacrifice. Merlin’s idea was since they know there are dragons there just don’t build on that spot. Eventually, the British isles had the dragon religion and Celtic Christianity dragon religion fully syncretic were there is no need for human sacrifice to dragons because in Christ becomes the already paid huma blood sacrifice instead whenever a sacrifice is required. Dragons and Christianity had good relations for a while in Celtic Christianity , and you can still find crosses that had dragons on them chiseled off in places like Ireland. I found a preacher online named Sean O’Loire who who had some great videos on Celtic Christianity for those interested:

& he made some astute points that really resonated with me about how truth can be told through fiction and facts can be devoid of truth. These ideas are similar to J.R.R. Tolkien who packs great dragon truth into his books. (See Appendix: Tolkien Dragons), and has some good comparisons of Jesus a druid in the oral tradition as he never wrote anything down.


America has freedom of religion after a series of terrible wars and conflicts in the protestant reformation, and modern freedom of religion is heavily influence by the invention of the printing press. Today the internet and maybe bitcoin are like new printing presses so expect more religious turmoil inbound. Freedom of religion , freedom of assembly (of your church ) and freedom of speech (using the printing press to talk about your religion) were all thought of as one and the same freedom, and all necessary together to be protected as the #1 priority. You can see this in the American first amendment where they are all mentioned together as part of the same thing (except for the last part about petitions which to me I found out of place).

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”


Many people thought the constitution was so great that we didn’t need the Bill of Rights. Fortunately, the wise people knew that the government would always grow and expand in power to the point of restricting liberty, and thus the Bill of Rights being added to the constitution as the first amendment was absolutely necessary to protect freedom from the eventually overgrown tyrant state. So the Bill of Rights was added to the constitution as a compromise to get the 13 former British colonies, now states , to ratify/adopt it. It’s nice our courntry started out with unaminous agreement and that was not possibly without spelling out how the government actors are not to tread on the rights of individuals. History has shown that the Bill of Rights was absolutely necessary, and perhaps we should consider adding more as we must be vigilant to protect our rights from over-reaching nanny state. This very first right in the Bill of Rights is all about “freedom of religion”, and I think people forget this usually talking about it in terms of freedom of the press forgetting that freedom of the press is a subset of freedome of religion. The press is a religion, and freedom of press is a freedom of religion. People really need to known this because today the press through censorship is pushing the experimental synthetic pathogen (a child sacrifice religion). Because of freedom of religion private religions can do this but the state is not allowed to push a religion. If you see the state pushing a particular religion it is our job to put it back in its place with the 1st amendment. Today I think the Federal government has overstepped and has been pushing the child sacrifice cult’s agenda which is why I really want Americans to wake up about the 1st Amendment and freedom of religion. It can’t be used to stop the private cultists, but it can and should be used to stop state actor cultists.


Do you think that in America we have a separation of church & state? If you have your own church then yes there is a separation. If you do not then you fall under the default state religion which is a secret religion which I’m telling you is a dragon religion from ancient Egypt. There were many dragons in ancient Egypt, so even knowing that is not enough. Is it the good dragon or the bad one?. Inside the state church there is no separation, the church is the state, and the state is the church. If you have your own church then the wise can do many things ranging from opting out of state church to exerting control over it. I’m not yet wise enough to know how to control it, but I do see how to opt out denying it jurisdiction by refusing to worship it. The word petition means pray to. Petitions to a deity are a form of prayer called supplication. So look at the last line of the first amendment it also protects your right to pray to the state religion if you want to (no thanks!). Pay close attention to the commas, semicolons and periods in the first amendment.

  • [Aa] “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, [Ab] or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
  • [Ba] or [Congress shall make no law] abridging the freedom of speech, [Bb] or of the press;
  • [Ca] or [Congress shall make no law abridging] the right of the people peaceably to assemble [Cb] , and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

What you see is that it has three separate parts (A,B,C) with each part having two parts (a,b) so there are 6 different issues going on here! Look at all those “or”s in there! The guy who drafted the Bill of Rights, James Madison, was a lawyer and chose to write it as confusing as possibly on purpose so that he could hide secrets within, and to make job security for the state judges who would be needed to interpret this dense rights sandwhich.

Is this multiple choice like pick A, or B or C! Yes it is! I chose A & B both parts (A1 (no law) & A2 (free exercise), B1 (speech) & B2 (press)). Keep C. C is for losers in the state religion who want to pray/petition to the state as god. Instead of an “or” notice in C it uses an “and”. Here it looks very confusing because to me either the “and” means you have to take the petitioning part (Cb) with the assembly part (Ca) together if you chose C, or because an “,and” with a comma in front of the “and” starts a new sentence, to me it looks like a tricky add on. So I’ll take A,B, Ca, but not Cb! I’m not praying/petitioning to the state god. Even if I have to drop Ca to leave Cb if the “and” is interpreted differently, I’m not worried about losing the assembly right Ca, as it’s already covered under Ab (free exercise). If my church needs to assemble as part of our “free exercise” of religion we already can and the state church is NOT to interfere!

The secret trick I think I see is in to making you think that you want to use the petition part at the end (Cb), but that is turning you into joining the default state religion (as evidenced by you praying to it since petition means pray). To really get the maximum usage of this freedom you need to have your own non-state religion which gets protected under Ab.

[Ab] “or [Congress shall make no law] prohibiting the free exercise thereof [of religion]”

Look how sneaky he wrote the most important part, Ab, where it’s hard to read it straight since most of the words are implied from the previous or statement. And notice this is an “or” statement so it really is an option! It’s an OPT OUT of the state religion if you have your own religion (lawyers write confusing on purpose to hide the secret opt outs that they want to monopolize to force you to pay them to tell you about).

Also I think the founders were part of a secret Egyptian inspired dragon religion (Masonry), and they wanted to make it the state religion while maintaining an appearance of there being a separation of church & state. By not allowing the state to pass any laws about religion for itself it was powerless to either expose or change their default state religion. I think it is a misconception to think the default state religion is not a religion. It is, and is their religion.


The federal state Goddess by tradition is called COLUMBIA and her symbol is 13 stars and like Zeus her animal is the Eagle. She is a Milky Way reference. She has her own coat of arms (see great seal of USA over eagle’s breast) & is of obvious Egyptian origin (see pyramid on seal). She rules in the District of Columbia which is foreign to the individual united states.


If you get nothing else form this newsletter, I want you to know that first amendment is why America is so great if you use it to have your own religion. You get to be king & priest and the state government cannot mess with your church. You can’t be forced to accept the state religion, and they can’t make you worship them as gods if you don’t want to. The government cannot tell you to make a church , cannot make one for you, you can only do it of your own volition, but if you don’t then you are in the state religion by default. Don’t whine about separation of church & state unless you have your own religion to be separate from them otherwise they are the same (the state is one with the state religion). I’ve only really come into contact with the state religion at the local level where if you get a ticket in a municipality which is modeled after a roman city where the city is personified as a goddess then your ticked is for the crime of being against the “dignity” of the city i.e. you failed to show THEIR goddess enough respect. The local courts in American grew out of religions like the Puritans being the court and some bad things came of that like Salem with trials. So it’s just as important to have the freedom to leave a bad private religion as it is to be able to leave the state religion. Your religion can even be no religion, but if you don’t state (have in private writing) your religion you will likely get stuck in the default state (government) religion. I hope that make sense =)


The state religion is very creepy as it acts public but has a private component just for the judges no doubt that cannot be put into public law. No doubt they have their own private secret law kept by the elites just like they did in Rome (Sibylline Oracles). For me although I could have kept my faith private and much of it still is, I chose to put it in a newsletter: STATEMENT OF FAITH. It’s arguably semi-private and semi-public now. The state religion would say public because anyone can go to link and find it, but I would argue is intended for private use since it’s got a newsletter subscription. To me it’s a private faith that I share with my private newsletter subscribers. I chose to make it semi-public for ease of use as easy for me to point to it as proof that I have my own faith & religion and thus am not a part of the state cult if I choose not to be which I don’t.


