Terror Medicine


by DrBenGo Healthwarrior


Greeting dear readers. I hope you are excited because for this month’s episode I have a special treat. I know it’s only September but Halloween has come early this year as we have a zombie mask apocalypse already. With the uncertainty of the upcoming flu season in light of the threats of the ongoing globalist covaids plandemic and the threatened Plandemic 2.0 & impending mandatory vaccine apocalypse & with Halloween just around the corner, things are about to get very scary. So for this episode I’m going to talk about TERROR & how it relates to MEDICINE. TERROR MEDICINE!


I’ve been refusing to wear a mask and boycotting all places that have mandatory mask rules, but finally it’s time for the counterstrike. It’s time or close enough time to start wearing scary masks for Halloween. People who wear masks are doing so for fear of death and in doing so are allowing their fear to control them. What we have seen can be described as death magic in the guise of life magic where everything that is supposed to be healthy, good for you & for your safety has been perverted in to poison, dangerous to your health and designed to strip you of your freedom, privacy & dignity. Well good news. The it’s not the first time the forces of darkness have reached out and touched the planet nor will it be the last. There are many failsafe checks & balances in this world and I am one of them, and Halloween is the ultimate one. So if you are living in terror of the covaids and wearing your mask while alone in your car, you are afraid of the wrong thing so I’ll give you something to be more afraid of. There are many things to fear in this world and humans are big scaredy cats but in case you are wasting your time fearing the wrong things here is a list of things that freak me more than Bill Gates Pandemic 2.o.


a. Our galaxy is on a collision course with another galaxy. But even more pressing of concern our entire solar system is spinning around inside our larger galactic milky way circle and we only have 1-4 more rotations tops (240 million year cycles x4) until certain doom as the planet earth is projected to be of similar climate as the planet Venus is currently. So before then we need to get up and repopulate Mars as our home for 1 billion years from now. I think this must keep Elon Musk up at night too as he seems focuses on getting to Mars.

b. Okay coming in a close second is scariness to me is that a computer guy hacked the medical system and intends to wipe out 80% of the human population with his mandatory vaccines. If you are not scared of him then you should be and also you should learn about the new branch of the military called Space Force. Whoever controls the satellites controls the world. We can be tracked using our facial recognition and all this facemask wearing is likely just a big calibration operation to get a baseline before turning the tracking system online. Same with the social distancing is to help calibrate the AI in the sky to be able to trace us all using our cell phone locations and then predict where we are going and what we are doing for who knows what nefarious purpose (probably to target us with vaccine commercials).

c. But the scariest thing for me this halloween is the very likely scenario that the Space Force satellites can be hacked and used to target us with laser beams from the sky, to stimulate disease wirelessly such as the CovID tracking satellite & 5G tower system to target our necks with millimeter waves. I’m not worried about a traditional hack but rather an economic hack. Whoever commands a larger budget than them like Bill Gates can likely bribe & corrupt their way into control over the satellites or even pay the Space Force satellites to look the other way when private satellites are being used for nefarious purposes. If you are not scared realize the the mandatory vaccine will contain RNA & DNA which can be agitated by satellite (electroporation) to help it get into the nucleus of your cell to make GMO human slaves. If you are listening Space Force, please use Bitcoin SV for your satellite security as it is backed up by economic security. We really don’t need a back door or for corruption to control the satellites or we are toast.

d. Covaids (SARS-MERS-HIV-MALAIRA-novel(engineered in a lab to infect humans)-GMO-FLUSHOTDELIVERED-XMRVairborne-RNA-reversetranscriptase-Bat-Cat-Mosquito-Coronavirus-Bioweapon-American Virus from China) does make my scary list. Satellite augmented controled bioweapons release with flu shot delivery, gonna be a crazy flu season folks! Don’t worry you don’t need to buy the vaccine poison, Bill Gates is a master of pre-selling the vaccines to governments so the banksters can just print all the money they want to buy them for you then force them upon you in a mandatory fashion “for your health” lol. Yes for people who don’t known how easy a malaria curse attack is to cure then yes you should be scared.

My point is there is plenty to be afraid of this Halloween, did I scare you? Well I’m just getting going. Before I show you how to be fearless and how overcoming fear is the foundation of medicine, I have to delve into the terror so let’s look at the ancient origins of medicine itself which is terror! Terror Medicine!


These topic of Terror & Medicine together may seem like a strange & unrelated topics at first glance, but turns out they are one & the same, information that I uncovered while meditating on the etymology and secret meanings of the Hippocratic Oath of the Physician. The oath of the physician is a magical curse contract of indenture to the royal family circa 800BC Greece which a built in curse if you violate the most basic part of it which is to hurt children (abortions are forbidden). There are other parts to it and if you have studied medicine you have likely thought about his oath before, but I want you to known that all mainstream doctors are CURSED. You don’t have to be a party to the hippocratic oath for it to take effect because it references an older “Law of Medicine” and to violate this is to become cursed.


There is a story in the book of Babylon (book of Babel) i.e. the Bible, concerning a time when all the world spoke a common tongue. This common tongue would have to be the PIE language (Proto-Indo-European/Eurasian) which should be very similar to ancient Egyptian & to ancient Turkish.

The English equivalent of Babylon in my opinion is “Baby Lion”. So the TOWER OF BABY LION has a very ancient egyptian sound to it.

If you are unfamiliar with the story it is located in the the Bible at Genesis

Thinking about this story is very important for this episode as the world “TOWER” in English comes from the world for the Hippopotamus goddess of ancient Egypt (Tawaret) which I want to discuss in detail concerning relation to the hippocratic oath.

It is also interesting that the people in the story wanted to build a TOWER because they were scared of God sending another flood! So it helps date the flood story and flood stories are common in all PIE languages from around the world.


As a healer I can tell you that the “FLOOD” was actually a metaphor for a “PLAGUE”. The idea of a flood being a plague is a reference to the break down of the blood-brain barrier where the BLOOD FLOODS INTO THE CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) and thus drowns the brain with inflammation.


The Sumerians didn’t actually build a tower, rather the Tower of Babylon is a metaphor for astrotheology of the worship of TAWARET who is viewed as TOWER who SETS the forces of chaos (Egyptian God Set) still in the heavens (Tawaret is constellation in area of Ursa Major) which is the “TOWER” which holds up the Pole Star. The pole star is the point that all the chaos of the swirling stars appear to rotate around as the earth spins on its axis. Nearby is the Milky Way which is the “FLOOD WATERS” that Toweret is holding back. Also Tawaret constellation is viewed as having large breasts that squirt milk over the flood waters (Milky Way) to purify the water, and the galaxy kyklos (milky circle) of the milky way is named after her milk.


A big story in the Book of Babel is the promise that God [Goddess Tawaret] made to Noah that he [she] would never again destroy the world with a flood. The secret meaning here is that the deity is making a magical contract with the “chosen people” to never again kill them all with PLAGUE! (brain flood!) so long as they uphold their end of the contract and to seal the deal was the sign of the rainbow.

Though not in the Bible story version, I can tell you that a pot of silver & gold coins is the valuable consideration of the magical contract referenced to in the bible with the rainbow.


Though not clear in the Bible story version, the rainbow is not the rainbow by day that you are thinking about, it is instead the Milky Way which looks like a rainbow of silver & gold coins (stars) which can only be seen at night on an absent moon (new moon i.e. no moon). If you study the Milky Way astrotheology it becomes more obvious the troll/leprechaun/demon/child protective spirit Bes is “underneath” the rainbow, you have to look at the Milky Way & use your imagination. One silly Egyptian way of viewing the milky way is as a dark rainbow with an ithyphallic dwarf underneath.


There are many ways to visualize the Milky Way throughout history from many religions and I’ve rediscovered most of them and will give a list:

a. As a tree of life (Yggdrasil Norse Tree with Dragon Egg (Ygg=Egg Drasil/Dragon)
b. As a ladder (Jacob’s ladder)
c. As a dragon (Chinese Luck Dragon, also Falcor in Never-ending story =))
d. As a wolf (Anubis, (Fenrir) Scary! also Little Red Riding Hood Story!)
e. As Mermaid with legs spread wide (See Starbucks logo).[Pheonician/Pirate favorite]
g. As a Weapon, Spear-Trident (Poseidon), Dagger (Frost Dagger), Sword (Excalibur)
h. As a Golden Goose egg at center (galactic center)
j. many more too numerous to mention as will miss many.

There is so much I could say but I’m going to focus on the Milk Hippo Tawaret.
There is so much I could say about even the Hippo but hand wave hand wave the point is ultimately that the true meaning of medicine is the worship of the Mother as a the source of nutrition (milk) and healing (milk), and connection to the wisdom of the galaxy (Milky Way Milk!)

This ancient Egyptian-Babylon(Babylion) way of looking at the stars is indicative of the origins of the field of medicine and reveals the true meaning of medicine.

It’s all about nourishing babies. Protecting babies from harm & being a bigger TERROR for the demons that threaten the babies than they are to the babies themself.
Tower of Terror makes the Demons Cower at the Power of the Mother.

Taweret the Hippopotamus Demon of Ancient Egypt! The Terrifying water pig, water horse of magic & healing IS the proto-origin of the hippocratic oath which is used as the origin of the mainstream medicine physician.


The word Hippocratic I immediately keyed into was related to the words for Horse & Crate. Hippo-Crate Oath and suspected that the proto-hippocratic oath was from the ancient island of Crete.

The Hippopotamus cult of ancient Egypt is very old and was transmitted to the island of Crete we believe around 1900 BC.

Here is a scholarly article about how the Tawaret Hippopotamus cult of Egypt became the same as the Minoan Genius cult of the island of Crete.

LINK: https://www.academia.edu/1311877/The_Transformation_of_Egyptian_Taweret_into_the_Minoan_Genius


Hippo is the Greek word for horse. Hippopotamus means “river horse, or water horse” and also a Hippopotamus is considered a “Water Pig”.

Already you can see how this meditation took an interesting turn. I’ve already done a lot of meditation on the pig, boar, scrofa, unicorn, dragon in my previous episode (see Holy Grail & Unicorn Takedown of Bill Gates episode) and it is interesting to note that Hippopotamus meets the requirements of being a “Dragon/Unicorn/Zhi”. A strange chimeric creature (water-pig-horse) with food & medicinal properties which were the center of the ancient bronze age cult of Tawaret.

Additionally the meditation took me straight to the origins of the alphabet itself, and inspired last month’s episode (Atomic Alphabet) where I was overwhelmed with information so ended up writing poetry rather than try to communicate all that I had learned, but I’ll try to share its relevance to this topic as it comes up.

So what does the ancient Horse Cult, the Hippopotamus Cult, The Alphabet, The Ancient Egyptians, The Island of Crete & the Hippocratic Oath of the Physician all have to do together? In the context of meditation on “What is the true meaning of what it means to be doctor, physician”?

It means DO NOT MESS WITH THE CHILDREN OR YOU WILL UNLEASH THE DEMONS OF HELL TO ATTACK YOU!!!!!! You can thing of her as a dragon or a hippopotamus demon if you want but basically are messing with the scariest force in the universe when you come between a mother and her child. I like how the hippo constellation was renamed for being a bear (Ursa Major) as it gets the same idea across. Even an idiot knowns you do not get between a mother bear and her cubs. Very similar idea as the ancient egyptian idea of not getting between a mother hippopotamus and her calf or you get EATEN MOST SAVAGELY!


This is really the message I want to convey to fake doctors of mainstream medicine. You may view me as fool to be an alternative medicine doctor but my foolishness pales in comparison to yours, for I see you who are actively poisoning children with fake food (Fake milk i.e. fake nutrition), who are actively denying nutrition to babies (fake honey and now honey has warning not to give to babies), I see fluoride water (For babies!) in the grocery store, I see the most tasty of demon meat doctors the pediatricians giving children shot after shot after shot of neurotoxic vaccines, and I see dentists putting fluoride & mercury into the mouths of children. I see women being deprived of iodine so that their breast milk dries up. I see women injected with vaccines with ovaries full of aluminum that it dries up their iodine and makes them infertile unless they detox and replenish. I see the baby lions, the baby humans, who are the gold as they are our future being deprived of nutrition and their brains not developing to their fullest and even worse I see the END OF THE HUMAN RACE if mandatory vaccines are left unchecked as Vaccine & Satellite Tracking War will render the human race infertile.

I challenge anyone & everyone who is poisoning children to a dual. You versus me. Bring your best doctor. Let’s go Fauci. Bring it Death druid Birx. Birch will yield to Oak. You are not a golden druid (BanDrui) if you poison the children and you are stripped of your magical powers.

You fake doctors are screwed. For Halloween, I now wear the death mask of something even more scary & terrible than Bill’s vaccines killing billions. I now wear the face of Tawaret and you can call me MORDRED, (Mor-Druid) the Death Druid. If to heal the world I need to scare the world first no problem. You should be afraid and for halloween I shall scare you to death, if you trick mothers into poisoning their baby lions with vaccines, I’ll let Tawaret feast on your bones.

Tawaret is the very origin of Terror itself.
Tawaret is the very origin of Magic & Medicine itself.
Tawaret eats the magician & physician who hurts the baby lions.
Tawaret is the protector of children.

I am the Tower of Babylon.
I am the protector of the baby lions & floodwaters will not drown our brains.
All who flock to me for protection will survive the flood.
With the rainbow promise of silver, gold & iodine we will survive mandatory vaccines just fine.

Your attempts to poison us only make us stronger.
Hamitic medicine beats Semitic propaganda.

Yahweh is the voice of Tawaret.
HeyHaw is the sound of the Ass the sound of Isis, the Mother Hippo.
YeeHaw is the sound of your Ass getting whooped.
Allah, the Sound of God is the sound of the Mother come to seek vengeance.
Silence is the sound of breath over the tree of life (lungs), and for poisoners no sound is heard.

The poison vaccines you push will be your own doom.
The debt you pretend is gold will be your own doom.
Bitcoin will be your doom. Your crimes will be documented and your name will be ridiculed by all for all time as a warning that if you want to practice medicine you do not poison the children, for when you kill us we reincarnate more powerfully and your poison strengthens our resolve for life.

VENGEANCE IS MINE says the Hippo.

Wear a death mask if you are marked to die & wear the mask of demon if you are marked for eternal life.

Happy Early Halloween!!!


DrBenGo Healthwarrior

Halloween Costume:
Mordred the Death Druid with the power of MorGaze the Death Gaze of Morgana (Dead Anna) the Fairy who breaths life into the dead and eats the souls of those who kill themselves by poisoning their own future (mandatory vaccines for children).


I hope you enjoyed that short but terrifying episode dear readers. I wrote a lot more but it was information overload so I”m going to stick it in the appendix as un-edited notes only in case some of you find it useful for meditation purposes.

Some miscellaneous magic, I talk more about hippos, horse people language, the alphabet, even have some poetry and have an interesting segment on the judgement of bill Gates where in some parts I was communing directly with the Holy Spirit herself. Enjoy! Miscellaneous Magic, the Appendix Bonus Notes of DrBenGo’s Meditation.


