Detox Graphene Razor Blades

Graphene Hydroxide “Razor Blade” Detox

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, but for me this season has been a time of mourning as my darling dear grandma passed away and because of the sustained Vaccine War. It is hard to be Merry while you are watching children being poisoned. A member of my family is being bullied into getting the jab or losing their job as we speak so the vaccine war is still raging this Christmas. I want to spread a message of hope to stay strong & these dark times will pass, but don’t be complacent, and do what you can to expedite the new Nuremberg Trial (NeuNuremberg =)) for the poisoners. The focus of this episode is in thinking about and responding to the allegations of the now deceased DrNoack that there is graphene hydroxide in the jabs, so I will sharing and talking about some papers on the difference between graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide and some toxicological reports I’ve found in fish & mice to go with his allegations that the graphene hydroxide in the jabs is acting like “nano-razor blades” in the human body. It’s kinda a dark topic for Christmas I know, but goes well with Christmas Mourning. Hopefully, we can all awake Christmas Morning, refreshed and ready to fight in the Vaccine War, as injecting graphene nanoparticle razor blades into children will not be tolerated. The coming 2022 is the Year of the Black Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac, and the elites fear it as it is believed to be the time when fortunes are reversed, where the rich can get poor, and the poor get rich; so if you are like Bill Gates with a lot of ill gotten fortune off the poisoning of children, it’s a scary year for you; and indeed let’s crush the poisoners in 2022! I’ve got two little “black tiger” twin cats, and they are symbols to me that after these dark days of 2021 are over and that there is hope in 2022. Catastrophe is coming for the poisoners as they have violated the hippocratic oath and have awakened the terror hippo, who is the Mother Goddess in disguise, who does not tolerate those who hurt her children. To the ancient Egyptians, the female hippopotamus was the symbol of child protection because the crocodile does not dare mess with the baby hippo because mamma hippo will bite its tail off. It’s time for us to become hippos and show those crocodiles that there are consequences for attacking children.

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose it will defend itself.” Augustine of Hippo


If you haven’t heard the the now deceased DrNoack talk about how there are nano-razor blades in the jab please watch this video, as in this article, I will be discussing and thinking about the things he said:



According to the now deceased DrNoack:

Graphene hydroxide was found in all of the vaccines, it forms a structure in the bloodstream approximately 50nm wide and 0.1 nm thick, they are pretty thin and they are pretty strong, they are like little blades in the bloodstream that can cut the blood vessels in your body, the effect is cumulative on the blood vessels.


DrNoack claims that athletes are dying after the jab as the faster their blood flows the faster the razor blades chop them up. This is interesting as he offers an explanation that is otherwise unexplainable, so it makes him sound credible.

DrNoack claims that the graphene hydroxide nanoparticles were discovered using Raman Spectroscopy (micro Raman Spectroscopy) which makes him sound credible to me as a chemist since that is the correct technique that would allow you to see a hydroxyl group.

Heart attacks and heart inflammation such as pericarditis (around the heart inflammation) and myocarditis (destruction of cardiac myocyte cells) after the jab are explained by the nano-razor blades. Sounds possible.

Nano-razor blades circulating around in the blood after a jab could certainly explain why some people die immediately and why some people last longer after the jab, as the ones who die immediately or soon after the jab in a few days are the unlucky ones where the razor blades hit a vein or artery. Sounds plausible and is interesting as the only previous explanation for that was just that some batches were worse than others which I assumed was from differences in refrigeration (many jabs being given out already expired) or some allegations of bad batches. His explanation of the nano-razor blades could explain it even if all the batches are the same as how different outcomes would be expected
is explained by the nano-razor blades as it is causing a russian roulette situation where if they hit a vein or artery you are unlucky. He says that the razor blades are less toxic in the muscle but more toxic in the blood stream.

Nano-razor blades explain low platelets (thrombocytopenia) after the jab as platelets are used up to heal the micro-cuts.

Nano razor blades would make a lot of sense for malaria-like symptoms. In the same way malaria breaks open red blood cells causing inflammation from released iron which causes oxidative damage, nano-razor blades in the blood could chop up red blood cells also releasing iron & causing oxidative damage. Other theories are neutrophil release of oxidative species into the blood, but I was able to find toxicology indicating that graphene oxide (and thus likely graphene hydroxide as well) can cause cellular oxidative damage by itself. So seems interesting as plausible.

Worrisome are the Bell’s palsy and nerve damage after the jab if explained by the graphene oxide razor blade hypothesis, because instead of a detox problem, it might be more of an slicing damage problem, and cut nerves by the nano-razor blades could definitely account for the symptoms.

Basically, there is enough truth in the video that it disturbed me deeply, and it definitely warrants me, as a chemist, to do further investigation, because if he is right, which my gut says he is, then we have a serious problem. If graphene hydroxide is as toxic as he says it is, and if it really is in the jab, then I 100% agree with him that the the people pushing the jab are no better than Hitler, as he accuses the Austrian government who seem to be behind this poison push in his area. This is an interesting and potent accusation since Hitler was also from Austria and it seems like history is repeating where the jab is the new form of fascism. Although the politics of Austria & Australia seeming to be some of the worse places to be right now during the Vaccine War, I don’t want to get bogged down in the politics, instead; what I’m going to do in this article is diver deeper to investigate about the claims of graphene nanoparticle toxicity.

I have no doubt they are toxic, but I really don’t know much about them, so let’s have a look and then we can tell more deeply if his claims of the graphene hydroxide toxicity as nano-razor blades makes sense or not. Also, theoretically, the more we know about how a poison works the better we can detox it. But in reality, my detox system will just detox stuff even when the mechanism of the toxicity isn’t known, so just start detoxing and while we learn maybe we can find ways to amplify the detox. I’ve already talked about how the glutathione coating on NeuSilver & NeuGold detoxes graphene oxide in previous newsletter.

I’m pretty sure my system will detox graphene hydroxide as well, but there are some important chemical differences between graphene nanoparticles including graphene oxide & graphene hydroxide so to make sure and to better explain let’s look more deeply into the chemistry.


Fortunately, I found a paper which does a good job talking about the differences between graphene nanoparticles and which covers both graphene oxide & graphene hydroxide and has pictures (see figure6):

Lee, D., Seo, J. Three-dimensionally networked graphene hydroxide with giant pores and its application in supercapacitors. Sci Rep 4, 7419 (2014).

Firstly the Lee 2014 paper clarified to me how graphene oxide is turned into graphene hydroxide which is with NaOH base exposure and interestingly there are intermediate products called reduced graphene oxide.


If the jab has graphene oxide, it probably also has reduced graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide (3 different but similar species of graphene nanoparticles in it).

If you look at figure 6 of the paper a, b & c has pictures of graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide & graphene hydroxide.

Notably, both graphene oxide & reduced graphene oxide intermediate product have the “nano-razor blade” long and flat shape, but the graphene hydroxide has something extra! Instead of being completely flat, it has some hexacarbon ((6 carbon) ring group perpendicular to the flat of the “razor blade” giving it an unique “3-D” shape to it.

So when DrNoack is talking about graphene hydroxide being in the jabs, he must to me be talking about the “reduced graphene oxide” form.

The fully graphene hydroxide form, cannot lay flat like a razor blade because of the 3-D group on it, and instead of sheets it forms large pores in the sheets which the researchers in the paper took advantage of to insert electrodes and measure the electrical capacitance between the sheets. A capacitor, if you are not familiar, is a way to store electricity via two sheets with a charge separation. Disturbingly or interestingly, depending on how you look at it, the graphene hydroxide, because of the 3-D groups on it, would hold the sheets of graphene apart (forming large pores as the paper calls it) making them more effective as capacitors as the 3-D group can maintain the charge separation between the graphene plates/(razor blades).

Although I’m still no expert in graphene science like DrNoack, I am a chemist and a biochemist, and from what I get from the paper are two obvious observations:

  1. Graphene hydroxide even more than Graphene Oxide can be used as a “Nano-battery” with stored capacitance charges between the sheets.
  2. DrNoack at first pass seems wrong that graphene hydroxide is like nano-razor blades but he is close enough because if there is graphene hydroxide in there then likely there is also reduced graphene hydroxide which like graphene oxide does indeed look like a “nano-razor blade”. So graphene oxide & reduced graphene oxide razor blades not graphene hydroxide razor blades is what I see. Close enough though.

I’m left feeling even more disturbed as the graphene hydroxide has scary potential as a nano-battery which they might be injecting in the jab for a secret nano-circuit to do who knows what nefarious purpose.

  1. Graphene hydroxide looks like from its structure with extra organic carbon ring group at first pass to me would seem that it should be more lipophillic/hydrophobic than graphene oxide indicating that at first pass I would expect it to absorb more into and get stuck in tissue. But my first pass also seems wrong as the extra 3-D functional group on graphene hydroxide cause it to push away from sheet form into more single sheet form which tend to be more hydrophillic/lippophobic where they could circulate in the blood as DrNoack says. So his claims seem plausible, but let’s look at some toxicology for more clues and verification:


There’s noting available in human that I know of but presumably all the vaccine adverse reactions are being caused by the graphene oxide, reduced graphene &/or graphene hydroxide in the jab is the allegation.

It’s spooky if true as some of the graphene nanoparticles could be able to bioaccumulate in the tissue and others in the blood and differences in graphene nanoparticle lipophilicty/hydrophobicity seem important.

Fortunately, I was able to find a study of both graphene oxide & graphene hydroxide in fish. Although fish aren’t a perfect match for humans, I’m familiar with the environmental ecotoxicology models of bioaccumulation from when I worked in environmental science at water ways experiment station (ERDC i.e. the Environmental Research & Development Center) in Vicksburg, MS for ecotoxicologist circa 2013, so I find this fish study very interesting as it’s the kind of work I have some experience reading.
It was actually the lipophilicity/hydrophobicity knowledge I learned while doing environmental science that later allowed me to create a better iodine health supplement and to point out that the molecular & nascent iodine form don’t like water.

The way it works, in a nutshell, is that a more lipophilic (liking lipid i.e. liking fat i.e. hydrophobic i.e. afraid of water) chemical will, when given to fish in the water, accumulate (bioaccumulate) more in the fat tissues of the fish to a measurable level. If a predator like a bird eats that fish, then it is possible for lipophilic chemicals to increase (biomagnify) up the food chain (higher trophic levels) where the predator may experience a much higher chemical exposure than the individual fish for example. Here’s what I found, a current 2020 fish study:

Toxicity Studies on Graphene-Based Nanomaterials in Aquatic Organisms: Current Understading

Malhotra et al. Toxicity Studies on Graphene-Based Nanomaterials in Aquatic Organisms: Current Understanding. Molecules. 2020 Aug 9;25(16):3618.

It’s nice because it talks about both graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide.

“The potential toxic effects of graphene and GO are not fully understood. However, they have been reported to cause agglomeration, long-term persistence, and toxic effects penetrating cell membrane and interacting with cellular components.”

The most interesting thing I got from this paper is that graphene nanoparticles including graphene oxide & graphene hydroxide can penetrate INSIDE the cells.

This means they are rather lipophilic that is not very surprising since they are made from lots of carbons. What is surprising though is that DrNoack said graphene hydroxide is negatively charged. And reason that is interesting is because cell membranes are negatively charged so for the graphene type particle to go through the membrane assuming is passive diffusion and not active transport then it must be that its negative charge is rather diffuse more like a partial negative charge and is more like a neutrally charged particle when passing into a cell is how I’m imagining it.

Some interesting quotes from of the intro of the paper:

“The unmodified basal plane sites of graphene comprise free surface π electrons that are hydrophobic”

But when thinking about nano-graphene razor blades it is interesting to note that the paper says:

“However, the hydrophobicity of the graphene is strongly thickness-dependent, with single-layer graphene being significantly more hydrophilic than its thicker counterparts”

So it’s definitely plausible that overall hydrophobic that graphene nanoparticles are hydrophilic when in single sheets. So DrNoack’s allegation that they are circulating in the blood stream after the jab where the blood is mostly water (hydrophilic i.e. water liking chemicals can flow in it unless in a transport molecule) seems plausible.

“Owing to the presence of the oxygen functional groups, GO nanosheets are hydrophilic in nature. They can be dispersed in aqueous solution”

So turns out both graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide can disperse in water in colloidal fashion (suspended but not dissolved).

“It is the strongest and thinnest known material known to man”

DrNoack, in his video, indicated that graphene hydroxide is so strong that it’s impossible to detox. I get his point although he is wrong here as I can detox anything.

If he were correct though, that nothing could break down graphene hydroxide, then the only option would be blood letting to reduce its concentration in blood, and to let blood replenish, and then repeat a few times to get the indestructible graphene particles out of the body. For women this could include menstrual cycle, for men nosebleeds or blood giving. But I wouldn’t donate graphene contaminated blood, and I would be very wary of receiving any blood from the blood bank these days as could well be graphene contaminated. Also, according to DrJudy Mikovits, the blood bank is contaminated with monkey virus particles as she said in her book which I covered in a previous newsletter: Vaccinosis.

It is interesting that one adverse reaction to the jab was that some women were reporting irregular menstrual cycles including some women bleeding for a solid month! Assuming there are graphene hydroxide nano-razor blades in the jab migrating from muscle injection site to blood stream as DrNoack alleges, then this sounds like a female body’s natural detox defense mechanism, to bleed extra to detox a blood poison. I had assumed the toxin was the spike protein but could it also be or instead of be nano razor blades? Either way, there is definitely something toxic in the jab which the body is trying to flush out, and the allegations of magnetism at the injection sites is also not inconsistent with graphene hydroxide nano-razor blades because of their electrical storage (capacitance) properties.

So how did those fish fare?

“Results revealed that the GO adhered to and enveloped the chorion of zebrafish embryos via the hydroxyl group interactions and it blocked the pore canals of the chorionic membrane causing hypoxia and hatching delay.”

Yikes membrane blocking and hypoxia. Hypoxia is also associated with cancer, so at this point I’m suspecting that graphene oxide (and maybe graphene hydroxide as well) to be possibly carcinogenic in humans based on this fish data.

“GO penetrated the chorion of embryo via endocytosis, damaged the mitochondria, and primarily translocated to the eye, heart, and yolk sac regions involved in circulatory system of zebrafish. In these organs, GO induced excessive generation of reactive oxygen species, thus increasing oxidative stress, DNA damage, and apoptosis.”

Who needs a virus or a spike protein when you got a nano-razor blades instead to cause the heart damage, oxidative damage and DNA damage!

It’s toxic in fish, I get it. Great aquatic review paper check out the rest on your own time, I’m gonna move on, check out other graphene raleated toxicology paper I found:

Ou, L., Song, B., Liang, H. et al. Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms. Part Fibre Toxicol 13, 57 (2016).

“In addition, several typical mechanisms underlying GFN toxicity have been revealed, for instance, physical destruction, oxidative stress, DNA damage, inflammatory response, apoptosis, autophagy, and necrosis.”

Oxidative stress, DNA damage, inflammatory response! Once again I’ll reiterate, who even needs a spike protein when you got a poison like graphene nanoparticles!

“GFNs can induce acute and chronic injuries in tissues by penetrating through the blood-air barrier, blood-testis barrier, blood-brain barrier, and blood-placenta barrier etc. and accumulating in the lung, liver, and spleen etc.”

“For example, some graphene nanomaterials aerosols can be inhaled and substantial deposition in the respiratory tract, and they can easily penetrate through the tracheobronchial airways and then transit down to the lower lung airways, resulting in the subsequent formation of granulomas, lung fibrosis and adverse health effects to exposed persons”

Uh that doesn’t sound good. In the references of this paper, I found a paper about graphene oxide in mice, which is also of note since besides fish models, mouse models are used for human toxicity:

Reference #32:

Wen KP, Chen YC, Chuang CH, Chang HY, Lee CY, Tai NH. Accumulation and toxicity of intravenously-injected functionalized graphene oxide in mice. J Appl Toxicol. 2015;35(10):1211–8.

“Our results showed that the nanoparticles mainly accumulate in the lung, liver and spleen, where they persist for at least 6 months. These nanoparticles result in acute liver injury and chronic inflammation of the lung, liver and spleen, as evidenced by blood biochemistry results and histological examinations.”

Although this paper is maybe not as relevant to graphene hydroxide exactly (they used a different functionalized graphene) it it does give an example of where a hydrophobic graphene nanoparticle like graphene oxide might accumulate in mouse which gives clues on where to also check for toxicity in humans. Accumulation in liver is no surprise, the stated persistence of 6 months is interesting. Is that why they want to give you a booster every 6 months or more to keep your graphene poison levels high!

The good news is that your body can eliminate graphene over enough time (6 months+ perhaps as indicated by this study) but they gonna cause a lot of damage on the way out.

Might I recommend anti-inflammatory colloidal silver & gold to add to your other detox regime which hopefully you are already using if you use the iMedDo Detox system already (See NeuSilver, NeuGold &/or NeuElectrum).

While looking at graphene toxicity I also bumped into the classic try to make a toxic substance sound better by mixing it with something healthy and confusing people routine.

People do this with silver all the time. Colloidal Silver nanoparticles are awesome all by itself so of course someone has tried to mix silver with graphene oxide and try to say that “hey look graphene oxide has anti-bacterial applications! “


Why not show silver by itself as a control!
It’s nice to see that anti-bacterial silver that works all by itself (conveniently omitted from the paper) is able to bind with graphene oxide and become even more anti-bacterial than silver-zinc nanoparticles but that is a not brainer.

Zinc is the only nonconductive metal that is not toxic in fact it is very healthy because it balances copper electricity. Similarly Zinc will balance silver electricity toning it down. So remove the zinc and add graphene oxide and it goes up higher killing more bacteria.

That does not mean graphene oxide has anti-bacterial applications!

It just means you should not use toxic graphene oxide, just use silver by itself without sticking it to something toxic!

The good news is that both silver and gold not just their glutathione coating will reduce the toxicity of graphene nanoparticles including graphene hydroxide. Iodine, like oxygen, can bind to and break down anything, and nascent iodine is particularly good at forming iodine-carbon (organified iodine) which will be able to break apart the hexa-carbon ring of graphene hydroxide as well as the carbon rings of all graphene nanoparticles including graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide as well as graphene hydroxide.


It seems at first pass that graphene oxide & reduced graphene oxide are more “razor-blade-like” as they are flat than graphene hydroxide which has a 3-D structure. However, we learn that single sheets of graphene nanoparticles are more hydrophilic and it is interesting that the graphene hydroxide because of the 3D 6 carbon structure perpendicular to the sheet would make it more likely to break apart into individual sheets which are more “sharp” when only one atom thick (~0.1 nm). So Overall, DrNoack’s claim that graphene hydroxide razor blades are in the blood sounds plausible. They are more likely to be single sheets and as single sheets are more likely to be hydrophilic (water liking i.e. more likely to migrate to the blood) than graphene oxide as graphene oxide is more lipophilic and would rather accumulate in fat tissue. I suspect there is both graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide & graphene hydroxide in the jab which are almost like 3 different poisons as their hydrophobicity and thus their distribution and toxicity in different tissues are expected to be different and can every be different depending on circumstance. They can both behave as being hyrophobic and accumulate in fat and if they become single sheets can become hydrophillic and can dissolve in water such as blood so they are expected to have a wide range of biotoxicity. Compounds of such intermediate hydrophobicity can oftentimes penetrate the blood brain barrier so graphene hydroxide I expect to have brain as well as the brain and heart toxicity that DrNoack speaks of.

Regardless, we know the jab is messing with the heart and the interesting thing I wasn’t aware of before writing this article is the the heart toxicity could be being caused by multiple poisons either in addition to or independently of spike related poisoning: graphene oxide could be accumulating IN the heart and graphene hydroxide circulating in the blood causing nano-razor blade cuts acting as a synergistic poison. Uhhh. Terrible. Please don’t get the jab and if you did please start detoxing.

If DrNoack is right then the jab is really hurting men more than women as we lack an easy way to dump large amounts of our blood (no menstrual cycle) as well as post-menopausal women. If you are a woman who got the jab and if you had irregular menstrual flow, like a month of menstrual flow afterwards as some adverse reactions report, then that’s probably a good thing as your body was able to dump out most of the graphene hydroxide poison circulating in the blood, BUT you could still have graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide poisoning in other tissues and still need to detox more.

Overall, I still think the iMedDo detox system is still the best way to detox the jab and that it will also help break down graphene hydroxide in addition to graphene oxide.

But I also think that men & non menstruating women are particularly at risk of the jab for the first 6 months in particular if DrNoack is right and there are nano-razor blades from graphene hydroxide in there.

The best way to make the detox better would be the ancient practice of blood letting (and maybe leeches or let a vampire suck on you! lol) to reduce the blood concentration which sounds very medieval.


It might make perfect sense that the entire coronavirus is a hoax and I think DrNoack’s report if vindicated is a victory for the people who believe that viruses are not real. A virus would not have to be real at all as nano-razor blade hypothesis can account for all of the same symptoms, so if you don’t believe in virus (I’m not sure on the fence) then believing in this graphene hydroxide razor blade hypothesis of DrNoack is for you.

Instead of believing in one poison or the other, I personally believe the jab is a very sophisticated poison slurry. Besides graphene oxide toxicity, I think graphene hydroxide as an additional poison in there (possibly exacerbated by intermediate reduced graphene oxide) is the “Toxin X” additional poison I was looking for. But it might not be the only one.


Because graphene hydroxide has applications for energy storage as a capacitor, it could be for the poisoners a battery system for some other electronic device they are hiding in the jab, and this is the “Toxin-X” my gut says is in there.

It is my believe that colloidal silver & gold will short circuit, destroy and detox any nano-circuitry in there.

However, there are scary advanced “alien” poisoner applications of making silver and gold nano-wires but to do so they would have to protect them with something. Possibly graphene hydroxide or carbon nanotubes to house the nano-wires. That is why it is also important to use iodine in the system in addition to silver and gold so that any carbon shell can be degraded and then the body can keep the silver & gold dispersed in colloidal form which will protect and suppress foreign electrical signals, whereas if the poisoners are allowed to use nano-wires of noble metals like copper, silver & gold then they could try to make nano-circuitry for who knows what nefarious purposes such as tracking, kill switches, emotional control, mind control etc.

Don’t worry my iMedDo system is advanced “alien” detox medicine straight from God. Praise Jesus and Merry Christmas! I didn’t invent iodine, silver or gold but I did invent the system of using the three together in highest quality form and using these three in combination can detox all of the demonic poisons they can throw at us. iMedDo is the rainbow promise of Noah’s Ark rainbow that for those who believe, your cerebrospinal fluid brain will never be destroyed by flood again from blood toxins entering the blood brain barrier and that includes coronavirus and spike poison and graphene poison.

Where do we go from here? My investigation reveals that DrNoacks allegations are indeed plausible enough for civil court, but for me to convict the poisoners in criminal court, we need more independent studies confirming that the graphene nanoparticles are actually in the jab. I suspect they are being hidden inside the dense lipid nanoparticle inside the jab. Once whistle blower DrNoak’s warning of graphene nanoparticles in there, then we need to bring this evidence at a new Nuremberg trial against the poisoners and start stringing them up (hanging them) & start lighting them up with gunfire like a Christmas tree after their guilt is made self-evident. If we do not get the restoration of law and order very soon then this vaccine war will reach a crescendo, and there might come a day where angry parents are blasting pediatricians in the face in the street for poisoning their children. The illegal “legal immunity” for the poisoners must be ended and they must be held accountable for their crimes.


There is a part of me possibly knowledge from a past life or possibly knowledge I obtained through meditation with my third eye that recognizes that we are experiencing what the Norse would call Ragnarok (Vaccine Ragnarok) which is the ending of the world if we do not fight in this “last battle”. If we do not protect the children from the poisoners who wish to poison the entire world then it will be the end of humanity. I’m personally ready to fight and stand by the army of heros that will return to fight at my side at the time of the resurrection of the dead. But there is a druid part of me that recognizes that those heros are already here. An army of healthwarriors has been reincarnated into this generation who are incredibly tougher than the demons realize, and we can withstand any poison, persevere any hardship, we can stand alone as heros or can fight together as an invincible army.

Do you think DrNoack is really dead? Sure he may have been murdered, but I assure you DrNoack is a Druid Dr and his life force will either help from beyond the grave or he will reincarnate stronger later. Regardless, he in a very druid-like fashion has left us a warning from beyond the grave which to me is a rally cry to unite against the nano-razor blade poison. If he is correct then it is war. Even if he is completely wrong, it doesn’t matter as there is definitely something poisonous in that jab and the vaccine war rages on anyway.

The time for heroics though fun has passed, and I hope I earned my name health warrior, but now it’s time we organize to take down evil on a much larger scale as a united army. Stand with me and let’s round up the poisoners. They are not hard to find. Anyone pushing the jab is either evil or willfully ignorant turning a blind eye for profit, but that will not work anymore as the sacred line in the sand has been crossed as the sacrifice of children in violation of the hippocratic oath has reached such a point that mother earth herself will destroy the human race if we do not stand up for ourselves as no species can poison their own children and survive for long.

And on that note! Merry Christmas! Christmas is a very ancient druid holiday of the winter solstice which is a promise of hope that the darkest day is over, and that light and green will return to the world in Easter. Syncretic with Christianity, we now believe baby Jesus will save us from the baby poisoners, and He will, but what do you think adult Jesus would do? Study of the Nag Hammadi indicates that the real Jesus of pre-Roman 200AD Christianity was an Ares, and He would pick up a sword and smite down the poisoners that’s what I think he would do. Forgive them? Sure, I will after they have ended the poisoning and made reparations and penance, but as long as they are unrepentant and actively poisoning children, there is no forgiveness or grace for them, and to poison the baby kings and queens as they are born into this world and growing up is an unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the mother goddess and she is not so forgiving when you poisoner her babies. The Egyptian concept of Hippo Goddess Tower/Turret/Torah/HaThor (Tawaret) you will end up meeting the mother hippopotamus who will respond in kind to a crocodile messing with her baby hippo with the result of a dead crocodile.

“The demons of this age are bad it is true but badder than them I AM says the hippo I AM who slew.” Quote from the Holy Spirit Channeled by DrBenGo from the Minoan Genius



“The problem with vaccinating the entire world is if we mess up the whole world dies.” paraphrased quote from DrNoack


Stick your vaccine booster up your [beep]!

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