If the state religion wanted to mess with me they might for example send me a letter telling me to censor something I said in my newsletters. They’d have to argue something like that I said something that in their high priests opinion is not protected speech or they might try to make some kind of public safety argument like you can’t tell people not to get the jab because it’s against the policy of the state cult or against the policy of some foreign private religion committee or some such argument though they’d use more secular wording to disguise their religious demands.

Back in the old days I would have replied confrontational yelling at them like: My newsletter is a “religious” sermon intended for my “private” newsletter church subscribers. Your demand is in violation of the 1st Amendment as you are attempting to interfere with operations of my church (Ab) as well as attempting to interfere with my church pastor’s freedom of speech (Ba) and (Bb), your actions are unconsitutional so no not going to comply.

Refusal to do as the state church demands would likely result in a lawsuit which I would ultimately win but would be annoying and take a long time. So nowadays I would handle it using contract law using conditional acceptance which is smooth rejection along with a timeout clause. I’d write back using certified mail so they can’t pretend I didn’t respond, and say something like:

I received your contract offer for me to censor my sermon [acknowledge their communication]. My church has authorized me to conditionally accept [reject offer] your offer under the condition [insert conditions] that you produce the law which authorizes you to interfere with our church operations so that we may have a reasonable amount of time to examine it for applicability (90 days should be sufficient) to our private church [it doesn’t apply if it’s some other religion ordering your religion to do something] and for constitutionality under the 1st amendment [there is no such law because of the 1st amendment (Ab)]. If you do not respond in 15 days we will consider this matter closed [timeout clause] and the sermon will not be changed. Thankyou and have a nice day. [Invisible middle finger] Here’s our contact info.

This is not legal advice but I want you to see how much nicer and smoother and awesome conditional acceptance is. You respond to their ridiculous request. You reject it nicely by conditionally accepting it, and give them a counter offer under whatever terms you want and most importantly you put in a timeout clause because most of the time the government is too slow to respond in time in which case you are done. Defeated without having to bring in the unconstitutional arguments which you can save for later if they press the issue as an ace in the hole. I think people jump to constitutional arguments way too fast which is why I’m pointing this out, i want you to know the fist amendment but don’t bust it out when talking to the state religion unless you are before their priests (like if you are suing them in federal court for violating your first amendment rights then that’s when you would talk about the 1st amendment). But I’d never let it get to that because instead I’d just deny them jurisdiction, as I’m in a separate religion than theirs, and have my own church courts have their own opinion so their opinion is not needed. Then I’d send them a notice of our church courts opinion that they are in violation of the 1st amendment (my supreme court ruling not theirs) and to back off or else our church will send them a BILL for X amount of money for violating our rights. Then i’d take our court’s ruling to their court to certify and make them pay lol. DISCLAIMER: not legal advice.

Don’t tread on my freedom of religion! Ye be warned!


There is no separation of state & religion in the state religion because the state is the religion. It can’t refer to itself as a religion or make laws declaring what its religious beliefs are BUT it really is a religion. Some people think of the state religion as the “atheist” religion but it looks more like a dragon religion to me as I’m pretty sure Columbia Goddess is just another way to look at the Milky Way. But since the state religion is not allowed to make an laws about itself as a religion it’s more like a faceless formless void religion like a raw milky way with no imagination. Its judges/priests wearing black non-descriptive robes is fitting though with their gavil/hammer I’m sure they feel like Thor the thunder god.

It doesn’t matter what the federal state religion is because it has an easy opt out where the solution is that if you have your own religion then you are not part of the state religion if you do not want to be. My personal religion which is syncretic with Christianity is also a dragon religion (Jesus says be as wise as serpents, ergo be like a dragon lol), and so I can see pros and cons of being in the default state dragon religion. It gives a lot of options for claiming your own religion at times and exerting your superior jurisdiction and authority over the state religion if you have the skill. It’s one of my goals to gain this skill.

If you are familiar with symbology you can figure it out just look at the seal of the USA it is an ancient Egyptian derived secret religion that sets up the state as a Goddess (Her name by American tradition is COLUMBIA) with the 13 star symbology where each individual state is also a person. It doesn’t matter how many states get added (50 now) the number stays at 13 because it’s the number of the goddess (12 zodiac houses + the 13th who is the combined chimeric dragon). You can even pray to the State Goddess when you “exercise your right to petition the government for redress of grievances”. To watch a lawyer petition a judge is disgusting to me as officers of the state religion they have to pray to the state religion priest (judge). In the state religion separation of church and sate is a lie. it’s its own religion. The only way out is to have your own religion and to challenge jurisdiction. Does your state god have final say or my real God? I’ll pick mine =).

To reiterate: the state religion that is the default religion which is faceless as it can’t talk about itself or pass laws concerning its beliefs but in practice the GOVERNMENT IS A RELIGION, it’s the DEFAULT RELIGION which you can pray/PETITION as a Goddess which early Americans imagined as COLUMBIA with her symbol being 13.

The government religion is the most perfect secret religion because it’s not allowed to talk about itself which it couldn’t do if it wanted to as it’s prohibited from passing any law respecting itself as a religion because of 1st amendment. Shhhh! (snake/dragon sound).

To reiterate, If you look closely at the first amendment it sets up a state religion with an opt out system if you have your own religion. This is pretty different from the idea of separation of church and state if you don’t have your own relgion then there is no separation of church and state in my opinion! If you want separation of churhc and state you have to have your own relgion to be separate from it is how I interpret it.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”.

This is the most single powerful statement and what makes America so great. Unlike in European countries where the king of this or that country would declare/force the all the people in the kingdom to be this or that religion, not only did we transfer the power of the king to the people, part of which is that we now have the power to declare ourselves to whatever religion. Our power as king is limited because we can’t appoint a congress with the power to declare a national religion to be forced on everyone. But as king we can declare own non-state religion without the state-religion messing with our services.

Make no law means no law, so freedom of religion exists inside a legal void which give infinite freedom for us all to worship our creator as we see fit.


I think America is great because of the first amendment. It’s the most important part of being American and thus is the the first part of the first part of the Bill of Rights the first amendment to the constitution to have freedom of religion. If you don’t use that freedom you get stuck with the state religion and when you become self aware I highly recommend you do your own research and make an informed decision as to what religion you actually want to be in and keep in mind that making your own religion might be the best way to maximize your freedom. If whatever your default church is starts demanding vaccine certificates it might be time to make a religious switch. Cults don’t like you leaving so they may try all sorts of psychological and social pressure manipulation to keep you so free your mind and free yourself.


The timber rattlesnake (cane break rattlesnake) is the symbol of liberty as depicted in the American Revolution as the “Don’t Tread on me” Gadsden flag. While meditating on dragons I had one come visit near my cabin! I’ve never seen one before in my forest, as I normally see black non-venoumous snakes (kingsnakes/rat snakes) instead from time to time. It reminded me of an Asian dragon tale I read, about man who liked dragons so much that he put dragon statues up everywhere in his house which attracted a real dragon (snake) which when it came inside freaked him out a bit. I was chill when I saw the timber rattlesnake nearby outside not inside thankfully. One of my cats named Rock was trying to harass the snake but we managed to distract him with a stick and catch the cats. We locked the cats inside until the rattler slithered off into the woods. We think it was a she snake as looked pregnant or maybe just ate recently! She looked about 4.5 ft long, was very chill for a rattlesnake, didn’t seem concerned at all about two humans and two cats, didn’t even bother coiling up or shaking her rattle. It’s like she was just sitting there like Hey Good Job using Dragons to talk about American liberty. I took it as an auspicious sign =)

Thankyou for reading this month’s episode, and I apologies for any grammar or typos, and apologies for getting it out so late in the month. I have a lot more to say about dragons but moved it all into the appendix. Some of it is coherent and some of it is just notes about dragons, but hopefully you will find the time to come back and read it and do a “dragon meditation” after taking 3 drops of NeuGold and I think you will find it rewarding. Oh, and one more cool thing to wrap up my adventure. After going to a class on mushroom hunting, my wife found Blue Smurf mushrooms in the yard! We identified it (lactarius indigo i.e. Blue Milk) and ate it, yum! It tastes kinda like a portabello but not quite a good a little more grainy. I was very skeptical about eating this bizarre looking mushroom at first (it wasn’t one we learne about in mushroom hunting class and I’ve never seen anything like it before in my yard, but I bravely ate it and am still alive yay! How’s that for a summer adventure!




Okay whew the main aritcle that was a long hope it made some sense, now I can finally get back to talking about what I really want to talk about which is dragons! I am assuming that anyone reading this has already undergone extensive meditation on Dragons & Arthurian Knights of the Round Table, and the Dragon/Unicorn/Boar/Hippo/Goddess connection, if not go back and read this episode from Juno/June 2020:

Holy Grail & Unicorn Take Down of Bill Gates

In that episode I talk about the dragon that is a chimeric zodiac creature made of many different animals/zodiac signs which I now see is similar to the Babylonian Dragon. Such dragon is a lunar-solar syncretization similar to between the Asian Dragon and the Greek Zodiac which was replaced first by the Greeks and then later by the Romans & Christianity with the full solar calendar and thus no need for all the animals. The Greeks preferred human to anthropomorphic depictions of calendar gods and the big 12 gods of ancient Greece and the 12 apostles of the Babylonian influenced Aramaic speaking Hebrews of the rebellious Roman Syriac region of Judea heavily influenced Western culture when they translated the witnessed accounts of the orations of Jesus into Greek language. In the revelation of John of Patmos the Red Dragon is equated with the devil giving dragons a bad rap in western culture and solidifying the western dragon as a fire dragon (as opposed to eastern dragons being water dragons). But I found reference to the ancient Egyptian god snake with legs (Nehebkau) as being fire breathing as gives the “ka” i.e. spirit ie. Holy Spirit which is fire so the idea of a fire breathing dragon goes very ancient. Is notable that the Holy Spirit in the Bible is described as coming down like serpent tongues which makes sense in terms of Egyptian religious origin. The dragon is the sign of wisdom and the sign of power. Jesus tells his apostles to be “as wise as serpents” a dragon reference. There are multiple obvious dragons in the sky, one is a Milky Way reference, another is the Draco constellation, Hydra constellation and others as any serpent in the sky could be thought of as a “flying serpent”. The Milky Way can be imagined many ways including as a white dragon an imagery which greatly influenced the Anglo-Saxon people who influenced England and thus the US British colonies. They showed up on dragon boats wearing dragon helmets and had dragon banners resulting in dragons on the coats of arms in England. I found out the Steward family of Scotland changed the dragon to a Unicorn which if you read my article above with the Dragon = Unicorn connection is fine it’s still a dragon. Dragon slaying is a popular theme in proto-indo-european/eurasian (PIE) mythologies which all have many dragon stories. I personally believe many of these were influenced by astrotheology, such as Hercules constellation being next to Draco constellation, makes for a great story of Hercules slaying a dragon (and he also has a story about slaying a hydra (another dragon). I found some Anglo-Saxon stories about dragon slaying which seemed to focus on the need to wear some poison resistant armor before taking it on and then attacking from underneath so that you could get the treasure and rescue (or in their case oftentimes kidnap) the girl. Princess capture seemed to be a fun game the Germanic types of yore would play where you could raid for a woman and if you caught a princess you could claim the other kingdom so kingdoms under attack would keep their princesses under lock and key in a cave or tower with their other valuables such as weapons & gold. But the learned women WERE the DRAGONS. I suspect many a brave knight tale of dragon slaying was just a romanticization of them marrying a learned woman who came with treasure (a dowry) and the term “Dragon Lady” persists in modern English to mean a powerful woman. Besides women, powerful men warlords would consider themselves dragons (think Bruce Lee like in Asian culture) but in Western culture the top warrior in a Germanic tribe like Uthor Paendrag father of Arthur Paendrag would claim their power from a dragon. “Paendrag” may mean “of Dragon” or could be a title “the Dragon” like top warrior, or I personally think means “Golden Dragon”. Welsh dragons were red, and English-Saxon dragons are white as depicted in a Welsh myth which includes Merlin as a child who almost got sacrificed. For me looking up at the Milky Way it looks white dragon. However, a red dragon could be the sun setting or another red dragon at sunrise. I was able to find some confirmation that the red in sky of ancient Egypt was viewed as the dragon Apep fighting with Ra. However, I think the red dragon of the Welsh was more likely the sunrise as a female dragon Dianna. Sunrise red dragon would be viewed in later times as St. George overcoming the serpent which I interpret as the sun making the white dragon of the milky way at nighttime disappear. When St. Patrick drove the serpents from Ireland, I used to interpret it as he drove the druids from Ireland (conversion to Christianity) but now I realize it could mean more likely that he drove the “Dragon Banner Dudes” out of Ireland. That could have been most likely Saxons probably the Saxons (white dragons), but also there were other invaders like repelled the Vikings on dragon boats i.e. drove them serpents out! The Saxon converted to Christianity from 5-7th century ending around 7th century during time of St. Patrick but then there was another wave of non-Christian Danish vikings later who dominated until the Norman conquest 11th century. The Anglo-Saxons were mostly converted by Celtic Christians from Ireland. There are dragons all over Celtic art such as dragon depictions on Celtic knots & crosses intertwined with dragons. Some crosses were found which once had dragons on them in Celtic christian time and then dragons knocked off in later times. There was probably a syncretization between Celtic Christianity Dragons and the Anglo-Saxon Dragons that made them easy to convert which is no longer present in modern Christianity. Then in the 9th century another wave of non-Christian Anglo-Saxons attacked England before the Norman Conquest in 11th century brought in the French speaking Christians. It is said that although only about 25% of the old english words from the Anglo-Saxons made it into modern English, they comprise the foundation of modern English. Other than that there are many words inserted from French of Latin origin brought in from the Norman conquest. In Beowulf written in Old English, a great dragon story, he is identified as Danish, and then the “Great Pagan Army” of the 9th century also Danish and the word “English “comes from the “Angles” tribe of Denmark area from when also Saxons & Jutes. The Romans had called Ireland “Scoti” who moved to Scotland named after them, and the Welsh and Gaelic speaking people of Britain (Britannia) eventually merged somewhat with the English/Danish/Germans from Scandinavia area making the British Isles of today that influenced America formation was itself a very Danish influenced place and the current ruling family of England is from Germany. There was much religious strife in the Reformation with the crown of England which influenced the American colonies and resulted in the positive result of us getting freedom of religion over here. And that’s what I want to talk about but like an ouroboros dragon eating my own tail, dragon wisdom got me going in circles. History repeats itself so through looking at the history of religion of antiquity to present we can see patterns which give us wisdom for the future. So without further adieu time to drop this dragon egg knowledge like it’s hot and you can be the judge whether I be dragon wise or dragon fool.


The Dragon Spell and the Goose Spell Combine as the Draco and Cygnus constellation making a serpent (Draco) with wings (Cygnus). In this configuration the Milky Way looks like a giant line of dragon fire. When the Milky Way itself is imagined as the Dragon instead then when you “slay the dragon” you chop it up into many different pieces by chopping it into a zodiac.


Since you are alive today it means you have a genetic history that goes all the way back to the beginning of all life. Even if some aliens or time traveling humans from the future did some gene spicing on us in the distant past, we are all here now so it means our code is some good stuff. If you are interesting in meditating on human origins read my article Monkey Mystery where I take human evolution all the way back to orangutang to monkey to primate to early mammal.


Before that though mammals were reptilian in nature and like snakes we have a 3rd eye which in part pays attention to the changing of the lights in the sky (day & night & seasons & stars & even milky way lights) as it is involved in circadian rhythms and much more.

To read all about the 3rd Eye, check out my article 2020 Vision Pineal Detox which I wrote January 2020 one of my best articles ever right before all the corona virus craziness started.



The Milky Way in the night sky (visible on no moon or new moon) can be imagined as a dragon. Whether you view this dragon as lucky or a scary portent of disaster depends on time-period & culture. There are two dragons up there, our Milky Way spiral galaxy and a second one the Andromeda galaxy which are interlocked forming the Infinity sign. Whether you view this as two happy dragons in cooperation, or as one good one bad, two sisters or two brothers or as lover dragons depends on time period and culture.

It is a mandala that can be imagined an infinite number of ways including most popularly as a dragon long dragon or eating its own tail (ouroboros), as a dog, a wolf, a cat, a black panther, a cow jumping over the moon, a woman beautiful (gorgeous) or monster (gorgon), a tree, a ladder, a river, as fire, as ice, as treasure, a dragon on treasure horde, a mermaid on treasure horde, a giant, eagle, a face, hangman Odin or a Jesus on a cross, a key and many more. Every culture, time-period and seemingly noble house would connect their right to rule to the Milky Way and their symbol might be what their family preferred to see in the sky. Anyone who shares this knowledge like myself is most likely to get censored as they don’t want you to know their secret which is they have no more and no less divine right to rule than you yourself do. We are all kings & queens born equally divine predestined for whatever fate the universe has in store for us yet still capable of free will and limitless imagination.


Ancient Egypt had a lot of dragons which no doubt had a big impact on the development of dragon lore in the following millenia and likely influenced development of mesopotamian dragons as well.

It’s hard to come up with a full list of Egyptian dragons as they had so many but here are two lings that gave it a go:

Wadjet, Apep, Mehen, Nebhauku, Ammit, Denwen, Aker Ankh-neteru, Apep, Ouroboros

Egyptians, considering him the embodiment of absolute evil (no redemption for Denwen), wisely kept their distance from this bad boy. Perhaps this is why I couldn’t find anything more about him. I couldn’t even find out how he looked or which of the deceased kings kept him from roasting all of the other gods. It’s probably like with Sauron, and we’re not supposed to use his name or anything, lest we draw his attention. Too late for that though. Oops.”

I did find something on Denwen though (I think Dedwen or Dedun is the same) and comes from same time period:

“Dedun (or Dedwen) was a Nubian god worshipped during ancient times in that part of Africa and attested as early as 2400 BC. There is much uncertainty about his original nature, especially since he was depicted as a lion [and I’m thinking he had lost dragon depictions], a role which usually was assigned to the son of another deity. Nothing is known of the earlier Nubian mythology from which this deity arose, however. The earliest known information in Egyptian writings about Dedun indicates that he already had become a god of incense by the time of the writings. Since at this historical point, incense was an extremely expensive luxury commodity and Nubia was the source of much of it, he was quite an important deity. The wealth that the trade in incense delivered to Nubia led to his being identified by them as the god of prosperity, and of wealth in particular.”

Look at this it’s incredible! It has the was scepter going through the shen ring up the djed with ka into Thutmose III’s mouth. The “pineal” hedjet crown being put on ThutmoseIII by Dedun/Dedwen? depicted as a giant who is crowning him. Looks like Dedwen is either a Nubian God or a Nubian giant who gave crown of upper egypt to Thutmose III. But Dedun in depicted as a giant here not a serpent or lion. But I can see how the Egyptians of the time might have considered him a “dragon” in the Bruce Lee sense (mighty warrior). Also thinking about him as a being able to bring fire that can destroy the entire egyptian pantheon seems plausible since he associated with fire (incense) and if he had the power to crown Thutmose III, then he had the power to uncrown him and any pantheon changes he made perhaps. Dedun/Dedwen might have been the real inspiriation for the dragon who became Satan. On his chair is written in Greek (my transliteration) “yowanes athans id” (John Athens i.d.?) Is that a clue for this name or maybe just an athenian papyrus maker not sure. Anyway you can see a snake in there the uraeus on the crown. Since Dedwen is giving the crown it could supports the idea that he is a Snake as well. I’m going to do a lot more meditaiton on this later.

I do know that the religion of that area was influenced by Indian and most likely the Satan of Christianity (and Islam) also maybe comes from Satanan Hinduism where gods & goddeses frequently depicted in snake forms and surrounded by snake heads for protection (Greeks would have seen as hydras).


To the list above I would add Serket, Isis, Nepthys, Neith etc all the mother goddesses as dragons or having a dragon form. Apep is a well known as the bad guy dragon but the female sister of Isis (Neith/Nepthys) is also depicted as a good dragon who keeps Apeps forces of choas at bay through coitus. This is the classic Aprodite dates Ares type situation. Also Neith is related to later Greek Athena but they prefered her as a virgin goddess not in coitus with the devil lol. But also compare to Diana Lucifera & Juno Lucina all reference to the Mother Dragon. But I’ve also identified Isis and Nepthys as the Serpahs on the Ark and & word for Seraphim is related to snake. Mehen is likely a mother goddess/ mother goose type dragon (goose head depicted on some Mehen snake boards) who represents in my opinion our spiral galaxy the Milky Way. Also I think the name Mehen means “mother hen”.


Also Anubis can have dragon form. Anubis the black dog who is actually a golden wolf of Egypt was a Milky Way reference. Therefore the Dragon and Wolf are the same both Milky Way references though they no doubt have many more phonetic shades of meaning that I’m missing.

Before I realized the Dragon-Milky Way connection, I figured out a connection between the black dog/ golden wolf Anubis and the thyroid anatomy was one of my first really good articles:


It’s not a huge stretch to see how a golden wolf could turn into a golden dragon or a dragon on a gold horde and also compare to a mermaid on a treasure horde with the sea/water dragon motiff. The word Anubis contains Nub the egyptian word for gold. In later times he was villified such as by Norse who saw the black dog as Fenrir the harbinger of Ragnarok along with the serpent Jormungandr.


In Egyptian mythology, the powerful primordial snake god Nehebkau is considered the “original snake.” His image was depicted as a protective deity on ivory rods. Worship of him was especially popular at this time in Egypt’s history (middle second millennium b.c.e.). According to the Coffin Text Spells (ancient Egyptian mythological accounts inscribed around 2100 b.c.e.), Nehebkau swallowed seven cobras, giving him power against harm from any magic.

The word “coffin” is extremely ancient going back to Mycenaean hieroglphics, so it’s interesting how important writing all over the inside of the king or queen’s coffine was back in those days.

The Hebrew snake swallowing the Egyptian snakes, in the name of the “God of Israel,” would have been a startling display of supremacy. [what if Hebrew Nehustan snake is NEHEBKAU!] Insight check: I wonder if there could be a connection between this “original snake” and the idea of “original sin”.

Nebhaukau is my new favorite Egyptian serpent/dragon I didn’t know about before writing this article. He is depicted as a snake with legs or as a snake with wings (i.e. Dragon!) or as a double snake like modified Ka (spirit) sign. Look at this guy in this pic, a double snake holding a double snake staff! I’ve seen Thoth depicted thus with double snake caduceus prototype but this was new to me. The serpent tongues of fire that rain down on the Apostles when they get the Holy spirit may be a reference to this bad boy. Personally though I connect the Holy Spirit to Hathor (Torah) the Holy Cow Goddess. Though I see her in Hippo form Tawaret/Tower who is the nice non-pissed off form of the Ammit chimeric dragon demon.

The snake, snake with legs (crocodile), and snake with legs & wings (dragon/bird) are symbols of the spiritual journey of a human. The legs on the snake might be a reference to becoming literate.


The horse, hippo, water pig, dragon chimeric dragon comes in two forms the female (good viewed as a protector of children from crocodiles) and male (bad, Set, the bull hippo who devours people a dangerous force of chaos). This is another version of the Neith & Apep theme of good and bad dragons representing order (like yin) and chaos (like yang).

I used a hippo “dragon” on the cover of Terror medicine episode back in 2020:

It’s it’s male hippo indicating a threat and the milky way and the female hippo is represented in lion form (black panther bottom right) protecting the children from the forces of chaos.


Another draconic creature with horns, the body and neck of a snake, the forelegs of a lion, and the hind-legs of a bird appears in Mesopotamian art from the Akkadian Period until the Hellenistic Period (323 BC–31 BC). This creature, known in Akkadian as the mušḫuššu, meaning “furious serpent”, was used as a symbol for particular deities and also as a general protective emblem

Tiamat, the Babylonian goddess personifying primeval chaos slain by Marduk in the Babylonian creation epic Enûma Eliš she seems to be described with horns, a tail, and a hide that no weapon can penetrate, all features which suggest she was conceived as some form of dragoness

In the Ugaritic Baal Cycle, the sea-dragon Lōtanu is described as “the twisting serpent/ the powerful one with seven heads.” In KTU 1.5 I 2–3, Lōtanu is slain by the storm-god Baal,but, in KTU 1.3 III 41–42, he is instead slain by the virgin warrior goddess Anat.


In the Book of Psalms, Psalm 74, Psalm 74:13–14, the sea-dragon Leviathan, whose name is a cognate of Lōtanu, is slain by Yahweh, the national god of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, as part of the creation of the world

In Isaiah 27:1, Yahweh’s destruction of Leviathan is foretold as part of Yahweh’s impending overhaul of the universal order:

On that day Yahweh shall punish
with his sharp, great, and strong sword,
Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting serpent;
He will slay the dragon that is in the sea.

Job 41:1–34 contains a detailed description of the Leviathan, who is described as being so powerful that only Yahweh can overcome it. Job 41:19–21 states that the Leviathan exhales fire and smoke, making its identification as a mythical dragon clearly apparent.

In some parts of the Old Testament, the Leviathan is historicized as a symbol for the nations that stand against Yahweh.

Rahab, a synonym for “Leviathan”, is used in several Biblical passages in reference to Egypt Isaiah 30:7 declares: “For Egypt’s help is worthless and empty, therefore I have called her ‘the silenced Rahab.”

Similarly, Psalm 87:3 reads: “I reckon Rahab and Babylon as those that know me…”


In Ezekiel 29:3–5 and Ezekiel 32:2–8, the pharaoh of Egypt is described as a “dragon” (tannîn).


In the story of Bel and the Dragon from the apocryphal additions to Daniel, the prophet Daniel sees a dragon being worshipped by the Babylonians. Daniel makes “cakes of pitch, fat, and hair”; the dragon eats them and bursts open.


In ancient mystery religion astrotheology, the sound of words and human anatomy were connected as words had multiple meanings and puns. Many of these are no longer known or are lost but I found one related to the Chinese Dragon.

The pun is the words Long and Lung
The dragon connection is the Long Dragon. (Chinese Loong/Long/Lung)


And the Anatomical Connection is the Human Lungs.

The Milky Way connection is that the Dragon MW is also a Tree MW.

The DRAGON-TREE MW connection is also seen in the Norse Ygg-Drasil (Literally Egg-Dragon i.e. Dragon Egg) referring to the MW as the tree of life.

This is part of of the Long-Lung Dragon Milky Way to Anatomy Phonetic pun because the lungs look like the anatomical equivalent of the tree of life (trachea and alveoli look kinda like a tree).

The MW as a tree or ladder is preserved in the Hebrew (Jacob’s Ladder is a MW reference).

So the Chinese Loong Dragon i.e. the Long Dragon & Lung Dragon are connecting the Milky Way Dragon & the Milky Way as a Tree of Life (compare to Yggdrasil) to the human lung anatomy and your own breath of life when breathing.

This is a very beautiful I’d call it a Greco-Buddhist or Luxorian Egyptian type idea of connecting yourself to the Milky Way.

A Dragon in China like Bruce Lee is a Badass warrior so who connects their breathing to the Milky Way so the connection of the powerful human with their own lungs to connect to the long dragon of the Milky Way is an image that makes sense.


The Dragon Spell and the Goose Spell Combine as the Draco and Cygnus constellation making a serpent (Draco) with wings (Cygnus). In this configuration the Milky Way looks like a giant line of dragon fire. When the Milky Way itself is imagined as the Dragon instead then when you “slay the dragon” you chop it up into many different zodiac pieces.


The idea of slaying a dragon (slaying the milky way) by chopping it up into into zodiac pieces is the same as the legend of Heracles/Hercules. Hercules had to perform 12 labors (which I assume are required to fully chop up Hera) into 12 zodiac signs.
I think this likely refers to a change in religion where the Greeks are trying to replace older zodiac signs of the Mycenaeans and others with their own, but I suspect is from Athens trying to replace Hera with their new Milky Way imagery of Athena. It’s a good example of how dragon slaying is how old religions are recycled into new.


The labor of Hercules where he has to kill the Hydra is very interesting as it’s a water dragon which is similar to the Chinese dragons from a time before fire dragons became popular in the West. There is no doubt to the astrotheological zodiac nature of the battle as during the fight also gets attacked by a crab which becomes the Cancer (Crab) zodiac. Another great thing about the story is that as it is retold many tames over the centuries which are recorded you can really see how each telling the story in embellished. The Hercules story likely predates the bronze age and in original telling he beat down the Hydra with a club wheres in last recorded telling he used a magic flaming sword (bronze age where magical weapons common). Also with each retelling the Hydra gets more and more heads in the embellishment. Probably in the original telling he was beating down a pit of snakes where they kept coming (a big snake and a bunch of little snakes) which over time turned into a big snake with 6 heads, no 9 heads, no 50 heads with obvious exaggeration in each telling over the years and the head were later given regeneration ability with 2 heads, no 3 head growing out each time one was chopped off. Heracles gets all the credit but in the story he had a helper Iolus who helped him cauterize the heads with fire (which he learned from Athena hence the Hera being replaced with Athena motifs probably inserted in the retelling by Athens) after chopping them off. The dragon is immortal (Because it’s but a small head one of 12 I’d say of the larger Hera Milky Way Dragon) and thus Hercules has to bury the final immortal head underneath a rock. I interpret the “rock” that Hercules used as being the Moon! how it hides the Dragon (slays the dragon on a full moon).


An ancient belief I got from Anglo-Saxon mythology which could be a common belief in PIE dragon stories is that rocks cannot be enchanted, only metal. Back in the stone age, people were really in trouble when their spears and stone arrow-heads could not even pierce the armor of a dragon. Imagine going up against a crocodile with a stone arrowheads would probably just bounce off. In bronze age then you could get some enchanted metal tips and show those serpents who’s boss. I’m curious to known for sure whether the moon is really a rock or is made of enchanted metal. My gut says enchanted.


Hercules dips his arrows in the hydros’s venom and is mentioned needing to cover his mouth with a cloth to protect himself form the venomous fumes. In other dragon stories from Anglo-Saxon times, shields had to be covered with cow hide and thick wooly leggings used are used to stop dragon venom where the idea of don’t mess with the dragon unless you have venom resistant armor is a common theme.


There are actually large venomous sea snakes or coral reef snakes that currently live in parts of india and pacific related to snakes in Australia. Did Phoenicians and thus perhaps Greek stories encounter these dragons or thousands of years ago we know there was extreme climate change from 30k to 10k to years ago in the mediterranean where the european hippopotamus went extinct and there was probably a time where are snakes roamed around as well from whence these stories of scary sea serpents could have come.


Supposedly you could eat the dragon’s heart and gain knowledge of how to talk to animals and other wisdom. I guess that’s how Doctor Doolittle did it and maybe Voldemort too.


The letters of connected stars wash up on the shore of the milky way as a seashore. Litora is latin for shore. Compare to English words Litter (waste), Liter (metric unit of liquid), and Literacy (ability to read).


One of the most famous dragons in popular literature is Smaug the dragon in J.R.R. Tolkien’s book (and now movie) the Hobbit. The Hobbit is a standalone book that attempts to portray a telling of the ancient dragon religion which he later tells in another standalone tale in his Lord of the Rings Trilogy (LotR). In the Hobbit, Smaug the dragon is the villain, whereas in LotR, Sauron i.e. Saur-On (Dragon of On/(Heliopolis Egypt my belief) like a Female compare to Priestess of Isis) is the villain. A secret message here is the connection of the dragon to not only the milky way dragon but as an actual person a dragon who is also secretly a female. Galadriel and Sauron are the same character/Goddess but on different sides of the battle. The opening of the Eye of Smaug is the same as the the Eye of Sauron. The Arkenstone of Smaug is the same as the Palantir which is a Pineal reference. I also figured out that likely Tolkien took the name Smaug from Slavic Dragon mythology which has a dragon by the name of Smoc. I figured out some astrotheology in the Hobbit where the Black Arrow that is used to kill Smaug is the same as the Canis Major constellation viewed not as a dog but as an older interpretation as a bow and arrow. When viewed that way the Black Arrow of the Canis Major Constellation appears to shoot up at the Milky Way Dragon (Smaug). Tolkien is using his myth to preserve and transmit proto-indo-european legends using a hero’s journey. Bilbo is the hero in the Hobbit, and Aragorn (& Frodo) are the heros in the LotR.
I think Gollum with his fishlike demeanor, and being a bad guy who comes through to save the day although unwilling at the end may have been inspired as a representation of Loki from Norse mythology. Tolkien portrays Dragon Wisdom though the wizard Gandalf, and also does a good job at expressing the idea of dragon corruption (the corruption of power) throughout his novels.


I’ve only seen Game of Thrones tv show not read the books yet, but I saw many Milky way references. I can’t wait to read the book next (Song of Fire & Ice I think is called). The white wall that keeps the zombies out is a milky way reference. The fire dragons and the undead ice dragon were all milky way references. The mad queen and her three dragon eggs also milky way reference to Hera. The animal coat of arms for the houses were zodiac references, and the dwarf hero who serves the Goddess is common motif in ancient mythology & religion. Compare the dwarf in Game of Thrones to dwarf god Bes of ancient Egypt (who is Pan of Roman culture and the Leprechaun (LuchorPan) of Irish culture).


As a kid I played the Double Dragon arcade game where two martial arts brothers go kick some ass. The Asian depiction of a dragon preserves the dragon as actually being a human warrior. But in western culture influenced by ancient Egypt the double dragons have a very different meaning. A male dragon and a female dragon representing Set/Apep a bad dragon who wanted to squish the world/universe in his coils and the female dragon Nepthy/Neith/Nut (later Greek Athena) who kept the forces of chaos at bay in the coils of her coitus. So the depiction of the two dragons represented the balance of nature with creation and destruction and the male dragon took on the role of the devil/Satan while the female dragon took on the role Angelic Protector. Then I saw if you go back to the old testament dragon notes section that the Pharoah actually also be depicted as a dragon so maybe the Pharoah was also thought of as a warrior like in the Asian depiction. So many dragons in Egypt . Anyway, I always get an image of Bruce Lee the famous kung fu artist whenever I think “human dragon” , and first think that pops in my head when I think double dragon is the two kung fu brothers in the arcade game first, then I get image of the two dragon spiral galaxies forming infinity sign in sky. Very Greco-Buddhist connect the two humans to the milky way. Maybe it’s like syncing your light and dark nature self to the light and dark nature of the night sky. Very druidic, davidic. . I feel like a double dragon now =)


There were variations of the double sky dragon theme such as the two dragons being brothers (Horus the Elder/Set) or the two dragons been sisters (Isis/Nepthys) but the one which became Christianity is the male/female theme. Since the Pharoah as a human was a dragon, then the upper and lower egypt idea could be considered a double dragon if each had a seperate ruler.


The male (bad) and female (good) dragons are actually in the Bible. When Jesus tells the apostles to be “as wise as serpents” he’s I think probably talking about the female dragon Sophia the Greek Goddess of Wisdom.

The male dragon as a red dragon is pointed out in the dream of John of Patmos the putative author of the book of revelation as Satan/devil at the end of the bible in revelations. This might be Apep or might be Denwen, but also seems like a syncretization of chimeric zodiac dragon related to Goddess so maybe just a blanket dragon to make all dragons bad which would indicate seperation from dragon religion. The Greeks did not like Babylonian goddess Ishtar depicted as a whore and prefered her as a virgin goddess Athena. Athen comes from Egyptian dragon Neith (who would not be a villain dragon unlike Apep) so really a lot going on with John Patmos’s revelation dragon dream and no clear connection for me to which exact dragon he talking about instead seems like just an anti-all dragons both male and female. This makes sense if he is anti-milky way dragon as can be thought of as all of those (chimeric, male, female, apep, oroboros etc). The dream is depicting the Milky Way as the devil. This is interesting but I prefer to see the milky way as a protective Goddess who would be syncretic with Mary. (Ma-ray, Ma’at of ancient Egypt). Ultimately the confusing nature of dragons in Christianity is a reflection I think of the utterly confusing nature of dragons in ancient Egypt, and the revelation of John of Patmos in the New Testament solidified the idea of the RED dragon being bad. This would have been a popular idea with the Anglo-Saxons (white dragons symbol) in attacking the Welsh/Britons (red dragon symbol) and may have had some influence in Christianity being adopted very fast by the English (Angles, Saxons, Jutes) settling in the British Isles. In my personal opinion the red dragon (bad) is the sky at dusk turning red which to the ancient Egyptians represented Ra overcoming the dragon Apep. But also represents Apep overcoming Ra as the sun enters the underworld. In my personal opinion the red dragon (good) of Wales would have been the sky turning red at sunrise (not sunset) which is representation of the sun overcoming the night sky Milky Way dragon and would have been very syncretic with Christianity especially with St. George whre George himself would have been the red dragon (Sun) at sunrise when sky is red who overcomes the other dragon (white dragon in the night sky). This imagery would have been popular with people who were enemies of the Danish /Anglo white dragons. Take home is multiple at least 2 or more dragons in Christianity and meaning likely changes with ethnic viewpoint, culture & time. Today I suspect most Christians just lump all dragons into the bad box but careful study shows lots and lots of good dragon/serpent references in the Bible. (Seraphim, Holy Spirit Serpent Tongues, as I said Mary can be thought of as a benevolent female dragon reference, Nehustan dragon serpent of Mose etc). Maybe I should write a book on Christian religion dragons, I already got a good start with this dragon meditation.


Just as there is a milky way dragon a night, you can imagine a rainbow as a rainbow dragon of the day. The Mayans of S. America had a rainbow dragon in their religion called Quetzlcoatl. I’m just gonna mention in passing I apologize for not doing Mayan dragons justice. I view them as having lots of dragons maybe distantly related to ancient egyptian ideas which I already covered. The main thing though is the Mayans never got the memo to stop sacrificing humans to their dragons. So I like rainbows but I’m not really into the Mayan rainbow dragon, I prefer Egyptian Rainbow Dragon. Osiris of ancient egyptian God similar to Jesus in many ways means Os-Iris Mouth Rainbow. Also note Iris is Greco-Roman Rainbow Goddess and likely of Egyptian dragon origin. It would not surprise me if there were two rainbow dragons male and female in egypt. I suspect rainbow dragon would be just daytime aspects of the night time milky way dragons.


The rainbow in old testament as a promise not to flood the world again is interesting if you connect the day rainbow dragon to the night dragon (Milky Way) which is viewed as a large body of water (ocean/sea/river) which could easily be thought of as being able to cause a flood. There is also a medical connection of dragons as fever and flood as brain swelling. So promise not to flood can also mean promise not to kill the world with a plague.


Sunset (Sun-SET) is when the sun goes down in the West. At sunrise and sunset the sky turns Red. When the Sun SETs you see the dragons (Milky Way Reference). When the sun rises it banishes the Mily Way Dragons. Compare to Apollo stepping on Python & St. George stepping on the Dragon both references to the Sun coming up and banishing the night dragon (Milky Way).

Because the sky turns Red at sunrise & sunset it could be interpreted as two dragons the red dragon eating the sun (Set bad) and the red dragon of the morning (Good).


Our Egyptian dragon heritage through the millenia into Christianity has some serious gender issues with male dragon being super bad/liar/evil and female dragon being super good/wise/love, very extreme, and ultimately has ended up suppressing women as they (via whore of Babylon) are confused with the male dragon (red dragon Satan) in Revelations. Such is the case of the Biblical heritage of the Babylonian dragon in female (Istar good) form being equated with the Egyptian dragon in male form (Set evil)

The female dragon, is who represented purity and holiness to the ancient Egyptians is defiled by the Babylonians as the whore and by the Greeks as Aphrodite. Another group of Greeks didn’t like this one bit and they brought the female dragon back as Athena and showed her victory over that other bad dragon with depiction of dragon at her feet in same way apollo depicted with dragon at his feet. This exact problem caused some serious problems in early Christianity where Mary Magdalene the Whore is a Dragon Lady, and I think the most important part of the story of Jesus and the 12 apostles, who like knights of the round table are supposed to slay her with their swords (orgy?) as part of babylonian religion the aramaic jews picked up in captivity? Jesus is the druid man who is the king by virtue of representing a balance in the two dragons power and wisdom. Jesus originally was a badass warrior dragon and then changed by Romans to be a pacifist after they crushed the multiple jewish rebellions of that time period. There was no pax Romana Jesus brought war to Jerusalem ending with the city leveled by Romans.


The letter J doesn’t exist even going back as recent as the King James (Iames) version of the Bible. It’s very frustrating how many J words there are in the Judeo-Christian religion as they all seem like purposeful propaganda (James, John, Joshua, Jerusalem, Jesus, Jew, Judea etc). These are all illusions. If you have not meditated on the alphabet before see my article Atomic Alphabet:


Here’s what I wrote about the letter J and I in meditation:

J is the Joker, the planet of Jupiter.

I is the Eye, the dot above i which is the O High in the Sky for I is a lie.

I did the alphabet meditation after receiving a message from the Milky Way Dragon which called me illiterate. It was in a good way with an offer to teach me the runes of power which I’ve slowly been learning. Hopefully I’m learning from Sophia the wisdom dragon but “runes of power” indicate I might be talking to the devil lol. Maybe I should be learning the “runes of wisdom”. Anyway the Power dragon is a talkative bugger and attributed to him are such exciting things as point out that the word Iesus is the same as Zeus and Isis. I actually agree with that statement as Jesus/Iesus is the dragon man who embodies both the male and female supreme dragons both power & wisdom. I think Jesus was invented with a J as we use it during because of the printing press. To me personally it’s fine and J Jesus just means your though process is branched from Protestant Christianity.


If you get serious about the name of the savior you would probably use Soter which is greek for savior or try to track it down to something like Yahashua which I like because I have a cousin named Joshua with the protestant J.


My family the Smith’s it is said are the guardians of written language. (my mother’s maiden name is smith). So frustrating for me to be so tied to writing and the alphabet and to be a healer as no matter what I do I am alway touching weapons (words and letters). Written language was invented to be used and abused by the Egyptians & Hittites to fight one another in the bronze age. Older written language likely exists in the form of Minoan Hieroglyphs, Turkish Hieroglyphs and in the origins of Chinese hieroglyphs and Vinca Hieroglphys which really go back maybe 10k years but for all practical purposes these days we have a hard time going back further than ancient sumerian cuneiform. Phoenician, Hebrew, Greek, and Runic/Futhark are all related if you can believe it. I inherited knowledge of weapon and that makes me a warrior. I’m a health warrior.

Just like life insurance is really death insurance, a death druid is really a life druid. I’m proud to be a druid but I can’t be exactly like Jesus because I can’t give up the writing weapon. But was peaceful Jesus a Roman fabrication? Because it looks like the actual JC would have been an Ares warrior (based on what was going on in history and from Nag Hammadi 2nd century early christian writings). So maybe I am like Jesus. He’s definitely a dragon like the pharoah, so would be the uraeus i.e. coiled serpent peaceful but ready to strike if attacked. Very much like american seal with eagle /dragon holding olive branch and arrows. Desiring peace but can bring the war if needed.


In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr (Old Norse: Jǫrmungandr, pronounced [ˈjɔrmunˌɡandr̥], meaning “huge monster”[1]), also known as the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent (Old Norse: Miðgarðsormr), is a sea serpent, the middle child of Loki and the giantess Angrboða. According to the Prose Edda, Odin took Loki’s three children by Angrboða—the wolf Fenrir, Hel, and Jörmungandr—and tossed Jörmungandr into the great ocean that encircles Midgard.[2] The serpent grew so large that it was able to surround the Earth and grasp its own tail.[2] As a result, it received the name of World Serpent. When it releases its tail, Ragnarök will begin. Jörmungandr’s arch-enemy is the thunder-god, Thor. It is an example of an ouroboros.

In one story, Thor encounters the giant king Útgarða-Loki and has to perform deeds for him, one of which is a challenge of Thor’s strength. Útgarða-Loki goads Thor into attempting to lift the World Serpent, disguised by magic as a huge cat. Thor grabs the cat around its midsection but manages to raise the cat only high enough for one of its paws to leave the floor. Útgarða-Loki later explains his deception and that Thor’s lifting the cat was an impressive deed, as he stretched the serpent so that it almost reached the sky. Many watching became fearful when they saw one paw lift off the ground.[3] If Thor had managed to lift the cat completely from the ground, he would have altered the boundaries of the universe

As recounted in Snorri’s Gylfaginning based on the Eddic poem Völuspá, one sign of the coming of Ragnarök is the violent unrest of the sea as Jörmungandr releases its tail from its mouth and thrashes its way onto land. It will advance, spraying poison to fill the air and water, beside Fenrir, whose eyes and nostrils blaze with fire and whose gape touches the earth and the sky.


Sweden dragon without wings. Also known as a “snake” (ormr) or “dragon” (dreki), lindworms were popular motifs on runestones in 11th-century Sweden. This runestone is identified as U 871.



The “Word of God” is written in the stars. Written human language originates from people looking up at the heavens and trying to connect the dots. Hence come hieroglyphs and runes. When you connect the dots of stars you end up with a lot of what looks like stick figures.


The Seraphim angels are a serpent. A dragon is also the ultimate symbol of power and the ultimate symbol of divine authority which kings on earth use to justify their rulership.


“ … be ye therefore wise as serpents …” (Matthew 10:16, KJV). [A quote from the Christian Bible, New Testament Book of Matthew i.e. the Gospel” attributed to Jesus Christ”]

Dragons/serpents are an ancient symbol of wisdom. [Probably from Egypt. Possibly refering to Nebhaukau, when learns to write (gets legs) and wings. ]


According to one legend, Gorynych’s uncle was the evil sorcerer Nemal Chelovek, who abducted the daughter of the tsar and imprisoned her in his castle in the Ural Mountains.[161] Many knights tried to free her, but all of them were killed by Gorynych’s fire.[161] Then a palace guard in Moscow named Ivan Tsarevich overheard two crows talking about the princess.[162] He went to the tsar, who gave him a magic sword, and snuck into the castle.[163] When Chelovek attacked Ivan in the form of a giant, the sword flew from Ivan’s hand unbidden and killed him.[163] Then the sword cut off all three of Gorynych’s heads at once.[163] Ivan brought the princess back to the tsar, who declared Ivan a nobleman and allowed him to marry the princess.[163]


A popular Polish folk tale is the legend of the Wawel Dragon, which is first recorded in the Chronica Polonorum of Wincenty Kadłubek, written between 1190 and 1208. According to Kadłubek, the dragon appeared during the reign of King Krakus and demanded to be fed a fixed number of cattle every week. If the villagers failed to provide enough cattle, the dragon would eat the same number of villagers as the number of cattle they had failed to provide. Krakus ordered his sons to slay the dragon. Since they could not slay it by hand, they tricked the dragon into eating calfskins filled with burning sulfur. Once the dragon was dead, the younger brother attacked and murdered his older brother and returned home to claim all the glory for himself, telling his father that his brother had died fighting the dragon. The younger brother became king after his father died, but his secret was eventually revealed and he was banished. In the fifteenth century, Jan Długosz rewrote the story so that King Krakus himself was the one who slew the dragon. Another version of the story told by Marcin Bielski instead has the clever shoemaker Skuba come up with the idea for slaying the dragon.


Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s novel Through the Looking-Glass (1872), one of the inset poems describes the Jabberwock, a kind of dragon.


The wyvern in heraldry and folklore is rarely fire-breathing, unlike four-legged dragons.


The current spelling wyvern is not attested before the seventeenth century as “winged two-footed dragon”. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is an alteration of Middle English wyver (attested thirteenth century), from Anglo-French wivre (cf. French guivre and vouivre), which originate from Latin vīpera, meaning “viper”, “adder”, or “asp”


Adducing another meaning of wiver (this time Old English) and guivre, “light javelin”, and noting partial resemblances between the size and shape of javelins and snakes, plus the later medieval era’s increasing use of heavy armor and decreasing use of light javelins, he proposes that the concepts of “venomous snake” and “light javelin” were melded to produce a new term for a previously unimagined concept of flying snake, a kind of dragon.


Y Draig Aur; A flag which was carried by Owain Glyndwr who most noticeably displayed it at Twt hill after his successes in reclaiming Welsh territory.

TROJANS LEGIONS IN DACIA had wyvern (likely inspiration for welsh red & as white dragons)

The design of the wyvern is thought[by whom?] to have derived from the figure of the dragon encountered by Trajan’s legions in Dacia. It may be the origin of the red dragon of Wales and the golden dragon of the Kingdom of Wessex carried at the Battle of Burford in AD 752.

ORIGINAL WELSH DRAGON WAS WYVERN WITH 2 legs not 4 but now uses 4

two legs rather than the modern four legs that the current Welsh dragon possesses. In most languages, cultures and contexts no distinction is made between wyverns and dragons. Since the sixteenth century, in English, Scottish, and Irish heraldry, the key difference has been that a wyvern has two legs, whereas a dragon has four. This distinction is not commonly observed in the heraldry of other European countries, where two-legged dragon-like creatures are called dragons.


Since the 4th century, Welsh Kings and princes have carried with them this depiction of a dragon, each ruler changing its appearance from a Wyvern to a four-legged dragon.


The oldest creatures outright referred to as “winged dragons” are Helios’s chariot steeds, which aid Medea.


A wyvern fighting with a wolf, relief, Trento Cathedral, Italy


Someone on telegram asked me a great question asking me to tell them what I know about snake and eagle symbology. Because I want to talk about dragons in this episode I figured answering this is a great lead in as the dragon is a flying snake (compare to combined snake & eagle).

My answer is that snake and eagle symbology as far as I can tell goes back to ancient sumer in regards to Enki & Enlil whose sings were the snake and eagle. As far as I can tell these are Milky Way references as it can be viewed either as a snake (a flying dragon in the sky) or as an eagle. We’ve seen the snake and eagle symbology adopted by governments throughout history most notable ancient Rome used the Eagle as does my current country the USA.

The snake eating its own tail is an ancient Egyptian symbol of eternity like timelessness. As a milky way reference it refers to our Milky Way spiral galaxy spinning or as an infinity sign as the interaction of our two interlocked galaxies the milky way and the Andromeda spiral galaxies.

The Romans like’s the Eagle Banner as the Eagle stood for “in this moment” and the symbol of the eagle grasping the snake (breaking timelessness) meant something like Carpe Diem i.e. Seize the Day

This likely horrified the ancient Egyptians as the dragon/ouroboros was the crown of heaven which gave divine kingly power to rule, so an eagle disrupting the dragon is like an Egyptian an usurper to the royal lineage like Rome who grabs power but doesn’t deserve it which is how I’m sure the Egyptians viewed the Roman occupiers who were ultimately the end of their multi-millennia empire. The Eastern Roman Empire shut down the last Egyptian religion temple in 535 AD at Philae under Byzantine Emperor Justinian 1st.

Whereas the snake can symbolize wisdom, and dragon enlig the eagle symbolizes power.
The eagle used this way is the symbol of the Dragon as symbol of ultimate power or as the Phoenix with heart protected form dark magic.


The great seal of the USA is a type of magic coin which uses egyptian magic to identify and equate a person with god.

god on one side (the pyramid side) and to protect the god on the other side (eagle with shield protecting its heart).

Typically countries and rulers would use such a magic coin to identify their current king or ruler on one side as god and to protect them on the other side. Like God save the Queen (where the Queen is a Goddess. As we got rid of the monarchy in America we still used similar symbology


Silver Gold and Iodine
Opens the Eye of Odin and the Heavens you see fine.
If you look in the day you see pretty blue, the robe of Mary a very fine hue.
If you look in the night you see the stars too.
If you look even harder when there is no moon.
The great Milky Way of Heaven Jumps Over the Moon.
The letter o in the center of the Milky Way does go.
But a different Eye in the Sky by the Cat, Hippo & Plough
Is the Norther Star your Third Eye it connects to it now.
Around the point does spin all the heavens.
Dizzy we’re getting, let’s dance let’s not sleep
for life eternal is now risen in wisdom complete.


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