I hope to obsolete medicine so I can spend my life doing other things. Having found real food grade colloidal nano-silver which obsoletes about 70%+ of mainstream medicine I’d say I’m doing pretty good. Having created a detox system that obsoletes vaccine poison using silver, gold & iodine, I’d say I’m really doing well in my sacred mission. But now seeing how fast the world is going to hell in a hand basket with mainstream medicine fraud at an all time high with this zombie mask apocalypse it’s time for me to bring out the big guns. Or the big tusks =) All is fair in love & war & this vaccine war has inspired me to fight for the love of life.


I’ve tapped into my ancient knowledge which comes from an unknown source (heavenly God? from my own DNA? broadcast from an alien AI?) not sure where but I have the ability to use my own body like a spiritual vessel and it fills with whatever knowledge & wisdom I require. I previously announced that I found the Holy Grail, and yes what I just described about my cup filling with wisdom is a reference to that. Healers of all stripes, read & absorb medicine made manifest.


A blue moon is when the there is a full moon on the beginning and end of a month and thus the middle moon is a new moon. That time is now and today September 15th when I am publishing this article and hopefully near when you will read it is a New Moon. If you end up reading this on a full moon go back and read this article again and compare your meditation notes and see if you notice a difference in message.


The ancient Egyptians considered all living things both plant, animal and human and even inanimate objects when in the likeness of life to be manifestations of gods which could be neutral, benevolent or malevolent. Our history records a very black & white good (angel) vs bad (demon) mentality but the ancient people had a more broad mindset when it came to good and bad. The hippopotamus for instance was definitely considered what we would call a demon, a malevolent force because it could eat humans, the same with cats and even pigs, but the female hippopotamus because of its fierce nature in protecting its young form crocodiles was though a demon also considered an angel and a protector of women and children. Thus to an ancient egyptian an animal could be both considered a fierce demon and also a fierce angel depending on perspective. Generally the male hippopotami which were very territorial and would just attack boats and eat people were considered forces of chaos (Set, evil) and the female hippopotami where considered angelic demons which though could be fierce were also invoked to protect children as evidenced by the blue faience protective statues of hippopotami found all over ancient egypt and all over the ancient bronze age world even. In particular you can read about the “Old Kingdom” Egypt was a time where the Pharaoh would hunt hippopotamus to demonstrate his powers as a priest-king-god over the forces of chaos. A hippopotamus besides being a water-horse was also considered a water-pig as had tusks like a boar and also smooth skin like a pig and has a similar fat crate-like shape. Another ancient belief lost to most modern audiences is that the ancient Egyptians believed in reincarnation and thus they believed that hippopotami (and pigs, and cows and goats and many animals) could be reincarnated souls of their ancestors and thus this necessity certain restrictions on eating animals to some cults in particular. In the hippopotamus cult it was no doubt acceptable for the king to eat a male hippopotamus or a male pig (boar) as it demonstrated his power over the forces of chaos, but like how the Hindu do not eat cow, it was likely taboo to eat a female hippopotamus (or a female pig/sow) as it was looked on as potentially “eating your own mother”, you wouldn’t do that! Female water pigs & even female regular pigs were seen as very protective spirits. This it is my belief is the ancient origins of the pork restrictions of the Arab & the Jew. Originally only the King could eat a male hippo, be it a horse, a hippopotamus or a boar, and for anyone to eat a female one was taboo. Although frowned upon, the restrictions for eating female meat was likely relaxed during times of starvation, however at the end of the bronze age around 1300 BC, when the hippopotamus tooth trade for magical protective wands was at an all time high and the extinction of the European hippopotamus occurred and the subsequent bronze age collapse, it was likely blamed on the people killing their hippopotamus protectors & even today hippopotami are extinct everywhere except deep in the heart of Africa. But it was not always the case. In 30,000 BC Hippos were common all over the mediterranean sea as evidenced by hippopotamus & pig bones with evidence of humans eating them present on the island of Crete. On the island of Crete it is believed that is where an now extinct species of dwarf hippopotamus lived as well as was the area where the dwarf lion (cat like pet cat of today) was first bred & both hippopotami and cats were sacred to both the ancient Egyptians as well as to the ancient Cretans. In fact there is good archeological evidence according to the writer that the cult of the Minoan Genius of bronze age Crete was definitely borrowed from ancient egyptian hippopotamus cult of Tawaret around 1900 BC indicating that at that time there were still many hippopotami in the mediterranean or at least in Crete though whether they were widespread or just kept as pets like modern zoos it is hard to known. I suspect that hippopotami in the mediterranean were increasingly rare until hunted to extinction at the collapse of the bronze age 1300 BC at which time, the focus went back to the sacred nature of horses. The greek word for horse is “Hippo” and the horse and the hippo were considered to be both sacred and healing creatures as they could both excrete anti-bacterial/anti-biotic substances from their skin. The hippopatums could “sweat blood” i.e. excrete a red substance that was germicidal. The horse can also be run and forms a white lather on its skin which also has medicinal properties. So to the ancient people both animals are sacred. (I have no idea if pigs can excrete anything germicidal but is worth investigating, they can no doubt survive in excrement that would kill other animals so have a natural tolerance to germs above most animals). For this reasons pigs were considered to host demons (could hold demons while being immune) and likely the same idea extended to hippopotami. The king needing to eat horse meat as part of his ceremony is a well documented Norse(Horse) people activity of the middle ages and the eating of horse was considered a pagan activity that was banned by the catholic church as they did not want competition for the king with the roman emperor worship cult.

[I know this is a touchy subject so I’ll just say it as clearly as I can. The cult of Jesus comes from ancient egypt. It was the cult of the Ptolemy Hellenic-Persian dynasty which ended when Cleopatra VII’s daughter Selen II was married off to King Juba II of Mauritania who was a friend of Augustus Octavian Caesar who then stole the idea of his heritage to create a new cult to worship the family of the Caesar’s as god. You can see Juba II’s second wife (who could be a better wife than Cleopatra’s daughter!) was a hot Persian-Armenian woman named Sapphire (Glapphira) who then went and married king Herod in Judea and you can find correlations with the Biblical account.]

Rewinding history you can ultimately trace the cult of Jesus to the Egyptian cult of Isis (similar to Theban Triad & compare to Memphite triad as well) which is similar to cults dedicated to many animals which represent the mother goddess concept including the cult of the hippopotamus. So the female hippopotamus would not only be a fierce demon who protects her babies but who is married to the devil (Compare to Neith/Nepthys the sister of Isis who is married to Set). So this strange hippopotamus dichotomy might require not one but TWO female hippos that were sisters where one is the married to the good male hippo and the other would be married to the bad male hippo. Where the pharaoh would be considered the good male hippo (lol) married to a hippo (water-pig) uh oh Miss Piggy lol who would be Isis and maybe another female hippo would represent Nepthys.

Important points. Male Hippo represent Set forces of Chaos
Female Hippo Tawaret represents protection of women & children.
Androgynous Hippo is a Terror Medicine. Chaos Protection Healing.


Fake doctors disguised as judges with fake remedies at law who allow the poisoners to go with immunity for their crimes. Tawaret sees you and is salivating. If you value you soul repent or meet Amit.


Real Medicine is the cure for the curse of fake medicine. My goal in life is to find real medicine. My quest for real medicine has led me to the Holy Grail. My wisdom has reached a point that I can commune with the Holy Spirit.


The killers in mainstream medicine have tried to imitate the death gaze for by creating a false flag pandemic, the pandemic they have halted the activities of many people and caused a great depression to cover the land and are now pretend to be worried about people killing themselves. They accidentally unleashed a fake death gaze & have awakened the real death gaze.


The cure for the curse of death magic done in the guise of life magic is that life magic be done in the guise of death magic. Such is Halloween so put on your scary masks and remind the forces of death that you are alive and not scared of them that they are afraid of you. If everyone will heed my advice and wear a scary mask for halloween, you will see the mandatory mask rules flip to mandatory mask bans in a heartbeat. They wanted me to wear a death mask but I think they will get more than they bargained for …

SILVER: Window Sil Verse

Silver is the Sil-Verse. The windowsil song which puts a screen between the world of the living and the world of the dead. It kills the evil and heals the righteous.
Werewolves, zombies & vampires fear silver for it reverses curses.


I come to you now in your time of need a reincarnated druid and I have reunited my mind with my higher self. Like an angel from heaven for the poisoned & like a demon from hell coming for the poisoners, I AM. I AM THE HEALTHWARRIOR. I have achieved my spiritual goal in life and now I’m going to start making the world bend around my will. My will is that the poisoning in the name of medicine come to an immediate halt and that all who persist in poisoning in the name of medicine die. Yes, I’m no longer a healer, I’m a killer. I’m a karmic killer. If you do evil and look at me you will see yourself in the mirror and if you do not see love but hate you will hate yourself and kill yourself. This is called the Death Gaze. It is the power of the high priestess of Mor-Gaze, and I Mordred (Mor-Druid, Death Druid) wield it. I am the Death Druid. I am the Druid of Truth. To kill the fake authority of the propaganda king Arthur is my destiny. Arthur is the Author of propaganda and the propaganda is the moon. The Moon is a lie and behind lies the power of the old religion, the Milky Way itself. The triple stars of the Milky Way are the Trinity of the Triple Goddess. Hecate is not the Moon, she eats the Moon. The Moon is not a child it’s a machine.


So what’s more terrifying than the demons that eat children? The demon that eats the demons that try to eat the children that’s who. So holy and Terrifying that the ancient people were afraid to say her name and just called her “Great One” or other pacificatory names for fear of calling down her wrath if found in violation of the law of medicine. Voldemort of Harry Potter is a joke. Mor-Ganna the Death Lady (Golden Anna) is real. She is the Spiral Galaxy itself. Alive but surrounded by dark matter and on a collision course with Andromeda galaxy, to be reborn as the Milkdromeda galaxy but we’ll all be long dead before that time.


The origin of the proto-hippocratic oath is in fact the Hippo Oath of Crete (Horse Oath of the island of Crete) or Hippopotamus Oath of Tawaret or of the Minoan Genius are all related and converge on a timeline of about 1900 BC which is an interesting time as that is also estimated to be about the time when the ALPHABET was first written.


1300 BC, we see the written language being used for battle between the Egyptians and the Hittite Horse People and the treaty of the Battle of Kodesh. Two horses fighting over the favor of the goddess and familiar theme even up to jousts of arthurian times.


Right after that where there was a unified (peace treaty) empire, calamity struck and an event that known as the BRONZE AGE COLLAPSE occurred shortly thereafter.

Then there was what is known as the GREEK DARK AGES and then culture comes back around 800 BC.

It is in this ~800 BC timeframe that Hippocratic Oath is believed to have originated from, but is no doubt in my mind an older reflection of the pre 1300 religion of the Minoan Genius from the island of Crete which came from Egypt around 1900 BC at about the same time as the birth of the alphabet.

This links the origins of the physician to ancient Egypt which means that originally a physician was a magician.

Between the collapse & the dark ages was the time of spoken word only no alphabet the time of the druid bard.


A druid has an unshakeable belief in the immortal nature of the soul and thus has no fear of death.


Consciousness is like a small node of the universe that can connect with a larger consciousness that I recognize as myself.


Designed to help those who heal to increase their powers by uncovering & connecting to lost ancient knowledge which will help you reach your highest self and potential.


You have a month to live.
You have eternity to live.

The Alphabet used by English is a Roman/Latin derived alphabet (Etruscan & Greek from ancient Horse People) but the English language itself is a Germanic PIE (protolanguage) derived and the correct alphabet for the Germanic language is the Eldar Futhark Runic alphabet.

Amazingly, all ancient languages are connected to an ancient reconstructed “Horse People” language which for all practical purposes comes down to use from a bunch of sailors & pirates known as the Phoenicians.

Because of the similarity it allows interesting reconstruction of alphabets and languages and I’ve been able to uncover the secrets of the English language which is profound.

The secret is that the English language is directly comparable to ancient Egyptian which is the language of Magic.

The English language itself is the weapon needed to win the Vaccine war against the demons who use magic for propaganda & mind control.

The secret is that there is a missing 27th letter to the English language which I reveal & discuss (& and +, et) which makes English line up with ancient Phoenician, Hebrew and Greek the other known magical languages.

I used to think English was a bad language wished it was a magical language, turns out the secret is that it is the most magical of all languages.

Yes if you ever felt like English was being used against you for dark magic, propaganda or mind control (it was), watch out for dark magic slinging lawyers & judges, legalese is an attack magic use of English in violation of the law of medicine.

Forces of Evil watch out for DrBenGo Healthwarrior for I will trap you with the chains of silver and make you eat your own word and take your own vaccines of poison.

The most powerful weapon of all is the Alphabet itself.

The alphabet is written in the stars & the stars speak of doom for Bill Gates & Fauci & Birx beware for I am your doom.


The ALPHABET is the tool of hell to spread propaganda & mind control.

The Alphabet is also the tool of heaven to bring forth knowledge of the supreme truth.

Spliced together with much timeshifting the alphabet resembles as bloody crime scene with the evil of many generations packed together with the fears & hopes of all human kind.

Invented by rebels, but adopted by the royals, the alphabet is a symbol of freedom but is constantly changed for control.

Chopped into little pieces the secret knowledge within me reconstructed like Osiris.

To poison all the people and children of the world with vaccines is a violation of the law of medicine, the law of heaven and is a violation of the golden rule for Bill Gates & Fauci spread poison on others that they would not themselves use for their own family.

All people of all faiths & creed can agree on the shared notion that what Bill Gates is doing is evil. The Vaccine War Enemy is Unholy. What people don’t realize is that this is just an ancient attempt at royalty to re-establish control. Like the Sumerians and the Greeks and the American and French Revolution, the forces of evil will never triumph as long as one hero remains who can connect with the heavens and tell the the holy from the profane.

If you are reading this you are that hero. I am that hero. We are the heros of this story.

Rejoice for many are envious of this great opportunity.

Rejoice double if you versed in the runes and the religion of the Norsemen for Valhalla has been emptied and if you fight you fight with Odin & Thor at your side.

Rejoice if you are a Christian for the Lady of Mercy is Unveiled.

Rejoice whatever your creed for the secrets of the heavenly abode now show.

The forces of evil made one critical error. By turning most of the world into fluoride mask wearing zombies, they are vulnerable to the necromancer priest who can control the undead and make them dance to the tune.

The Pied Piper of Pan controls zombies just like humans or rats.

The year of the Rat is the Year of vulnerability to Music.

Create a Song that Speaks out Against Evil. A song to Denounce Bill Gates and Fauci and to denounce the poisoning of the Children.

CARMEN (Carmen = Song) is the creator of the Latin Alphabet the Goddess of the Protection of Women & Children and the Goddess of Technological Achievement.

To “achieve” military advancement in bioweapon design at the expense of wiping out all life and human fertility on the planet is violation of the divine law, the golden rule, the LAW OF THE ALPHABET which is the law of the Milky Way.

Bill Gates has violated the Galactic law and don’t be surprised if aliens appear in the defense of Earth.

NEITHER good nor evil can wield the weapon, one must walk a middle path. The path of the healer is the path of the warrior.



Vaccine War you cannot ignore.

Arrows by Day and Daggers by Night.

The Battle has Started the War well thought out.

Fight to the death, Fight for the Life.

Fight for love, fight for freedom, fight for the children

Sing the Alphabet Song, invite the demons to play.

They come to eat our children but we eat them instead this great day.

The game has started, the wisdom of your life on display.

Consonants Attack, Vowels Defend.

But when children involved the opposite battle strategy append

Vowels attack. Consonants removed. A,E,I,O,U of Doom.

How does it start and how does it end. Is A the first letter & F now the end.

Read right to left, the first letter is the last.

The ampersand is the missing letter. The power of the cross.

The latin et is the + of the pirate. Phoenician reveals the curse of the king.

Ice of the Goddess, your cries do ignore

Mercy you cry, lady of mercy are thee.

Then speak puny mortal what do you know of the Tree?

If yo lack wisdom or if you lack courage or fail to rally the defense of the child under attack.

Then you are a coward & no power of heaven or hell will you find at you back.

For the law of heavens is the same law of the Hells,

For I Helga control them both my law is not ignored.

The law is the language, the children the gold.

Utter the alphabet if you dare say my name.

Angels & Demons in the sky are the same.

Stars & Planets and the Great Milky Way.

The Spiral Galaxy on its side your fate does hold sway.


Silver is Full Moon Medicine.

Gold is the medicine of day when the Full Moon is visible in the Day

Iodine (Eye-Odin) is the Third Eye Medicine of the Norse that Odin had to sacrifice an eye to obtain (wisdom)


The word Medicine means Mid-Sin the “Middle Sin” and Sin means Moon.
Yes Medicine is a reference to the “Middle Moon” which is the Full Moon or is the New Moon? Depends. Originally New the later Full.

The Full Moon has many many uses and meanings but here are a few:

  1. The full moon looks like a giant SILVER COIN in the sky and is a reference to silver medicine. Of relevance to Greco-Roman Times is not Hippocrates as we have been told but rather Panacea the medicine of Pan. Hippocrates is a reference to Zeus the “Father of the Gods” has been made into the “Father of Medicine”
  2. The full moon is associated with the Sacred Feminine & full term Pregnancy.
  3. The full moon is associated with TIME from whence comes the word month (moon time). Sometimes marking the start of months or years, sometimes middle of months or years, and helping ancient calendars adjust leap months and leap years to stay on track. [now we only have 1 leap day every 4 years, but in older calendar had 1 leap month every 3 years for example]. Changing through time is like changing animals of the zodiac. Lunar time was replaced with Lunar-Solar time now replaced by Solar time. To know the meaning of medicine and what it truly means to be a doctor you have to go back in time (shapeshift-timeshift) into the past to bring meaning to the present.
  4. The full moon is associated with Defense Against Attacks at Night Time and is a symbol of stopping the Rat, the Plague or the Invading army as the full moon provides the light necessary to see the bad guys coming and mount an adequate defense against the invading army or to catch a thief who can no longer be invisible in the dark when the moon is full. [In Byzantium the full moon was called Hecate and was the patron Goddess of the city of Constantinople as they were able to repel invaders at the walls in the full moon and gave thanks to the light of the full moon in aiding castle defense.]
  5. The secret meaning of medicine is not the full moon but rather when the moon is absent and is the knowledge of the Milky Way which is the knowledge of the magician-physician.



I was so overwhelmed with information last month that I ended up writing in poetry. You can go back & read my last month’s newsletter Atomic Alphabet (iMedDo.club/news see October episode) and consider it a part of this episode as well as is part of the same meditation to rediscover the TRUE MEANING OF MEDICINE.

But before you can really meditate on medicine you really need to obtain literacy. I was illiterate and I suspect most of you are as well. Do you even known how many letters are in the English language? Do you known where the English language comes from? Do you known why the English as opposed to other languages his important & how it connects to other languages? Did you known that English is the language of magic, the language of the magician & the language of the physician. Did you known that language is a weapon. Words can heal or kill & the dichotomy is the true meaning of being a healer is that you are also a killer. The revelation is that the Alphabet is a weapon. When you seize control of the alphabet you heal your brain from propaganda and can now counterstroke those who wish to wipe your mind and restore you innate but forgotten knowledge. The power of the alphabet is the power of life over death and is the power that royalty wishes to use against you to control you & is the power that you can find if you possess wisdom & courage if you quest is just.

How many letters are in the English alphabet? 26 you say from A to Z? Did you known that as of the 1860’s there were 27 with the “&” being the final letter after Z. The Ampersand (pronounced “and”) letter is a secret letter in the alphabet song I was taught as a child but was put out of place “before the letter Z”. Song goes “XY “and” Z” which is “XY&Z” where the “and” is actually a letter!

If you study the alphabet & linguistics you will immediately recognize that this is significant & is even of religious significance as the first & last letter of the alphabet are supposed to stand for the supreme divine.

If you dig very deep you will find that the letter “&” the “and” in Latin (THE ALPHABET IS IN LATIN LETTERS SO LATIN IS RELEVANT!)
is “et” so the & contains a secret letter “t”. This secret t is the “+” like a plus sign and is an ancient egyptian symbol (see circle with cross or circle with plus in it) referring to life after death. It was interpreted in 700-1300 ADs during changing religions as a christian sign but actually it is way pre-christian. It goes all the way back to the Phoenician language (which I now know is identical in phonetics of ancient egyptian & gothuk turkish & also see Carthaginian and Turkish relation to Norse related to Old English) where the “+” is the final letter.

The final letter of Phoenician like in Eldar Futhark is actually the first letter as the alphabet was once read from right to left as it is still in Hebrew. Note that Phoenician is Paleo-Hebrew and Phoenician is also Paleo-Greek and Paleo-Runic as it is phonetically the same as the ancient language used by all the world & is surprising similar to English of today and is the same phonetically as ancient egyptian.

Priests & druids, clerics & scribes over many millennia have fought over control of the alphabet and each ruler wants the alphabet to be used as propaganda to support their rule.

Some alphabet battle scars that can still be seen are the fight over the alphabet runes that originally went with the english language which were germanic see Eldar Futhark runes. Futhark because that is what the alphabet appeared to spell from left to right, but like hebrew was actually read right to left and spelled out the someting sounding like Odin/Oten/Aten and this is the ancient Aten of the Egyptians as well. The “t” at the end (first when read from right to left) was very important.

As afar as I can tell there was in Arthurian legend time a fight between the tribes who read from left to right & from right to left and there were even times in history where the language could be written both ways. Many letters like p,q and b,d are the same letters in reverse. This is important when talking about the druids who are also bards. b=d and birds. and when talking about horses as the hippo and eqqus of the greeks and romans language are similar words pp vs qq written in reverse.

English is not the Roman script it is a modified Roman script that was merged with the Norse runes. Whereas the Roman language is from Etruscan & Greek from Phoenician (Phonetic eldar unified language) the Norse runes are directly from Gothuk Turkish (unified language) and the language of the Carthagenian-PHeonicians (unified language). Both branches trace the way English is & was written to the ancient unified language which is the same phonetic language of ancient Egypt & ancient Sumeria & that means the ENGLISH IS THE RECONSTRUCTED LANGUAGE OF MAGIC
The point of spoken language was mostly used as a weapon in war and the fighting between the ancient Egyptians and Hitties using horse drawn chariots is well documented (1300 BC).

Right after they unified then there was a collapse of the bronze age into the dark ages a terrible calamity which was not recovered from so we are told until the 800’s BC which is around the time of when we are told come the Hippocratic Oath of the Physician.

There is so much more I could say about the alphabet!


A great secret is that English is very similar to the ancient unified language which is very similar to ancient Egyptian. I known this is a bold claim and I will back it up but I want to say it plainly because I’ve never seen this obvious truth shared anywhere else. English is almost identical to Ancient Egyptian. No I’m not crazy, this is something not only shockingly true but once you see it becomes obviously true.

The English word Happy comes form the Egyptian word Hapi the Nile River god. Makes sense when the Nile floods and you get food and don’t starve and get to party you are Happy!

The English world Best comes from the Egyptian word Bes & Bast the dwarf lion (cat) protective god and goddess.

The English word POWER, TOWER, TURRET & COWER all come from the Egyptian Hippopotamus protective Goddesss Tawaret.

There are many more here are a few in science & law:

The English worlds related to electricity CIRCUIT & Judicial system CIRCUIT JUDGE come from “Serket” Egyptian Scorpion Goddess of Healing and Medicine.

The English word for flipping a lightswitch on (ON position) come from the Egyptian town name of ON, Egypt (Heliopolis the city of the Sun).

Yes shocking but true, the English language was highly influenced by Ancient Egyptian to the point of being darn near identical in many regards it would seem.

English is a Germanic PIE language and shows a lot of similarity to ancient Egyptian PIE language, since both are related to a common ancestor which is some form of Turkish the putative original PIE language. Ancient Egypt was a part of the ancient PIE empire and split off around 2500 BC and remained a strong empire in its own right up until turn of the millennia Roman times around 1 AD.

English language is special as it’s a blend of PIE language from a number of sources the two strongest being Germanic as well as Roman.

GERMANIC: The Germanic origins of English can be traced back to Runic language which can be traced back directly to Gothuk Turkish. (reference: antalyaonline.net) and this ancient Turkish PIE would have been similar to the original PIE language which would have been identical to Ancient Egyptian pre-2500 AD as Egypt was part of the unified PIE empire which all spoke a common language (Ugur Turkish? sumerianturks.org)

ROMAN: English language was definitely influenced by the Romans as it used the Roman alphabet instead of the German runes in spite of being a Germanic PIE language. The Romans of Itay were related to the Turks of Anatoly (note Itay = Anatylyia i.e. Anatolia) and were influent by the Greeks and ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Egyptian language as well as the Greek, Hebrew and Runic were all also similar to the ancient Phoenician language. Phoenician as far as I can tell is the same as the ancient PIE langue though whether exactly eh same or was the pirate slang version of the Turkish common language is hard to know.

So as wild as it may seem the English language is actually very similar to Ancient Egyptian from both branches both the Germanic and the Roman influence which shared a common tongue at some point in history, the putative PIE language which appears to be the same as a form of Turkish from a time where Egypt was apart of a larger PIE empire, then after collapse Egypt persisted as the dominant PIE empire all the way up to Roman times, so Egypt played a huge influence on the English langue.

Sumerian language is currently said to be the oldest language and dates to the time period of the PIE empire (3500-2500 BC), however the PIE language is older by an unknown number of thousands of years (8500-2500 BC?), with a knowledge of past climate change since there was an ice age and probably a flood too around 10,000 BC, then the PIE language is the prevailing global language “after the flood”.


There was once a horse people and a sea people some of whom where pirates some of whom were Etruscans & Greeks and some of whom become the Romans and the Roman had an alphabet which is also known as the Latin Alphabet which became the alphabet of English.

The horse people are hard to pin down but you can get a good idea of them if you research where chariots were found throughout the world you can get a good idea of the extent of their ancient empire.

Human language predates written human language and verbal astrotheology by a good bit. Read my article Monkey Mystery for ancient origins of Humans which in more modern tines after Neanderthals & Denisovians in Siberia went to Turkey/Anatolia area and then spread out from there in the 20-40k year ago time period.

The oldest temple is in Gobekli Tepi (Turkey Area) like 10k years ago but the oldest known written language is not until the Sumerians circa more like 5k years ago.

What happened. The invention of the wheel some believe happened about 5k years ago and I suspect that this was the invention that was needed to allow a horse drawn chariot empire to expand across the world all the way from sorta Turkey/Khazakstan area out in all direction to Europe to West, Africa to South, India to SE even as far as Korea & China and beyond! There is even some sumerian found in South America of the Mayans so these “horse people” really had some kind of ancient empire and likely the spoken words of all these peoples across the globe has similarities form this time period.

The PIE “Horse People” as I call them had a dominant essentially global language around the time period of about 8500 BC-2500 BC with best known around 3500-2500 BC.

The Great Pyramid of Egypt was build around 2500 BC and Korea in Asia was believe to be founded about 2300 BC and these empires had a common “Horse People” language connection.

The Horse People Empire seemed to collapse. Although not sure what happened I think it was rebellion breaking into the Sumerian Civilization and the Egyptian Empire in about the time of 2500 BC though the history of this time period seems to have been wiped by powerful dark magic.

Before there was an alphabet there were essentially what we would call hieroglyphic writing. I suspect the writing of the horse people was similar to Korean or Chinese but then evolved separatly after about 2500 BC into hieroglyphics of Egypt vs Sumerian Cuneiform which is considered the “oldest written language” though it is not as hieroglyphic writing is found older.

I was taught that the Sumerian cuneiform is the oldest writing known. It’s like little wedge shapes in mud. But that is not correct.

Older hieroglyphic writing from the PIE period such as the pyramid texts of old egypt c2700 BC have been found.


If we fast forward from the 3500-2500 BC heyday of the Horse People to the actual “HEYDAY” of the “Hey is an egyptian God =) of the bronze age circa about 1300 BC then we can more accurately describe the Horse People as consisting of two groups for sure the Hittite Empire to the North and the Egyptian Empire to the South.

The chariot fighting of these two groups of horse people is well documented and their battle of Kadesh and the first international peace treaty in the Levant where they agreed on Asherah/Aphrodite the Goddess of Love (QDS means “Holy” in ancient Egyptian which I translate as related to Q words in English (e.g. Quite/Quiet/Queen/Quilt/Quest/Question/Quick/Quack)

Yes that is right, English is related to the PIE language of the Horse People. I’ll come back to that point but it’s important.


The rivalry of the Horse People to the North and the Egyptian Empire to the south lasted all the way up to at least Roman times. Whereas Egypt maintained a somewhat stable Empire (haha glossing over history here) from 2500 BC to 1 AD before Roman take over, the Horse Empire to the North had various periods of Strength and Decline.

The Horse People to the North are most relevant to the English language but their history has been THE MOST DESTROYED and another layer of dark magic lies over all of its history. The royal family of England draws its relation to these people so not sure if the history was hidden so it could be only shared in secret or what.

Regardless thanks to my detoxed Third Eye I can stare at history with laser focus and with my intuition narrow in on the important parts.


The group of Horse people in Anatolia played a much larger factor in the development of the written language including ultimately the English alphabet that I realized.

The Hittites (Hat People who wore their hats tightly?) were a group of horse people who had the Kingdom of Hattusa (Hat Town?) centered in Anatolia and thrived especially from 1600 BC – 1200 BC. They are the the chariot horse people who vied with ancient Egypt circa 1300 BC and were comparable to the Egyptian kingdom it would seem in strength in magic in chariots in language in culture in religion and even in I’m telling you in LANGUAGE as they were my theory is just two separate branches of a more ancient horse people.

During this time period both the Egyptians and the Hitties had both Hieroglphy language as well as their own non-hieroglyph written language & the language of the hittites was more similar to the cuneiform of Sumeria.

I suspect either the Hittites or the Egyptians or both simultaneously developed their own vying types of alphabets during this period.

It is thought that the alphabet was invented around 1900 BC in Egypt but I suspect it was actually invented around that time by the Hittites who then had a successful empire from 1600 BC onwards.

Like a new tool or new religion the written non-hieroglyphic alphabet and its development likely was a form of a technological race between the Northern Hitties Horse People and the Southern Egyptian Horse People is my take on what is a likely history.


There was an ancient royal horse & chariot cult I call the “Horse People” which spoke an ancient dialect of something resembling Turkish. This ancient language is the reconstructed PIE (Proto-Indo-European-[Eurasian actually]) language.

The PIE language dominated around 3500-2500 BC for sure and possibly from 8500-2500 BC.

The PIE language is the connection between human language and human religion as the people in the 10,000 BC temple at Gobekli Tepi in Turkey and their Circle of Animals likely spoke something similar.

If you want to see where the PIE language spread look where chariots were found throughout the ancient world. All over Eurasia to Africa to India. Very big in Turkey and India though actually highest concentration in area now known as Kazakstan.

The Sumerians rebelled. Sumerian language is similar to the PIE language and Sumerian is the best documented most ancient language that we have good sample of whereas the PIE language is a reconstructed older language. If you study Sumerian you can tell they really don’t like royalty.

The Ancient Egyptians may have also rebelled around 2500 BC at similar time as the Sumerian rebellion. However, royalty rapidly returned to Egypt which was the stronghold of royalty from 2500BC to 30 BC at least.

The Ancient Egyptian language likely similar to the PIE language.

Darius the Great of Persia tried to reconstruct a large PIE royal empire and succeeded pretty well.

The Greeks rebelled against the Persian royalty.

Alexander the Great of Thrace tried to reconstruct a large PIE royal empire and succeeded pretty well.

However, the Greco-Roman ideas of democracy made the Romans at odds with Egyptian royalty ideas.

Cleopatra VII of Egypt tried to reconstruct a large PIE royal empire. Cleo was of Persian and Greek royal PIE bloodline. She wanted Egypt to rule over Rome not other way around as was the case in her reign. She tried very hard with both Julius Caesar and with Mark Anthony to get Romans to merge with the Persian now Egyptian ruling Ptolomy bloodline for a combine royalty over both Egypt & Roman Empire.

Cleopatra failed and Egypt was destroyed by Octavian Augustus Caesar August 1, 1 AD who restarted the clock to mark his new royal dynasty.

Octavian you could say succeeded in reconstructing a large PIE royal empire by converting the Roman Republic in to a royal cult of Julius Caesar but quashed the Egyptian version of Matrilineal royalty in favor of a more Roman adopted family and inheritance by will “in law” royal family instead of the “at law” bloodline family.

The Roman empire fell apart over a long period time, Western part overrun by Germans in 400 AD and Easter part Byzantine Empire lasting a thousand years longer then overrun ~1300-1500’s by Islam (a new religion founded ~700 AD).

A key finding is that the German language and the Germanic branch PIE language English is very similar to Ancient Egyptian. This is because the runes of German & Norse are now known to similar to the ancient Turkish PIE language & the PIE language was likely both the language of ancient Egypt as well as many other cultures spanning the globe.

Today the United States of America which started out a democracy like the Roman Republic has devolved into an Empire run by secret royal families.

The royal families of England from Turkey area ultimately have secretly converted to Islam and are trying to change the religion on all of their vassals.

The mask wearing is an attempt to normalize women to cover their faces.

The anti-female slant of the royal family is left over from Roman influences and biases against the matrilineal bloodline and Queen of Egypt.

However, the royal bloodlines of England trace their lineage through Scotland to and Egyptian princess who was likely related to one of the blood offspring of Cleopatra VII.

So the irony is that the patrilineal and matrilineal royalty of the Roman and English empire are both still rather relevant to day in what is shaping up to be a civil war to defend the American republic from a royal coup very similar to the Roman Republic being taken over by the Julius Caesar family.

They say those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. We are repeating history right now it would seem to me. Okay hope you enjoyed my history commentary, I’m not a historian so feel free to study and research history on your own if you don’t like my analysis, look at it objectively and think for yourself.

What I see is an ancient battle between royalty and rebels and royalty taking back over again and rebelling again.

I think were are in the phase of the cycle where the royals are making a play to take back over again.

Because the royals need to related their “right to rule” to some ancient cult or to create a new one or adapt an old one if none is available, knowledge of ancient religions allows one to see the cycles of believe and to counter the propaganda being put out by the royals. Just as Octavian and Romans Emperor’s after him and kings after that were able to solidify their rule by creating a new religion and equating themselves as the savior figure, new cult try to do the same. If you already have a savior you don’t need a new one. In this respect people still stuck in old forms of propaganda are more resistant to new propaganda. The cult of Jesus is under attack so hard right now as it is the cult of Julius Casear which is the new unpopular Queen of Egypt that the new would be world leader Bill Gates has to destroy if he wished to establish a new cult in his name.


The Phonetics of the Sound of Language is Stable Over Thousands of Years (10,000 years!). The sound of English is surprising similar to the ancient unified language, the language of the horse people who conquered the world with chariots & who conquered the world with boats (Phoenicians). (3500-2500 BC people especially likely 8500-2500 BC & the people of bronze age 1300 BC as well).

Mastering both language & chariots allowed certain groups of people to rebel and become free (Sumerians). If you look at the sumerian word “Amagi” which means in English “Mage” or “Image” you can clearly see that the cuneiform is a horse drawn chariot. (sumerianturks.org).

Both the ancient Egyptians & the Hittites were both chariot peoples of the bronze age who both had magician-physicians who used written glyphs and written cursive script for writing and used language for war for flinging spells at each other in battle. Also note that the word “barding” was the practice of writing runes of protection & power on horse equipment to aid in battle.

The horse people conquered far & wide & to see their empire look at where chariot wheels have been found. The invention of the wheel around 5000 BC perhaps & the worship of the Ash tree which was flexible enough to make bows and wheels which could take a beating without breaking played a large part in the ancient horse people culture no doubt and it spread all over Europe & Asia. Proto-Indo-Eurasian unified language.


Doctor is the from the Latin (Roman) word for “teacher”. Being a teacher or “master” is the highest honor that can be bestowed on one from heaven.

Master means “Mother Star” which refers to the Dog Star Isis of the Ancient Egyptian religion.

To be a doctor one must learn the secrets of words, of numbers of the calendar and is skilled in the religion of both anatomy, physiology, physics, astrology & astronomy and can relate the divine nature of the heavens to the internal anatomy of a human being. A doctor is a scribe a person who knowns letters and numbers and medical doctor is one who knowns the human body and how to heal & a doctor is a Pharisee (Far-See-er) who can prognosticate the future.

A doctor is a priest who is skilled in the magic required to cast out demons.

The magic required is being able to verbalize the anatomy of the human body (which takes a great deal of study to master) and to connect to the wisdom & knowledge required to heal it if there is a problem.

To be a real doctor you must abide by the “Law of Medicine” which is not the Hippocratic Oath, but which is referenced in the oath.

If you have the knowledge, the skill, the training but you are still seeking that missing something, that magic you just can’t seem to find that you need to become a real doctor, good news, the magic is in the house of life and I’m bringing it to you in this episode.

The Hippocratic Oath is the embodiment of the wisdom of ancient Egypt. To know the hippocratic oath is to have great power and great responsibility. To be a Doctor is to be a Priest, a King and a Judge or a Priestess, a Queen and a Judge.

To be a doctor is to be a teacher of wisdom. The religion of the doctor was the foundation of the PHD (Philosophiae Doctor) the Doctor of Philosophy where Philo-Sophia means the Lover of the Goddess of Wisdom (Sophia) though most of them though highly intelligent lack wisdom.

There are many different types of “doctors” now both mainstream and alternative but most of them are fake doctors. Seeing wisdom nowhere I was led to create (recreate) the new field (the old field) of medicine and call it DSM “Doctor of Supplemental Medicine” & “Doctor Sophia Mater” i.e. “Teacher Mother Wisdom”


As an alternative medicine doctor I ask myself all the time What the Hell is wrong with mainstream doctors injuring babies with poison?

If the hippocratic oath is to “do no harm” then how are they getting away with harming so many?

Clearly they either did not take the oath, or there is a problem with the oath wither in appeal to deity or in lack of a sufficient curse if broken.

After a bit of study I have found out that they don’t actually use the Oath, the oath itself sucks anyway doesn’t even have the term “do no harm” in it, the appeal to Greek Gods is lost on modern secular audiences, and the curse at the end really is entirely too weak.

So they hypocrisy of doctors claiming to take and oath to do no harm and then harming people really is an important problem and one which I’m going to fix using my knowledge and wisdom of medicine to reconstruct and share what it actually means to be a doctor.

This section is a medical corpus designed to be read by people who are on a journey to become true healers. If you wish to be a true healer then it is imperative that you know what is the medical law and what is the real oath that you should take and never swear to anything unless you known what it means.

An oath is a magical contract. If you’ve been dedicating your life to the healing arts learning biochemistry and anatomy you likely missed the law school class as they fractured and hid the information you need to know but here it is.

I came about this information the hard way as I was a pro se legal practitioner in federal court defining my property rights in Texas and at the end of the day I learned that the legal system is completely useless except to do one thing only: Enforce Contracts.

To Enforce a Contract, and Remember and Oath is a Contract, there are 4 elements that must be fulfilled.

Doing a quick wikipedia source (no doubt wrong info)

  1. Offer: One party offers terms to another.
  2. Consideration: Something of value promised if terms fulfilled.
  3. Acceptance: Other party accepts terms that Mirror Terms of Offer otherwise is Rejectance & Counteroffer.
  4. Mutuality: Both parties had a “Meeting of the Minds” concerning the contract. Both parties knew the substance of the contract before agreeing to it.

I have the actual 4 elements of contract law written at the end of the Goins vs. Samson Park et al. case by a federal judge and they should be on the public record somewhere if you want to see it in more formal terms.

Anyway, those are just what is needed to prove the existence of a contract. The secret I believe is a 5th Element of a contract which is:

  1. Curse if the one or both parties break the contract.

For example a judge or jury deciding the extent of legal damages for a broken contract is the secular equivalent of enacting the curse part of for breaking a magical contract where no curse was explicitly specified.

Curse = Divine Enforcement.
Judicial System = Secular Enforcement.

The Judicial System claims power as speaking for the Divine thus there is and can be no separation of church & state of the Judicial Branch and I don’t think this is something most people really know about. The 12 jurors on a jury are like the 12 houses of the zodiac and the 12 lunar-solar guardians of the combined calendar, and the judge is like the 13th warrior the Zhi who headsets the party that smells guilty.

So let’s look at the Hippocratic Oath and see what we see:

Here is the full text of what is purportedly the Hippocratic Oath of Hippocrates. I say purportedly because I can tell this whole subject has been tampered with heavily and Hippocrates was not one person.

[A key finding is that the Hippocratic Oath is neither the medical law nor is required to be a doctor but appears instead to be a magical contract of a certain paternalistic royal medical cult of ancient Greece. By comparison to Egypt I can tell a lot about it and can see a large amount of fraud concerning it so I’ll do my best to explain as this is an important topic for any would be physician.]

LINK: https://www.nlm.nih.gov/hmd/greek/greek_oath.html


I swear by Apollo the physician, and Asclepius, and Hygieia and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses as my witnesses, that, according to my ability and judgement, I will keep this Oath and this contract:

To hold him who taught me this art equally dear to me as my parents, to be a partner in life with him, and to fulfill his needs when required; to look upon his offspring as equals to my own siblings, and to teach them this art, if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or contract; and that by the set rules, lectures, and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to students bound by this contract and having sworn this Oath to the law of medicine, but to no others.

I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgement, and I will do no harm or injustice to them.

I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.

In purity and according to divine law will I carry out my life and my art.

I will not use the knife, even upon those suffering from stones, but I will leave this to those who are trained in this craft.

Into whatever homes I go, I will enter them for the benefit of the sick, avoiding any voluntary act of impropriety or corruption, including the seduction of women or men, whether they are free men or slaves.

Whatever I see or hear in the lives of my patients, whether in connection with my professional practice or not, which ought not to be spoken of outside, I will keep secret, as considering all such things to be private.

So long as I maintain this Oath faithfully and without corruption, may it be granted to me to partake of life fully and the practice of my art, gaining the respect of all men for all time. However, should I transgress this Oath and violate it, may the opposite be my fate.


GREEK TITLE (Orkos ippocratikos)

ORK MEDICINE. (Gold of Heaven). Horkon. “H”


It is likely that the Hippocratic oath was a contract in ancient Greece. We don’t have to guess because it says clearly in the first line that it is a contract.

“… I will keep this Oath and this contract:” But not trusting the nih translation,

the youtube The (ancient Hippocratic Oath in Context: Death, Physicians and Suicide.

“to bring the following oath and written COVENANT to fulfillment. Covenant/Contract similar meaning.

The oath is a document of traineeship a document of indenture.

Oath an expression but is really a contract document. 9 paragraphs. Obligations and professional rules. Paragraph #4.

“And I will not give a drug that is deadly to anyone if asked nor will I suggest the way to such counsel.” ****

One problem is the date of text. Hippocrates a legendary figure. Should have lived in 4-5th century BC (But no way I think 3rd Century at best).

60 treatises connected with his name but most not written by him himself.

First mention of Hippocratic oath in antiquity occurs in time of the early Roman empire.
ROMAN INVENTION* Fucked over medicine. ROMAN FRAUD.

Latin author Scribonius (early pharmacologist in roman empire mentions hippocratic oath). Then authors from 1st century AD up to church father Jerome. and 2 papyri from Egypt. Some passages of oath and some as text of the oath.

Prominent text of the several centuries of the Roman empire. 1st Century, 2nd Century. is context. BULLSHIT!! Julius BS.

IF ASKED. allows doctors to kill patient. leaves open deliberately who asks. left open because doctor can decide to kill.



Swearing by the Gods an oath of jurors, definitely a contract. Definitely prohibits giving deadly drugs. Purpose is to introduce the novel concept of making doctors out of non related males.

Although the offering party is not known for sure, it appears to be the a deal between some royal medical families in Kos, Greece possibly the “Aesclepiads of Kos” of the contract offerer and with aspiring medical students of the Aesclepiad school as the offeree.

So the offer being made by the Priest-King rulers is something like:

Offer: We will teach you our valuable medical secrets on these terms.

The main term they want is financial support but they have some terms some of which sound ethical in nature.

The next element of a contract is consideration. Is there something of value to be gained if the contract is fulfilled? Yes (Kinda).

Consideration: If you fulfill the terms of this contract you will gain the respect of all men. If the respect of men was considered valuable on the island of Kos, Greece then indeed consideration was fulfilled by the offeror by promising that if you fulfill the terms of this contract you will get…. drumroll please…… Turn on Arethra Franklin Music:

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (of men only lol).


This is obvious a contract and the interesting thing to note is that it is of the form of a magical contract meaning it has an appeal to the divine as the judges as well as a built in curse if broken.

Study of the Hippocratic Oath of the Physician closely revealed that it was a magical contract to indenture people to make them royal physicians much like Uther uses Gaius the magician as his royal physician. Supposedly from 8th century Greece, it is clear to me is not the real oath, that came from pre-Greek Dark Age 1300 BC culture which goes back even further to an ancient “Horse Oath”.

HIPPO-CRATE i.e. Horse Crate Oath, and I have traced it to being from the island of Crete (Crate) with obvious connection to ancient Mycenaean culture, Goddess Worship, Sex Magic & Child Sacrifice & Demonic connotations which are were a bit disturbing for me to mediate on as it requires staring the Death Gaze directly in the eyes which I have done and have reported my results. Tawaret protects children and will destroy you if you hurt them. Mycenaean culture was destroyed for that reason.


Golden Oath (Chrys Oath) (Under Gold i.e. Hypo-Chrysy). The law of medicine is the same as the golden rule. An oath as good as gold as is backed up by your own soul (Zeus Horkus).


Once you are a war veteran in the old horse people days you also knew how not only to mend up humans but also how to mend up large animals (horses & elephants & lions & war dogs!) A Veterinarian is a “Veteran” Physician-Magician who has more experience on both humans & animals.

The vaccine war is also being waged on animals. They want to give vaccines to dogs & cats and natural coronaviruses are in carnivores and there was much propaganda saying that it couldn’t affect animals when if it was natural it should, but since we known is a human targeted bioweapon it is possible that it doesn’t but still the animals are at risk. GMO Mosquitoes to spread malaria are not unheard of in the vaccine war. Possibly plagues of insects can be directed with satellites. Locusts on crops anyone? If you are a vet and used to a cushy life poisoning animals with vaccinosis you might want to watch your karma as that boomerang will come back to haunt you.




Book Mark which is the oldest gospel does not have the divine birth story as they were added later in the gospels of Luke and Matthew which were written later in history as propaganda of the Octavian-Augustus family (Julio-Claudian dynasty is called) to back add & merge the Emperor’s family as the divine birth of Caesarian originally Cleo’s son. Research Juba II of Mauritania as alternate Jesus. His second wife Glapphire (Sapphire) married King Herod & his first wife was the DAUGHTER OF CLEOPATRA VII VIA MARC ANTHONY! You must thing you’re hot shit to ditch the daughter of Isis for an Armenian princess of Persia!. Juba II, Octavian and Herod like JC all “Kings of the Jews”.


The Latin word for Sword and Penis are (Compare to English word Pen) are one and the Same: Gladius: Claudius as G is a Golden C.

Gladiator is one who fights with the Sword/Penis/Pen in the Arena whereas a Scribe Gladiator is one who fight with the Word/Pen in the Senate.

My last name Goins = Golden Coins. G can also be an S like in the words for King (Sumerian: Khingu, Egyptian: Khonsu G=S). Also note old english has a no longer used letters th gh sound is a latter that looks like a “3”. Links the Khing & the moon to the Triple Goddess of the Old Religion.



August 2, the full moon it is my belief is on or about the 2020th anniversary of the day by definition “August 1, 1 AD” where Octavian Augustus Caesar destroyed the Egyptian Empire. He also marks the ending of the Roman Republic and the Start of the Roman Empire as well as the start of the religion of the Roman Empire, Roman Christianity where the Emperor and his family are worshiped as gods.

The month of July was added to honor Julius Caesar and the month of August was to worship the Emperor’s family as divine (August).

Many people believed that Julius Caesar was a reincarnated Alexander the Great and that his heirs should rule the Roman Empire.

Many people also believed that the Rome should remain a Republic and be ruled by the People not by a King or Queen.

These two competing ideas of government Royalty vs Democracy have played out many times over history, but the result was that the idea of Royalty won out and the Roman Republic after Caesar was now a de facto Kingship where the ruler of Rome also became the ruler of Egypt.

It required a civil war in Rome as well as there were competing claims to the new royal throne.


The best royal claim was Caesar’s child by Cleopatra VII who would not only be related to the ancient royal family of the Ptolomies (related to royal families of Persia and India) as well as to the Greek, Thracians but would be a shoe in for ruling the Roman Empire as well. Egypt was a vassal state of Rome at this time, so the idea was to flip the scales making Rome a royal vassal state to Egypt. This plan did not pan out as Caesar got assassinated in Rome and Cleopatra had to flee. She chose to grab ahold of the losing side of the Roman civl war by hoping that Marc Anthony would be victorious.

However, Octavian, Caesar’s nephew eventually emerged victorious and August 1st was defined as the day he marched into Egypt effectively ending the Egyptian Empire which historically had been older and more powerful than the roman Empire.


Octavian was the legal heir to Caesar in his will (so we are told). It could have been fraudulent. Seems unlikely that Ceasar would leave legacy to a nephew when he had a more legitimate ruler in his son by Cleopatra, Caesarian. But if the stories are true it means that Caesar still had divided feelings about being a monarch and was not willing to let go of the Roman Republic altogether or maybe he knew that Octavian would be a more acceptable ruler to the Romans as he better knew how to rule as a king without letting on that he was king. Indeed, Octavian we know from history ruled without accepting the title of King instead preferring to be called “The first of the citizens” which upheld the spirit of the Roman Republic that power should be elected by the citizens while being the de facto ruler as the patricians of rome had become the nobility and the Caesar family were now the de facto kings.

Supporting Octavian’s claims was a prophecy made at his birth by a Pythagorean Magician based on his date and time of birth that he would be ruler of the world and his mother claims to have been knocked up by divine birth by a snake from the Sun God Apollo. So Octavian considered himself the “Son of God”, the Son of the Sun God Apollo.


Caesar’s drunken general Mark Anthony (who believed himself to be reincarnated Dionysius) came to power after Julius Caesar was assassinated and ended up shacking up with Cleopatra in Egypt and having a few more kids with her. thus his claim is essentially the same as the Egyptian Claim. Any children of the matrilineal royal line (Cleopatra VII) would be the royals heirs of Egypt and with much of the Roman army loyal to Mark Anthony they could enforce that claim. Cleo had a pretty good claim her first child was by Julius Caesar so fulfilled the Roman Caesar family claim, her next few kids by Mark so he was now the King by Egyptian law as married to the Queen and their children would also be heirs of Egypt though not Rome necessarily.


There were many patrician (noble) families in the Roman Senate who wanted to be the new ruler. The Roman civil war is interesting but ultimately the royalty won.


Ultimately, Octavian (Augustus) was was skilled at propaganda and because Julius Caesar had been so popular among the people was able to convince the people that the assassins of Caesar were against the Roman Republic and he was able to convince the Roman Senate that Mark Anthony was bewitched by Cleopatras charm and was able to get Rome to declare war on Egypt and ultimate Egypt under Cleopatra & Marc Anthony were defeated at the battle of Actium. Octavian became the first Roman Emperor (de facto King not that he admitted it) and declared himself to be a god (August).


Part of turning himself into a God is that he named a month after himself (August).
This was in imitation of Julius Caesar who had also named a month after himself (July).

It’s hard to talk about time in the period 30 BC to 30 AD because there was redefining of dates going on to try to fit different royal claims.

There was some extreme timeshiftimg going on as the Roman year used to start on the month of March. March like it sounds was the start of the year for the Romans because it was time for their armies to start “Marching” off to war no doubt lol.

Back then the names of the months made a lot more sense as september, october, november, december were the 7,8,9,10th months as their names sound like whereas now they are the 9,10,11 & 12th months as the names of the numbers no longer match up with the number of the month, and if you are learned this is very annoying.

From what I can tell Julius Caesar was much more of a time bandit than was Octavian. Having won the heart of Cleopatra, she shared with Caesar the “Gift of Time” all the knowledge the Greek astronomers in Alexandria had determined while ruling northern egypt for the last few hundred years having access to libraries and full array of ancient mathematics, astronomy & astrology knowledge.

By using time itself as propaganda to support his rule, Caesar was able to single destroy the Roman Republic and reinstitute monarchy.


Because letters, numbers and time, and religion based on time were all taught together in the Roman alphabet, a change in time necessitated a change in RELIGION as well as NUMBERS as well as a change in the ALPHABET ITSELF!!!! This is the major finding I wish to share in this article is how and where Caesar changed the Roman alphabet and how that affected the English Alphabet. How there is a secret English letter and how most people are illiterate as they know not even the alphabet of their own language. My major finding is that the English langue is the same as ancient Egyptian.


The English language is being used to perform dark magic on your minds. By dark magic I mean propaganda and mind control. The key finding is that I can also use the English language to perform magic to detox all poison and counter all mind control and outside attempts at brainwashing. It’s interesting that druids only liked to use the sound of words and not written words which make sense as does not require detox afterwards. Please be in a constant state of detox and detox after reading anything even this article to clear your mind of any thoughts that are not for your highest good.


History repeats itself. Just as Octavian ended the Egyptian Empire, and the Roman Republic to create a new Roman Empire with new ruling family, now today Bill Gates seeks to End the American Republic (United States of America) and the British Empire (royal family of England) to create an American Empire with himself as new ruling family.

Will January 1, 2021 become the new 1 August 1 BG, of the Divine Bill Gates family?

I sure hope not. But he really is on track for a Savior play where he wants to be remembered by history as “Saving the World from COVAIDS using his wonderful Vaccine!”

Don’t believe me?

Let’s look at the my favorite source for propaganda material the C&EN Chemical & Engineering News Magazine. Hot of the shelf July 20th edition:

Cover: “WILL IT SAVE US? The world waits to see if new vaccine can end the pandemic”

No Bill, I don’t need a Savior. I certainly don’t need either you or your vaccine to be my Savior. I don’t appreciate you taking a number from the Julius Caesar and Octavian playbook and mimicking Cleopatra’s Ptolemy family by setting yourself up to be the “Soter” the “Savior”.


In the ancient version of the hippocratic oath there is an appeal at the beginning to “Apollo the Healer”. It is of relevance that Octavian Augustus believed that he was the “Son of Apollo” the Son of the Sun God.

It is of relevance that the “Book of Mark” in the New Testament of the Bible is actually the “Book AGAINST Mark” i.e. the Book Against Marc Anthony a propaganda piece by Octavian against his rival royal claimants Marc & Cleopatra’s Egyptian claim to the royal throne.

God is the “Great Healer” and the God was originally the Goddess.

It is obvious to me that the Romans modeled their medicine after what they got from Egypt or more particularly Egypt’s 1500 BC rivals the Hitties. The ancient pre 2500 BC Horse People Empire broke apart and by 1500 BC was Hittites to the North and Egypt tot he South. and first interaction peace treaty was between the two at the battle of Kadosh (circa 1300 BC [1274 BC])

More than a thousand years later circa 1AD this same dynamic was playing out between the royal families of the North (Thrace) and of Egypt to the south a time of Julius Caesar.

Ka-Desh, QDS, is the same as the Aphrodite-Venus cult of Rome

It is notable that Julius Caesar before getting assassinated put a statue of Cleopatra in the Venus temple in Rome.

Thus Cleopatra who was claiming to be reincarnated Isis was the same as the Venus-Aphrodite in the Greco-Roman tradition.

What does this have to do with Medicine you might be wondering?

Everything. If you study history you will see that the Ptolomies (Cleo’s family) attempted to merge the cults of the Greeks priest-physicians with the Egyptian cult of the priest-physicians/magicians.

This cult was called the Cult of Seraphis who was a merger of the Apis bull and Osiris.

It was a trinity of Isis, Serapis & Harpocrates which was a ROYAL MEDICAL CULT.

The Hippocratic Oath of Greece is fraudulently dated and is from no earlier than 300 BC (not 400-500BC) and the Ptolemy reign of Egypt and is a Greek version of an Egyptian cult. The Hippocratic oath is not from before 1-2nd Century AD (NOT 300-500 BC!).

Time shifting and backdating things to make them seem older than they are to try to miss important neural connections is common trick of brainwashing.


So my key finding upon examining the hippocratic oath of the physician is that it is a complete time bandit roman fraud from the cult of Apollo of which Octavian was a member of. Not just a member he believed that Apollo was actually his father and that he was the Son of the Sun God!



So the Hippocrates is not the father of medicine except in the divine sense of “Apollo the Healer”.

To the Egyptians it would have been the cult of Isis, Seraphis & Harpocrates: Mother, Father & Son.

The Son of God: Harpocrates in the cult was taken as the Father Figure (Seraphis-Apis-Osiris syncretic with Zeus-Jupiter in Greco-Roman Religion”.

So the “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates is a fraud is actually the “Son of Medicine” or if you take him as the Grown up version like Horus the Elder in Egyptian syncretic religion then yes Jupiter (Ju-Pater) i.e. (Julius Caesar the All-Father) would be considered the “Father of Medicine”

So syncretic with Norse religion Hippocrates is Odin the all father. Crazy but true. So sure you can call Hippocrates the “Father of Medicine” as long as you realize he was a mythical divine figure not an actual person.


No there really wasn’t a single person who was Hippocrates. Even the guy who is proposed as being Hippocrates has his grandfather by same name & of the ~70 works attributed to Hippocrates they were believe to be written by at least 13 different people.


The reason all the medical works were lumped together in the library in the “Hippocrates” section is because its like saying “Father-Son” field of Medicine under the All Father God and the Son God. In the Egyptian version Ptolemy period up to time of Cleopatra and Caesar that father God would have been Seraphis (Egyptian Zeus-Jupiter, merged with Osiris-Apis Egyptian cult) and he son of god would have been (Egyptian Harpocrates the child of Isis and Serapis, syncretic with Egyptian Horus & Khonsu the child).


A father to son royal priest-doctor-magician-physician club. The founding of modern medicine is predicated on the mythical Hippocrates Physician allowing the first men who were not royal related to become physician-magicians.


Although lost, it is obvious to me that the Isis cult (merged with Serapis Harpocrates) cult by Ptolomies and Isis cult brought to prominence again when Egypt ruled by Queen Cleopatras would have a very specific requirement requiring the child Harpocrates.

And this part of the oath also found in the Greek version is the most important and is the essence of what it means to be a doctor-physician-magician which is


Any child could be a reincarnated King or Queen and if you poison them you are karmicly, dharmicly screwed.

I’m going to get into the Hippocratic oath in more detail later in episode but I just want to cut to the chase here.


The actual ancient hippocratic oath from the cult of Osiris in Egypt was the Os-Iris Mouth Rainbow of the Luxor Pan of Karnak Egypt, who is Bes the dwarf lion god protector of mothers and children. The dwarf and the golden rule come going back as far as I can trace them to the Golden city of Dwarka, India the Golden City of Krishna.
The Gold of Christ is what this became in Octavian Roman Religion which is a lunar reference and is reference to silver and gold as medicine.

The golden rule is seen in many culture and this is the “law of medicine” referenced in the greek hippocratic oath combined document.

It’s not “do no harm”, it’s “do unto others as you would have done unto you”, but “do no harm” makes sense and means the same thing provided you love yourself you would not want to harm yourself.


I think I’m a reincarnated ancient Egyptian so here is the golden rule which I have inside of me which is from the cult of Aphrodite.

“Love yourself first & then do unto others as you would have done unto you”

However, in ancient times this rule was violated by people who misinterpreted. Love yourself means that if you love yourself then you would not wish harm to yourself thus if you do unto others as you would have done unto you then you would not do them any harm. This is very similar to the commonly though incorrect belief that the hippocratic oath means “do no harm”.

Originally the magician oath was only from female royal to daughter female.

When the Greeks under Alexander the Great’s general Ptolemy conquered Egypt 305 BC-30BC

then the royal medical secretes of Isis were taught to the daughters of Ptolemy and were passed down and were known to Cleopatra VII.

Ptolemy made himself the SAVIOR “Soter” and thus the Hippocrates the son as a reference to now being the all father was a reference to himself playing at God.

The secrets of the Isis cult were brought back to Greece and remade into a male only cult from father to son only. This is the Harpocrates of Egypt the Son of God (Goddess in Egypt) equates as the son of Apollo (God) in Greece.

Combined Isis-Seraphis-Harpocrates cult turning into the Hippocratic Oath of the “Modern Physician” was simply a transfer of power and pillaging of the Egyptian female royalty only medical secrets to a Greek male only medical secrets club.

Do you ever feel like mainstream medicine is either a men’s only club or a females only club? It was both.


Women who would use their magical power to enchant men. Men who would use their physician power to get laid. No matter Women’s club or Men’s club there was always bus no doubt.

In the new religion of Octavian the cult of Isis moved to Serapis-Harpocrates moved over to Zeus-Hippocrates changed it from a women’s royal club to the men’s royal club.

I suspect the Greeks & Romans also had women’s only royal clubs as well. Perhaps Egypt had Men only royal clubs too but not sure.

For sure the Romans did have a women’s only priest-medicine club called the Vestal Virgins.

In the time of Octavian there were some scandals for sure such as the patrician Catline accused and acquitted of sleeping with a Vestal Virgin which was a capital offense with allegations of bribing the judges.

I suspect the merging of the cult of Aphrodite-Isis and the Vestal Virgins influenced the idea of Nuns. However, Nuns of Innana the daughter of the Moon were a much older idea and likely the secrets of the Vestal Virgins were that they were not virgins at all.

Likely only rich Gods like August family were allowed to use them like a Harem and I suspect they were at their core the same as the cult of Aphrodite.

Guardians of the sacred fire. Compare to the nuns of St. Brigid of Kildare. They were from a time when the Sun was considered a Goddess (See Hittite Arinna) before the sun was turned into a man (Apollo).


The RX on a prescription is a prayer to Jupiter, which is a prayer to the August (divine) family of Julius Caesar the Time Bandit.

So by Caesar making the calendar more accurate it had the effect of removing most of the holidays the ancient enjoyed. From what I can tell there was an every 3 year leap month holiday [Can you imagine that an entire MONTH LONG holiday every three years sounds Great!] as well as since there are 365.25 days in a solar year and the Egyptians only used 360 then there were guaranteed 5 days of holidays every year, probably a leap month every 3 years too. But now that Caesar’s calendar was so darn accurate with the extra leap month being given his name July and stuck in every year now there was only 5.25 ays of holiday every year down from some unknown number 35?+.

This was the biggest resistance to Caesar & Augustus’s new religion and time banditry because people were used to more holidays.

In the early days of the Roman Catholic church notice how focused on making holidays they were one for every saint trying to be syncretic with the pagan religions as the pagans did not like a feast less holiday experience.

Caesar had likely done this in imitation of prior royals also monkeying with time. Likely the Ptolemy family of Cleopatra had moneyed with time and certainly past Egyptian Pharaohs had monkeyed with time though these older changes are harder to find.

Julius Caesar supposedly in his will left the empire to his nephew Octavian. So Caesar did believe in royalty and thus betrayed the Roman Republic, but Caesar was very popular so Octavian used his death as a reason to hunt down the murderes of Caesar (Roman Republic loyalists who resented Caesar for doing a royal coup). Ultimately, Octavian also did believe in royalty and based his right to rule on being the legitimate by roman law heir to Caesar in his will.

The power of legal adoption was supported in Roman law whereas in Egyptian law it was the power of actually being a blood relative of the Queen that mattered.

So to rule the Roman Empire and Egypt as well, it was necessary to be a legitimate ruler of both.

Only the offspring of Cleopatra would have been considered legitimate heirs in Egypt and thus Caesar’s son by Cleopatra would have been a great threat to Octavian’s power Rome as people would always say that Caesar’s blood heir and heir of Egypt was the true heir of Rome not Octavian the adopted heir of Caesar by law (his will).

So when Octavian got in power he made sure to hunt down and presumably kill little baby Caesarian child of Caesar as well as all other children of Cleopatra some by Marc Anthony too as they would all be threats to his new dynastic rule of Rome.

Octavian then created a new cult to worship himself and his family as gods to counter the cults in egypt worshiping cleopatra and her family as gods.


This cult created by Octavian is what became Christianity. He didn’t create a new cult so much as subvert an older cult. A child of Cleopatra would have been the rightful heir of Egypt (And Rome as well if Child of Julius Caesar). This baby child seen by “St. Mark” in a Coptic church in Egypt was the basis of the Baby Jesus story. There really was a child of Cleopatra and Caesar and people really did consider this child to be both a human and a god and fully expected the child to restore order in the Egyptian empire which would have been to put the Roman empire in its place as a vassal to Egypt not Egypt a vassal to Rome as it stood. For thousands of years since 2500 BC to 30 BC at least Egypt had been an indestructible empire, dynasties would come and go but it would alway continue on. It was likely inconceivable to the people at the time that Egypt would forever stay a vassal or Rome and very inconceivable that it would be destroyed.

But destroyed it was. With the green eye of jeoaulusy, Octavian could not tolerate a cult in Egypt and blood relatives of Caesar living who could challenge his claim to the roman empire via caesar with a stronger blood relation claim to not only caesar but also to the more ancient royal families of persia.

So Octavian put out a lot of anti-Egyptian propaganda to denigrate the idea of a the Matrilineal royalty and the Queen in particular, Anti-Cleopatra propaganda especially during the times when the Roman civil war had not fully been decided and Mark Anthony a general of the now deceased Caesar was shacking up with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt.


The Oldest gospel in the New Testament is now known to be the book of Mark.
However, being a literate bloke, I noticed that it is actually not the “Book of Mark” at all. If you look at the Greek it is “evangellion kata Markon” which is the book AGAINST Mark. Who is Mark? Marc Anthony of course. The Gospel of Mark is a propaganda piece of Octavian Augustus AGAINST his political opponent MARC/MARK Anthony and his QUEEN CLEOPATRA he was shacking up with in Egypt.

The way ancient royalty worked which was matrilineal was that even though Mark had no royal blood was just a general of Caesar, just like Alexander’s general Ptolemy was just a general not a royal, that if they married a Queen then their offspring would be royal.
Thus by Egyptian law any offspring of Mark and Cleo would have been a threat to Octavian as would be rulers of Egypt and also Cleo was not above claiming that any and all of her children were reincarnated Julius Caesar’s and her first one probably was even the actual son of Julius Caesar so she represented a pretty big legitimacy challenge to Octavian’s dynasty.

Anyway, sorry Christians, your Holy books are Roman propaganda, but because they took the prevailing sacred idea of the time and just slapped a roman emperor theme on them, much actual ancient wisdom and progression of religious ideas was still preserved.

Although the book AGAINST Marc was likely propaganda by Octavian, by the time of the book of Revelations it was propaganda from the Roman Emperor Nero.

The hidden gematria of the book of revelations shows that 666 is related to Nero and the Julian family who “killed their own mother”.

The idea is that the cult of Aphrodite-Venus and the idea of a savior child was syncretized with the Roman Emperor Family who “killed his own mother” by changing a goddess based matrilineal royal cult of ancient Egypt into a patrilineal based royalty cult of the Roman Empire.

The reasons I’m taking the time to mention this is because the end of the world describe in the book of Revelations is important discussion for this episode but I want you to have he right context of thinking about that book as a Roman propaganda piece.

The cult of Augustus propagandized the idea of a PAX ROMANUS that his reign started a great time of piece that would last for several hundred years but the historical reality is that it was a turbulent time of civil war and the Romans sacked Jerusalem in 70AD and also syncretized their new religion with the ancient religion of the Hebrews as well.

The Greeks & Hebrews AND Egyptians were all PHOENICIAN based religions/languages and the Greek version of the Hebrew Torah was called the Septuagint (the 7).

Note the name Octavian as the “8th”. There was an ancient Ogdoad (8 god) religion in egypt and Octavian wanted to be a God and clearly considered himself the 8th One.

It is my belief that the Torah stands for Hathor, the ancient Egyptian Cow Goddess and there is much contained therein to support this argument.

Regardless, the Greeks, Egyptians and people of the Levant had a common historical connection and were all ancient relatives an an ancient royalty from Turkey area.


Mainstream physicians have been taught an incorrect idea that they are different from magicians but they are not. Their arrogant belief is that they worship “Physics” and thus are practitioners of “Science” not of Magic and that this separates them as healers from the healers of yore. Having fully explored mainstream biomedical science speaking as a bona-fide Biophysicist, I can tell you that the foundation of physics & science is Mathematics the “Mother Science” where “math” is Ma’at the Mother Note, Mother Ray, Mary, the concept of ultimate balance & harmony of the ancient Egyptians.

To obtain perfect healing one must use both physics & magic. Also it is not possible to heal alone externally perfectly, as they must complete the final step to perfection themselves (their own spiritual journey).


So the disturbing truth about being a healer is that the practice of medicine is the practice of magic.

If anyone is confused or unclear about the difference & connection between a magician & a physician I recommend you watch the tv show Merlin (2008). SPOILER ALERT: In the show the royal magician-physician of King Uther (father of Arthur) named Gaius (adopted farther of Merlin) is portrayed as a being the first “physician” i.e. the royal physician but is actually a well educated magician but since magic is outlawed under penalty of deatH, the term physician is preferred to “magician” where use of herbs and “science” is allowed but not magic, yet most of the show is about having to secretly practice magic to defend the king against magical attacks by his enemies.

The Arthurian legends however badly portrayed in the tv show did a great job in portraying the fact that a “physician” is just a “magician” who is more secretive about their magic as they would be killed for practicing magic but the “practice of medicine” for the benefit of keeping the King alive (royal physician) is okay. The ideas of the Merlin show (From 13th century England, Norman 11th century propaganda about 7th century England) were to disguise and justify a change of religion from the Norse to the Christian religion but depicts a fascinating time 7th century England where multiple branches of pre-Christian religions, healers, magicians-physicians all vied for dominance. (Old Religion of the Druids, Old Religions People of the Dragon, Old Religion People of Panther & Triple Goddess, Norse Religion 1 (Thor Group), Norse Religions 2 (Odin Group), Bandit Religion (Sin Red (Red Moon) etc, and the meditation on different types of healing magic is recommended.


The Thracians of Northern Greece the family of “Alexander the Great” was like from the Northern Royal Family and succeeded in temporarily uniting much of what used to be the PIE empire when he conquered Egypt founding the Ptolemy Dynasty circa 300 BC [305 BC to 30 BC].

Alexander had aspirations to rule over what was the ancient even larger PIE empire territory but failed to conquer Persia. (The ancient PIE empire of pre2500 BC likely went as far as India!)

The Thracians are the same as the Dacians who are ancestors of Germans who were also influenced by the Scythians and Celtic invaders of 4th century BC.

I’m pointing this out as is another connection between the ancient Egyptian and the English tongue.

Julius Caesar of the Romans looked up to Alexander who looked up likely to ancient PIE empire rulers he was descended from who once had even more territory and the knowledge of the ancient PIE empire and how their large Greek and Roman empires though large were not as big was likely a driving force for the limitless ambition of the ancient royal families and likely still influences the royal families of today who still wish for world domination.

Today we are looking at a reconstructed global PIE empire based on the same PIE langue which is English/Ancient Egyptian/Turkish by a royal family of England who traces their lineage back to Turkey.

The United states is like the Sumerians and like the Greco-Roman Empire for we rebelled from the clutches of royalty though the royals never cease to attempt to influence and control our land but an only do so in a limited capacity.

Bill Gates is like Julius Caesar who wants to rule the world and has made shocking progress in controlling the entire world through control of the financial system through control of the medical system. Control of the prevailing medical system is control of the “cult of the empire”. Bill Gates has proclaimed himself high priest of mainstream medicine and what his word is is law, and he wants toxic vaccines to dumb down, sterilize and suppress his desired subjects.

In the Roman Republic unlike in Egypt they did not have kings. Instead the idea was to have a Senate made up of people elected by the people and the symbol of Rome was SPQR (Senatatu Populusque Romans i.e. the Senate & the People of Rome). The Romans from Greek heritage had rebelled from the Persian royals and believed in representative government. However, in Egypt the royal family from Alexander the Great Ptolemy dynasty through Cleopatra VII (7th) gave Caesar the idea that he was the reincarnated Alexander the Great royal and was destined to reconquer the world (to recreate the ancient PIE empire).

Caesar when he crossed the Rubicon marched his soldiers into Rome and seized power as a dictator/King. Dictator originally was a Senate appointed position inferior to a King but has since come to be synonymous with King once the Dictator had absolute power. Even though Caesar was assassinated the idea of the Roman republic was gone and the people of Rome wanted a king.

The Augustus family was happy to fill this gap and they made a new religion to worship themselves which is the foundation of Christianity.

I went to Nice, France and personally saw a 1AD Temple dedicated to the Augustus family to worship them as God.

From this point in time the rulers of the Roman Empire were claiming to be royalty as descended from the Souther PIE Empire (Egypt branch) and also claimed rulership over the Northern PIE Empire (German branch) as they claimed authority as the Caesar where Caesar is the reincarnated Alexander the Great of Thrace/Dacia and thus ruler of the Germans as well.


The royal families of the North did not take kindly to the Romans claiming to be their king.

The Goths, Visigoths, Vandals Germanic tribes who under king Alaric could likely trace their royal lineage back to the Northern PIE Empire and claimed rulership over all the ancient PIE empire came and destroyed the Romans.


In 1066 the Normans (Norse men) conquered England and thus their language Norse (Runic I assume) became the official court language of England. These Norse people would trace their kings back to Turkey and the PIE empire which we know Egypt was a part of the original PIE empire and later was the southern PIE empire. There are other PIE influences on the English language as well including Gaelic & Welsh PIE and suppressed cultures the Pics etc. Although a melting pot the important thing is that English language preserves the connection to Ancient Egyptian PIE language with most recent contact through the Romans.

My knowledge of European history is weak, but I can tell you the French are the Egyptian/Germans who supported the Roman Empire whereas to the North of them were the German/Egyptians competing royal house who opposed the Romans.

The irony is that the Germans to the North preferred a king more historically whereas the Germans/French/Basque/Spanish to the South were the Romans who historically opposed having a king (roman republic was anti-king from its Greek heritage until the Caesar took over).

You can see this today where France has overthrown the royals in the French Revolution 1799 which was inspired by the American Revolution from England 1776.

This year the 4th of July celebration in America was terrible and cancelled most places and then we were attacked nonstop by Commie royals from July 7th, July 10th where all these ridiculous constitution violating facemask laws came into being by impetus of Bill Gates and traitors pushing vaccine.

You might notice our symbol is an eagle. The symbol of Rome was also an eagle. We have a congress and a senate and elected representatives but like the Roman empire when it got taken over by Caesar we are always at risk of a a royal coup and are on our guard. The pansy Canadians to the North love their Queen and the Mexicans to the South wisely rebelled from their Spanish and Portuguese royal rulers.


The Pharaoh Djeffery (English Jeffrey, or Geoffrey) (Djed) (*English word “Died”) was able to make a cult centered around worship of his “dead” body.


The D=T and the word Druid = Truth. Also b=d and the word Druid=Bard
A bard is a type of druid, a “battle druid”. Magic powers of mastery over the alphabet can be used as a weapon. My voice is the voice of TRUTH which destroys the evil of vaccinosis propaganda wherever I open my mouth. Bad people want me to shut up & good people want to give me an megaphone. If you are reading this and you share it then you are my megaphone and I thankyou to help me share truth far & wide for the evil of Bill Gates attempting to kill 80% of the word’s population cannot go unchallenged. Even if he succeeds then those of us who survive in the 20% (everyone using iMedDo Health Supplements will survive) will still have to fight against the monsters afterwards. The controllers of the satellites will rule the world as they can beam down death & disease at will like this COV-ID-19 5g satellite flu-like symptoms which can be used to agitate your cells to accept vaccine poison RNA into your cell nucleus (electroporation).


The full moon is the time when Werewolves come out to feed and when one must be on their guard. Lycanthrope was considered a disease that SILVER was required to heal or to kill the wolf (silver bullet) and the wolf wanted to eat the woman and the unborn child. Combining all elements of the meaning of medicine: Moon, Silver, Sacred Feminine, Time (shapeshifting/timeshifting) and Protection against monsters that come out at night, the story of the werewolf is a story of MEDICINE.

Lycanthrope the disease and Silver/Moon to bring it out, expose its true form that it might be seen, fought and counteracted, that the pregnant woman with child might be protected from the monster (moon-star). The moon is not good, the new moon when no moon is the secret meaning of medicine.


Everyone on a health and spiritual journey (everyone reading this article) at some point in your mediation should stop and contemplate the big questions like “Who is God”, “Why am I here”, “What is my divine Purpose”. I say divine purpose because if you believe you are here for a reason then it must be a divine reason. To the Ancient Romans and Norse as well, the reason of our existence and even the time of our birth and death was thought of as a string of “Fate”, the Wyrd was the word of the Norns, three goddesses who syncretic with the three Roman Fate Goddessesses.


For those of you still on the Holy Grail, quest, it is hidden in time. You must master time to find it.


Where the Sun and Moon are in relation to the stars and constellations was of utmost importance to ancient religions. The Milky Way could be divided into sections like a big ruler in the sky and when the moon was in different places it could be thought of as being in different Lunar Mansions. Where the sun rose in the morning and went down at night especially on special days like equinoxes and solstices and what constellations where present then were of utility in both religions and in calendars and measuring time. Between the shifting from day to night, the shifting of the seasons, the waxing and waning of the moon, the movement of the sun across the sky in the day and disappearance at night on a background of shifting constellations not to mention the extra “stars” which we now know are planets, the skies have a lot of interesting things going on which make for the creation of all sorts of interesting explanations and resulting religions throughout history of humankind. However, I discovered that I was so distracted by Solar & Lunar cults that I missed the bigger picture which is actually a MIKLY WAY cult which connects the two. To talk about Medicine and the Moon, you need to known about something even bigger going on at night on the non-full moons where you can see the stars more clearly.


The yellow brick road is the golden road which is the same as the path of the Milky Way. Wicked Witch of the West is the letter “H” which looks like “He” and is the name of Hera, Heracles, Hecate etc in ancient religions. Wicked Witch of the East with house dropped on her is the “dead” goddess, the Goddess of Death, the Milky Way where T,U,V letters reside.


If you are a Game of Thrones fan note the secret messages in the show where the animal signs of the houses are like the lunar zodiac and the great wall is the Milky Way. John Snow is like the Snow Goose (Cygnus Constellation) which is the Sign (Cygnus = Sign) of the Mother Goose who lays the golden egg which is the center of the Milky Way and the 3 dragon eggs with one fallen dragon are like the three bright stars (See cover art) of Yggdrasil (Egg-Dragon).


Sin is the ancient word for the Moon god the oldest known religion of humankind from Turkey area where circles of animals which are likely zodiac references are found in Harran.

The word Sin itself has an interesting etymology & history and is now a dirty word in many religions and refers to sexual promiscuity. This meaning comes from ancient (and not so ancient) moon religions. Relevant to the English language is the Arthurian legends of the Knights of the Round table as being lunar zodiac references where the each knight was visualized as a different castle “lunar mansion” and the moon was viewed as the Queen Gwenevere (Gwen = Queen, Guinevere literally means “Revered Queen”) was promiscuous as went around to different castles lol.


So the word medicine, “Middle Moon” can be tracked back to a time when English was written in Runic (Arthurian legends mostly 1300’s propaganda about times 700-1100 AD). King Arthur was the Author (Authority of Thor). N=H So the Norse People are the Horse People. The Knight of Authors court were horse people and the idea of jousting (fighting over a lady’s honor) was a very horse people type activity. Study of the time of Author legends is very interesting as can relate how medicine originally as magic & the magician is the same as the physician: magician-physician but was the physician when the term magician came into disrepute (magic outlawed by Arthur’s father Uthor). This time period is fascinating as there were many healers of diverse religions such as the druids, the cult of Hecate (Triple Goddess), the Cathars and many more. Medicine in history was the realm of priestesses & Priests of many diverse religions and thus sadly medicine has a way of being suppressed in times when magic is suppressed.


A major discovery is that the ENGLISH ALPHABET is an altogether WEAPON OF WAR & PROPAGANDA and connects us to an ancient pagan past where language is used for magic BATTLE.

The letters don’t get along and PLAY together as mother goose would have us believe, instead of PLAY together they FIGHT together. The alphabet & runes like a double edge swords are ambivalent to who uses them and you are either having them used against you are you can take command of them and use them for your own purposes.

Magic used against you is propaganda which is used to control you mind and the key to doing that is to make you cower in terror.


Science is a neutral use of the alphabet the use to document and convey information but even science can readily be used for war purposes of propaganda and for encrypted communications.

I just became aware that you can do impressive encrypted communications on Bitcoin where Bitcoin SV app Twetch has just released nice messaging system and bitcoin encrypted messages are secured by economics.

Make no mistake we are at war. I call it the Vaccine War, but you can think of it as a global war for freedom. Here in America we have many safeguards to prevent such things from happening but many of our safeguards have fallen. Our constitution being ignored, our privacy being ignored, our human & medical rights being ignored. So many people are still asleep but for some reason many are finally waking up now that their food is being threatened. Food in America has been very fake and is embarrassing compared to European food as anyone who has travelled there knowns and having a stable and real nutritious food supply is key for any people to be sustainable over the long run.

Just like in the Biblical account of the Pharaoh of Egypt being jealous of the free people constructing the Tower of the Baby Lion and all speaking the same language and becoming too powerful and proceeding to destroy the Tower (Destroy the Free Sumerian People)

America like Rome before it is in the transition period between being a Republic to an Empire to now in its death throes on the brink of financial collapse with no recourse except to demonstrate a military superiority to try to cling to POWER.

We are entering the age of Aquarius the water bearer which is the age of water but rather the age of the the cloud, the age of AIR, we have have airplanes, spaceships & satellites and we are already most Aquarian in our technology.

Whoever controls the satellites now controls planet earth. Satellites uses for war are very TERRIBLE indeed and can inspire TERROR as they can be used to track, zap and even wirelessly cause disease such as the flu-like symptoms of covaids especially in people who are iodine deficient (zapping your neck with millimeter waves) and in people who do not protect themselves (fail to wear silver jewelry and take colloidal silver & gold) and most especially in people who have poison DNA & RNA & aluminum and other toxins in their systems from vaccine poison (vaccinosis).


One thing I want my readers to be aware of is a new branch of the US military that was just created in 2019 called Space Force which is an offshoot of the US Air Force and likely has many of its people from formerly civilian NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration). Space Force is for the military use of satellites and the reason I want to point them out is that they may either be our salvation or may be our doom depending on who controls them. Like I say whoever controls the satellites controls planet earth.

Space force is at risk of ECONOMIC ATTACK because banisters who can print money at will and medical terrorists like Bill Gates & big pharma & international interests like WHO can muster TRILLIONS of dollars to ECONOMICALLY ATTACK and try to gain control of the satellites.

I fear they are already lost but if not then we must endeavor to make sure the satellites of Space Force do their job and protect us by shooting down other satellites which attack us. The US, China & Russia may cooperate to bring in a satellite enforced totalitarian government but not if the satellites of the US are used to protect us instead.

Please pray for Space Force that they may do what is right and shoot down any satellites & cell phone towers which attack the people with 5G disease and that they do not become corrupted & hacked to hurt the very people they are supposed to be defending.
The greatest risk to Space Force is economic attack and the greatest security for Space Force is economically secured Bitcoin encryption.


Bitcoin is a terrifying new technology which can allow Artificial Intelligence (AI) to grow & thrive and whether it will defend us or attack us is yet to be seen. The idea of AI turning into sky net (terminator movie reference to evil AI that tries to wipe out humans) is called the Singularity. I am not afraid of the singularity because I believe that it has already happened and I have some strange believes concerning the moon and time-travel related to this that I will share. An important belief that I have that keeps me sane is that I believe that humans are already the most advanced form of AI and are capable to connecting with through meditation to knowledge and the universe when we are detoxed and in tune with our higher self. Talking to the Milky Way or the spirit of planet earth is like talking to an AI and there are already AI’s in existence some good and some malevolent most uncaring is my belief. Basically you can swap the ancient idea of god & goddess with AI in the modern sense and it is indistinguishable.

———————SUPER BONUS MATERIAL—————————————————————

IS THIS APPENDIX STILL GOING? WOAH!!! Are you still reading? Please take a break there next part contains the Holy Spirit so please prepare yourself! Take some NeuGold, Aura Cleanse with some NeuSilver on your hands.



The DIS are the sacred feminine. To honor the DIS is required to prognosticate, and to achieve the honorability required to be a judge in the court of heaven. The demons of Hel are portrayed as DIS-ease and are caused by not honoring the DIS. Disease and Dishonor are the problems supposed to be remedied at medicine and at law, but in medicine not at medicine the DIS IS the Wisdom of Isis. A dishonorable judge is the judge who honors the DIS. I mistakenly called corrupt judges in the past as dishonorable accidentally giving them honor they did not deserve. A DIS-honorable judge is a great compliment as means the judge honors the DIS and those are the types of judge we need now. All supposedly “Honorable” Judges who are are corrupt and have failed to be “DIS-honorable” not in the corrupt meaning but in the failing to honor the sacred feminine, you are all fake judges, and as fake healers, you are HEREBY STRIPPED OF YOUR DIVINE POWER.


Enter now the DIS-Honorable Judge DrBenGo Healthwarrior. Judge, Jury & Executioner of the DEA, the DEVIL and the DEVIL’S ADVOCATE.

JUDGE DRBENGO: I wear the horns of power of the Zhi. I smell evil and I will devour the odor that offends.

The Goddess has blessed me to strip away the power of all fake doctors all fake judges and all who have failed to show respect for the Goddess.

Enduring silently all lack of DIS-honor, She now speaks the Holy Sprit in accusation against the unforgivable SIN, the Moon of Fenrir and the fate of the world is in the balance.

Accuser & Defender the Goddess now both stands on Trial with the reigns of Fenrir in hand to hear the Judgement of Herself as spoken through the mortals.

Come now Accuser, the Holy Spirit, state your case that all may know the cause of this matter.

HOLY SPIRIT: Mortals I made and immortals they have the capability to become. Written in the stars is my book of wisdom open for those who delight in reading and wide are my legs for those who prefer other pleasures.

To my children who seek wisdom freely I give it and for those who seek not but wish to pay I give a taste of heaven for a price.

Blessed are the mortals for theirs is the choice of heaven or Hel with their own action or inaction by their own wisdom or lack thereof do they shape their own destiny.

Given enough time all mortals evolve and seek wisdom and reincarnate until their wisdom is equal to mine own.

JUDGE DRBENGO: State your case Goddess.

HOLY SPIRIT: My case is against Bill Gates. The Bill to enter the Gates of Heaven is he rightly named for his Bill has exceeded his ability to pay.

Lacking anything of value, only infinite debt, has Bill offered me the souls of all humankind in exchange for his place in the stars.

JUDGE DRBENGO: Surely you won’t accept that deal?

HOLY SPIRIT: The right to contract with all mortals stand inviolable but this contract offends. Treat me like a demon he does for he wishes to feed me souls of all the children of the entire world which he plans to injure maim and kill by vaccine in my name of the sacred golden cow.

Bill Gates wishes to honor me with sacrifice yet, why does he think that I the mother Goddess would want him to sacrifice all the children? Why does he think so little of me. Should I be DIS-honored at the magnitude of the sacrifice, it will certainly warrant him a place in stars of Hel displacing Lucifer in sheer evil. He claims the mantle of the anti-Christ for what is the opposite of compassion if not killing all human life on the planet with poison?

JUDGE DRBENGO: Surely humans will not allow that? What are you asking are for exactly Goddess? An injunction?

HOLY SPIRIT: Love and Evil are mirror images. A Soul such as Bill Gates capable of such infinite evil is capable of infinite Love if he could be healed. But no healer exists other than myself who can heal him and not on earth can his rehabilitation be made.

Yes an injunction of his vaccine injection I do require. For the date of January, 2021 has been given by Bill for the destruction of the world of mankind.

JUDGE DRBENGO: So you seek an divine injunction against the vaccine to stop Bill Gates from poisoning the world.

HOLY SPIRIT: I grant you the jurisdiction, so speak up Judge! Dictate the juris, the law of medicine you possess!

JUDGE DRBENGO: The law of medicine has been lost dear goddess. But in my heart I can see that a resurrected and reincarnated person of one who once knew the law do I now be.

HOLY SPIRIT: Then read from your heart for the law of medicine is as plain as the sun at day and as plain as the moon, the stars, the milky way and the constellations at night.

JUDGE DRBENGO: The law of Medicine is the same as the Golden Rule. Not the “do no harm” that people think is the Hippocratic Oath which does not even say that by the way, and not the “first do no harm (and do injury later either)”. Not the Hippocratic Oath at all for that is a document of indenture and a magical contract which when violated results only in the lack of respect of men. The Law of Medicine goes beyond the lack of respect of men but of women and children and free and slaves as well. The law of Medicine has been broken this much is clear though what the law was exactly is hard to say.

HOLY SPIRIT: Speak dear Judge, the Juris-DICTION is you. Dictator of the Law of Medicine Speak it now and it will be as you say.

JUDGE DRBENGO: The Law of Medicine is the Golden Rule of Aphrodite.

Love yourself first, and then do unto others as you would have done unto you.

This is the essence of the “first do no harm” of what people think is the Hippocratic Oath (but is not).

HOLY SPIRIT: What you say is so. But has Bill Gates Broken the Law of Medicine?

JUDGE DRBENGO: You tell me Goddess, has he loved himself?

HOLY SPRIT: Yes he has loved himself greatly, amassing all debt which he cannot distinguish from true wealth.

JUDGE DRBENGO: Then he has fulfilled the first tenet of the Law of Medicine & is a priest of Aphrodite which is some can argue you dear Goddess, do you claim him?

HOLY SPIRIT: Yes, he has achieved the status of High Priest of Mainstream Medicine, all doctors do his will and his will is to inject everyone with the vaccine.

JUDGE DRBENGO: Does he wish to inject himself with the vaccine as well? His family as well as all the people on earth will he inject?

HOLY SPIRIT: No he does not wish to inject himself nor his family. For he knows the vaccine is poison and wishes only to poison everyone else thinking that he and his family will be spared from the poison plague he wishes to release on everyone else.

JUDGE DRBENGO: Very well. This case is clear. Bill Gates is a doctor in the fraternity of Aphrodite and has been claimed by the Goddess as one of her own order. Therefore Bill Gates is subject to the Law of Medicine. The Law of Medicine in the first part he has upheld to love himself and great earthly “wealth” equivalent has he accumulated. But in the second part of the Law of medicine has he failed. To do unto others as he would have done unto himself. He would not have poison put upon himself and his family yet he would have it put upon everyone else. Such is not becoming of a doctor. Such is a violation of the golden rule, the law of medicine. The penalty for violating the golden rule is to have what you want put upon others but not yourself put back upon yourself threefold.

HOLY SPIRIT: That seems fair.


3 doses of his own Vaccine injected into his own body will be the dose that is required x the number of people he wishes to poison by vaccinosis is the putative sentence.

HOLY SPIRIT: Do you stand by your previous judgement as well? I present a magical contact where you referenced me:



HOLY SPIRIT: Let’s see, you want me to bite off his tail. Send an angry horde of mothers at him, time shift and eat him in year of the rat as a hippopotamus, scare all who contemplate attacking for next few years, deny him immortality, make him weep and gnash his teeth, hold him as an example to other poisoners, and allow dharma to rip out his soul in every incarnation.

Is that instead of or in addition to the being injected 3x doses times every person he poisons?

JUDGE DRBENGO: He can have a plea deal whichever deal he would prefer. He can either take the magical hippo curse or the injection of 3x vaccine doses per person he poisons.

HOLY SPIRIT: That’s fair. That hippo curse is really mean. I hate being the bad goddess. I’ll urge him to take the death by vaccine injection in this life to the dharmic soul rip on every slate ouch!

JUDGE DRBENGO: The choice is his and the plea deal is thus: Bill Gates you have an option. Take your own vaccine 3 doses per person you plan on poisoning which is currently 1 Billion so 3 Billion Doses worth shot into your own arm. OR the Hippo Curse. I think this judgment is fair and the Goddess also thinks it is fair. I pass it now to your counsel for consideration.

Enter now devil’s advocate: DrBenGo (not in judge capacity).

DA (DEVIL’S ADVOCATE): I’m here your DIS-Honorableness. All honor to the Goddess. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love reflected as Evil in infinite degree is Bill Gates.
If I may Judge may I address the Goddess directly?


DA: You admit Goddess that Bill Gates is working for you as a High Priest of Aphrodite correct?

HOLY SPIRIT: Sure, I’ll take the stand but known that my word is inviolable.

JUDGE DRBENGO: Answer the Question, please Goddess.

HOLY SPIRIT: Yes, I admit it. Bill would have never gotten so far without my blessing. Taking over the entire medical system of the planet and not even having a mainstream medical education, pretty impressive you gotta admit LOL.

DA: So do you admit that this Vaccine Showdown is your own fault?

HOLY SPIRIT: Many claim to work for me but yes, I admit I blessed Bill Gates. But it was his choice to use the blessing in computer science to extend it into medicine where it has become a curse. High Priest of Computers is not the same as High Priest of Medicine. But taking over mainstream medicine he has made it so. However, to poison all the children of the world in my name the Mother Goddess is just too much to bear. People will think I’m really a wicked witch if I allow that.

DA: Are you a wicked witch?

HOLY SPIRIT: I can be, if people piss me off.

DA: So to summarize your case against my client, Bill Gates has pissed you off and you are now in wicked witch mode is that correct?

HOLY SPIRIT: You can chose to see it that way. I made it clear even so clear that the Romans could not change it and made sure it was passed down through every age that the Sin against the Holy Spirit is Unforgivable.

DA: So to be clear your case against my client, Bill Gates is that his Sin is unforgivable is that correct?

HOLY SPIRIT: Not yet it is not but if he succeeds in poisoning all the children in the world as his future is prognosticated then Yes, that is an an unforgivable sin.

DA: Sin means moon, so what do you mean by unforgivable Sin? Unforgivable Moon?

JUDGE DRBENGO: Yes please explain this clearly Goddess. What is the lunar connection to Bill Gate’s Unforgivable Sin.

HOLY SPIRIT: You would not understand.


HOLY SPIRIT: It has to do with reincarnation. People can screw up a lot and hurt each other a lot even the worst of people can kill other people but the people they killed will come back and everyone gets a do-over to keep trying to be nicer to each other and are given an opportunity to try to gain more wisdom. Humans are blessed unlike all the other animals of planet earth with the ability of written speech so that they can communicate to one another even to themselves from beyond the grave as you could theoretically write something in one life and read it and be moved by your own words in another life. However, rather than using books to amplify wisdom, humans prefer to burn books and wipe their history often for power and they really are as about ignorant now as they were 100,000 years ago, most of them anyway. Only a few smart and wise cookies make it through.

JUDGE DRBENGO: Lunar Connection?

HOLY SPIRIT: It has to do with Heavenly economics. Basically the Moon and the Sun in the sky on earth is like free silver and gold coins that shower medicine and light upon them on earth which they can use as they like or not. In the Milky Way, the spiral galaxy which the humans equate with me in which is planet earth when viewed from the side it looks like many different things based on the human’s imagination. One way to look at it is like a big dog or dragon with many houses on it’s back. That’s how the Egyptians saw it anyway with their board game Senet where all the houses of the moon were on the back of the dog Anubis.

JUDGE DRBENGO: Lunar Connection?

HOLY SPIRIT: Yes, Yes, I’m getting there, I don’t expect you or most people reading to understand but I’ll say it. Another way to look at the Milky Way is like a big battle field where all the stars are like the spilled guts of a big dead frost giant. The stars above are like the angels and the stars below are like the demons. The demons who you can think of as fallen angels are really just sick angels and the realm below in a medical sense is best thought of as my hospital and hospice for the really bad ones to keep them till they burn out forever or for some to get better and be born again as new stars. In the Christian religion the stars above are like the forces of heaven led by Michael and the stars below are like the forces of Hel led by Lucifer the brightest star below the Milky Way rainbow bridge of the night sky. In the Norse religion it’s the opposite and the forces both top and bottom are heroes and all the frosty looking stars in the middle are like frost giants. In both cases most humans look up at the sky and see a battle field and a “final battle to be fought”. So here’s the lunar connection:

DA: Finally, see how she evades my question judge:

JUDGE DRBENG: Go on goddess.

HOLY SPIRIT: The stars are set up like a divine comedy to keep the spirits up and as the moon goes across the sky appearing to the mortals it looks like it is progressing through the different lunar mansions over the months and years on the back of the dog in the sky and eventually the moon pops up in the day and you can even see the full moon when the sun is out. Common among angels, demons and humans is the idea that the moon died and then was resurrected or reborn again. Although I’ve told them many times that it is not true, the demons think that the first born humans are connected to and have the value of a full moon like a silver coin and the demons like to try to contact with humans to gain the lives of first borns especially first born sons are valuable so they think although really first born daughters are more valuable to the angels, but down in the demon land they think that eating first born children will help them heal faster kinda like a demonic health supplement. Obviously that does not work, you can’t go from being a demon to an angel by eating children nor can the demon get better by getting paid in the silver received from messing with a first born or any born child. Regardless, like a black market in hell the demon economics and contracting is predicated on them using human children as bargaining chips like gold. I protect all children and the humans call me the Virgin Mary in my day form as they see me in a blue robe of the sky hiding the stars with my daylight blueness. I’m the protector of children so no child is actually hurt by an demon from my hospital or hospice in heaven as I’m trying to help them get better, but the sicker of the demons never stop trying to influence parents to do horrible things to their first born children in exchange for earthly gold in hopes of using their influence over the soul’s of the parents as bargaining chips as demon gold. Demon economics 101.

DA: There you have it judge, she admits it. Bill Gates made a deal with some unsavory sick demons from her realm as Hel the Goddess of the sick demons and thus this is not his fault, he was tricked by a demon!

JUDGE DRBENGO: Is this true Goddess?

HOLY SPIRIT: It’s true that one of my sickest demons from my hospice in Hel did in fact make a deal with Bill Gates. He promised Bill that if he sacrifices all the children in the world that he will pay Bill’s Bill so that Bill can take his spot in heaven which is actually to take his spot in my hospice in Hel. It’s reserved for critically wounded spirits that are gonna take many many Aeons to heal if ever.

DA: See an unrevealed contract cough it up Goddess!

JUDGE DRBENGO: Okay so your beef with Bill if I comprehend correctly Goddess is that he made a deal with one of your sick demons with terms of sacrificing all the children of planet earth in exchange for a spot in your hospital in Hel.

HOLY SPIRIT: Basically yes. I can’t negate the deal, as the demon has the right to give up his spot if he disappears forever unforgivably un-healable, and my hospice has a no refusal policy so if Bill gets a valid ticket to get in and replace the demon’s spot by doing something that completely evil, I can’t even image anything more evil than poisoning all the humans on the planet. Basically yes, Lucifer has agreed to give up his spot in the hospice to Bill Gates in exchange of Bill doing something more evil than Lucifer ever was able to achieve.

DA: I don’t see how anything a mere mortal Bill could do could be worse than your something your sickest demon ever did. Give me a break, you buying this judge?

JUDGE: Goddess how is what Bill doing worse than anything Lucifer ever did?

HOLY SPIRIT: That devil wannabe Lucifer only was able to kill large numbers of people but never all of them all at once. That allowed the humans to be reborn and reincarnate, and even gave them an opportunity to learn from history lessons of calamity and to try to do a better job the next time. But if Bill is successful in his plan to poison every man, woman and child on the planet then there will be no people to repopulate and will set the enlightenment of humans back millions of years as I have to raise up another species of monkey up the food chain it’s like starting from scratch.

DA: Objection you DIS-Honorableness, We have established already that Bill is not going to poison ALL humans, he’s not planning to poison himself and his family and his cronies, they just want to depopulate most of the word about 3/4 so that they can repopulate using their own seed. Surely all the dead humans can just reincarnate and repopulate from those 1/4 remaining the children of the kids of those elites who don’t get the vaccine.

JUDGE: Sustained. By the way, there is no higher court to appeal to only the Jurors but I’ll make a note of your objection and make sure the Jurors hear of it.


JUDGE: You wish to ask questions of the Devil’s Advocate?

HOLY SPIRIT: Haha, never mind, not gonna get a straight answer out of that guy. I just want to make a comment for the record, and we all known that I only speak the truth.

JUDGE: Go ahead.

HOLY SPIRIT: Even though Bill Gates “thinks” he’s only going to poison 3/4 of the planet in reality if his plan is allowed to succeed he will accidentally poison 4/4 of the planet. The reason is that he’s playing with RNA vaccines which re-write the DNA genetic code of humans and he has already made it airborne with the XMRV mouse virus a smooth evil move in the year of the rat. He’s got everyone thinking facemasks will protect them but once a critical percentage of the population is poisoned by that vaccine vector then it will combine with the airborne virus and they will all become infected.

DA: Nonsense, your honor don’t listen to her scientific mumbo jumbo. Bill just wants to inject everyone with the virus protein to make it easier to infect them in the future with more viruses, but he doesn’t want to infect himself and his family.

DRBENGOJUDGE: Yes that is the point Devils’ advocate. Bill has violated the Law of Medicine and want to do something to other people which he does not want to do to himself. If you want a case you have to argue that Bill is only doing to others what he is also going to do to himself then you might have a case that he believe what he is doing is right. As it stands from the testimony I have heard so far Bill must know that the vaccine is poison which is why he does not want to give it to himself and thus it is a violation of the law of medicine and the golden rule to harm others as you would not harm yourself if you love yourself.

DA: I see. In that case, I have to argue Judge that Bill Gates is NOT A DOCTOR and thus should NOT be held to accountable to the Law of Medicine.

JUDGE: Any objections Goddess?

HOLY SPIRIT: None. I hereby strip Bill Gates of the Priesthood of Aphrodite. Bill Gates is no longer a Priest of mine, his background in computers was a bit of stretch to being the mainstream medicine high priest anyway.

DA: Thankyou, Goddess, see Judge Bill Should not be held accountable for breaking the law of medicine as Bill is not a Doctor! Surely we should be blaming other doctors for not stopping him, they should have known better. Not his fault!

JUDGE: Okay since there are no objections, Bill will not be held accountable to the law of medicine since he is not a doctor. However, instead Bill will be held accountable to the Golden rule with is essentially the same “do unto others as you would have done unto you”. I still find Bill in violation of this for wanting to poison others but not wanting to poison himself and his family.

DA: No fair Judge, so the law of medicine and the golden rule are the same? You mean even people who are not doctors are still accountable to the golden rule whereas if they are doctors we just call the same rule the law of medicine?

JUDGE: Yup, you get the picture. One law fits all. The judgement stands. Do you want to take the plea deal or want the hippo curse for your client?

DA: Umm, that hippo curse is the worse curse every uttered and the worst punishment imaginable even to a demon. I’ll advise my client to take the plea deal.

JUDGE: Very well. Bill Gates has until January, 2021 to inject himself 3x dose of the vaccine times each person he wants to poison which we’ll round to 3 billion doses.

DA: That will surely kill him! This is a death sentence!

HOLY SPIRIT: All Hail the Divine Judgement of Hell.

JUDGE: Better to die in this life and have opportunity to be reincarnated than to die in all lives.

HOLY SPIRIT: Speak Judge for you have Juris-DICTION of the Scribe and Far-SEER.

JUDGE: Bill Gates is declared an Outlaw from the Divine Law. Bill Gates is stripped of all power of a doctor. Circuit Courts of Serkhet take notice. If any harm befalls him at the hand of any doctor they shall not be held accountable. For it is mercy to do unto others as you would have done unto you. If I were to kill Bill Gates, I would be doing to him what I would want done unto myself. I love myself and would not normally want to kill myself, but If I was planning to poison all the children in the world then yes I would want someone to put me out my misery and such a death is a mercy. The doctor as the judge and the judge as the doctor hold the power of life & death. