Greetings iMedDo Newsletter Subscribers!

I’ve got a lot of important announcements to make in this newsletter so I’ll keep it brief and on point so that you all get the important news.

  1. Lemons to Lemonade: iMedDo Prices are increasing for 2021.
  2. May Madness Sale until end of May ($200/set)
  3. NeuPricing with inflation adjustment goes into effect in June ($300/set)
  4. iMedDo is offering a new Product called NeuElectrum
  5. Become a NeuDistributor for Mad Savings.


  1. I really dislike increasing prices, which is why I have not done it in 4 years! However, because of inflation, increased commodity and manufacturing costs and other events surrounding 2020 in particular with increasing prices from inflation expected to continue for the rest of 2021 and beyond, I could not longer delay to increase prices as upon doing the calculations, I was selling to my distributors with the highest discounts at a loss. I still remember only a few years ago when I could ship products for $4 and now it costs $8 for the same level of service. Prices have doubled and the price of the iMedDo detox supplements have to double to reflect reality. Inflation is a hidden tax and anyone using Federal Reserve Notes i.e. the US Dollar is having their savings destroyed by nonstop money printing, and the USA seems on the brink of hyperinflation.

I was price shocked when I recalculated my manufacturing costs end of April, as the prices for everything has increased drastically, and I have been rather upset for the last two weeks as I’ve scrambling to notify all my distributors of the changes, update my prices on Etsy (I don’t even known how to change prices on my Bitcoin site lol), and to get this May newsletter out as quickly as possible to let everyone know about the May Madness Sale.


I had to emergency increase prices of iMedDo Detox System from $150/set to $200/set and the price is going up to $300/set starting in June, 2021. For the rest of May (midnight May 31st) you can get iMedDo Detox for $200/set which is the May Madness Sale Price which is your final chance to get the products at a lower price before the inflation adjusted price doubling sets in.

NOTICE: May Madness Sale Prices are $200/set which ~$50/50/100 NS/NI/NG multi-bottle price with free shipping or ~$55,55,$110 individual bottle prices + $8 shipping on individual bottles i.e. $63,63,118.

Etsy Prices till End of May listed below: for fiat/USD/FRNs
Set Prices: All include free shipping ($8 value)
NS/NI/NG all 3 for $200 *Recommended!
NS/NI set of 2 for $100
NS/NG set of 2 for $150
NI/NG set of 2 for $150

Individual Bottle Prices ($8 shipping already added)
NS for $63
NI for $63
NG for $118


NOTICE: Retail Prices starting in June will be $300/set which $75/75/150 NS/NI/NG multi-bottle price or $82.5,82.5,$165 individual bottle prices +$8 shipping so ~$90.5,90.5,173 NS/NI/NG.

Etsy Prices June 1st & Beyond listed below: for fiat/USD/FRNs
Set Prices: All include free shipping ($8 value)
NS/NI/NG all 3 for $300
NS/NI set of 2 for $150
NS/NG set of 2 for $225
NI/NG set of 2 for $225

Individual Bottle Prices ($8 shipping already added)
NS for $91
NI for $91
NG for $173


Because the prices of silver and gold have risen so much from inflation, to help ease the burden for customers who don’t have $300 to buy a set if they need more time to get it, rather than let them go without I’ve decided to create a new product called NeuElectrum which is a 3 month instead of a 1 year supply of silver & gold which will allow people get the system at the $200 price point for June and beyond.

NeuElectrum is NeuSilver & NeuGold bottled in the same bottle (1 bottle instead of 2!) at 25% strength where the usage instructions are to use it 4 drops a day.
*Taking 4 drops of NeuElectrum is exactly the same as taking 1 drop of NeuSilver & 1 drop of NeuGold.

NOTICE: Starting June 1st when prices go to $300/set NS/NI/NG NeuSilver, NeuIodine, NeuGold, there is a new alternative available which is to get a NeuIodine & a NeuElectrum for $200/modifed set NI/NE.

The difference is instead of a 1 year supply of silver & gold in two different bottles (NeuSilver & NeuGold in 2 bottles) in NeuElectrum you get a 3 month supply of silver & gold (NeuElectrum in 1 bottle).

If you do the math it’s a better deal to get the set with the NeuSilver & NeuGold 1 year supply

but for convenience & lower price point getting NeuElectrum 3 month supply of silver & gold for many people will be a useful option which they will now have available.

For June & beyond in 2021:

Traditional Set: $300/set
NeuIodine (1 year supply for men or 6 month supply for women). ~$75
NeuSilver (1 year supply men or women at maintenance dosage 1 drop a day) ~$75
NeuGold (1 year supply men or women at maintenance dosage 1 drop a day) ~150

Alternative Set: $200/modified set
NeuIodine (1 year supply for men or 6 month supply for women). ~$75
NeuElectrum (3 month supply Silver & Gold when used maintenance 4 drops a day). ~125

So instead of getting 3 bottles with longer supply of silver and gold for $300, customers will now have the option to get 2 bottles with a shorter supply of silver and gold for $200. The NeuIodine is the same, either way

It is my hope that all of you are economically successful in 2021 and can afford the $300/set no problem as it is a better deal, but I’m proud to have this new option with NeuElectrum available for those of you who prefer to order a modified set with a lower time amount of silver and gold.

Individual bottles of NeuElectrum will be ~$140*. or $148 after $8 shipping added on for single bottle orders. (Like always you get a big discount built in when ordering the set or now modified set when you get NeuIodine & NeuElectrum together or pay extra when ordering single bottles). *exact price of NeuElectrum subject to change and will be announced in June when NeuElectrum becomes available.

*Since both NeuSilver & NeuGold are fully FDA compliant, combining NeuSilver and NeuGold into a new product NeuElectrum is also fully FDA compliant. It’s just NeuSilver & NeuGold mixed together in same bottle at 25% strength with usage instructions 4 drops a day i.e. 100% strength where 4 drops of NeuElectrum equals the same as 1 drop NeuSilver +1 drop NeuGold. The difference is that NeuElectrum is a 3 month’s supply of silver and gold whereas if you use NeuSilver & NeuGold then you have a 1 years supply of silver and gold. NeuElectrum provides a convenient and economically lower price point way for people to get highest quality colloidal silver & gold which will help those who cannot do $300/set (NI+NS+NG) to get a modifed set at $200/set (NI +NE).

Special Thanks to Shari-Grace Goins my darling dear wife for the beautiful graphic design on the NeuElectrum logo on short notice. I asked her to combine the NeuSilver & NeuGold logo with an infinity sign to get across the point that NeuElectrum is Silver + Gold in one bottle and I think she really nailed it. It’s beautiful. The infinity sign to me is a representation of the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy both spirals spinning beside one enother as they combine & share energy to form the “Milkomeda” galaxy in the future, and eternal symbol of both change and permanance. In the same way iMedDo is not willing to accept less quality and NeuElectrum is the same highest quality as NeuSilver & NeuGold it’s just a shorter time supply of both combined in a single bottle.

One of the frequently asked questions that people always ask me is “Is it okay to combine NeuSilver & NeuGold?” Yes it is! You should be doing that as you should be taking 1 drop of NeuSilver and 1 drop of NeuGold per day and you can definitely mix them in water, tea or most water based drinks (I don’t put them in coffee unless I want a laxative). NeuElectrum should make it perfectly clear now that yes you can mix NeuSilver & NeuGold and now you can even get them already mixed for you in a single bottle which will allow some added convenience as they can more closely control sub-drop amounts:

1 drop NE = 0.25 drop NS + 0.25 drop NG,

2 drop NE = 0.5 drop NS + 0.5 drop NG

3 drop NE = 0.75 drop NS +0.75 drop NG

4 drop NE (recommended daily usage) = 1 drop NS + 1 drop NG

For higher dosages of silver & gold better to buy NeuSilver & NeuGold as individual bottles, but for lower subdrop amounts NeuElectrum will offer new ease of usage which some people will find convenient [I’m not allowed to say why [pets & children]] insert FDA disclaimer as if said verbatim =). This is only sold as a health supplement not as a drug, you guys know the drill. If not recommend you read the Guide ebook Chapter 1 on the Health Supplement Mindset located at my Bitcoin SV website I have no idea how to change the prices on there. So initially while I get tech support on the line I’m going to offer a discount for using Bitcoin SV to purchase the supplements till end of June at least. For fiat purchases go to Etsy shop at instead. If you need to schedule to talk to me use and thankyou all for reading my newsletters, you can find old ones also archived at


What is the BEST DEAL to get the iMedDo Ultimate Fluoride & Heavy Metal Detox System?

The BEST deal is to become a NeuDistributor.

How do I become a NeuDistributor?

Contact me so I can talk to you (optional)

Buy starting 5 sets at 25% off retail and then you are locked in to re-order at 40% off retail.

If you already know you want to become a NeuDistributor you can order the starte 5 pack on Etsy. Get it during the May Madness Sale for the best savings. ($750 starter 5 sets i.e. 25% off $200/set).

In June and beyond in 2021, you can still become a NeuDistributor for $750 but you will receive modifed sets NI/NE or for $1050 for the traditional sets NI/NS/NG.

Either way as a Neudistributor you are getting 25% off your initial 5 set inventory and then you now get the best deal of being able to order iMedDo products at 40% off.

Contact your local iMedDo Legacy Distributor or contact me directly to talk about becoming an iMedDo NeuDistributor in 2021 so that you can bless those around you with these wonderful products.

iMedDo Becoming a “Church”

I’m in the process of setting up iMedDo unincorporated as a self-supporting ministry so customers & distributors will be able to get a tax write off for purchasing/donating to iMedDo when you buy/donate in exchange for iMedDo products. I’m shooting to have the paperwork done by June but I’ll announce it as soon as available just want to give you my dear readers a heads up to where I’m heading. I’ve been this for a long time I just didn’t know what to call it but now that I do there will be exciting opportunities in the future for those who do business with me i.e. make donations to may private charity. I”m tired of Bill Gates getting all the tax advantages of being a bioterrorist philanthropist and if you didn’t hear, he and Melinda Gates are getting a divorce which is excellent news as hopefully their Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation charity the source of all evil (spend 2 billion on the covaids scamdemics for example) will be ripped in half on its way to destruction and better charities will take its place. Happy to fill the void.

A church “branch” is just a branch of the great Milky Way World Tree/Christmas Tree in the Sky, and when you use or sell iMedDo products we are all becoming more aware of our inter-connectedness with the universe. We are all children of the same universe the Milky Way and love is all there is!


DrBenGo Healthwarrior

Priest of Love is All there is.

iMedDo Unincorporated (Self-Supported Ministry/Church/Private Religious Organization).


DOGE coin recently surged to now be the #4 top crypto! If you haven’t seen it check out this doge coin rap song which is funny but describes inflation very well. I can’t get it out of my head.


If you want to buy iMedDo detox with DOGE crypto or other just contact me to talk or message me on Twetch (@169) or Telegram (DrBenGo). I have a lot of exclusive content on the BitCoin version of Twitter (better than Twitter and FB too) so follow me user@169. You need an invite link to use Twetch, here is mine:


DOGE fans, check out Nate, the artist who made a token of my cat, Twetch user @25090 he just created some new Cool DOGE Original Art BSV here:

LINK: (You need BSV to buy the art token and a wallet to hold it).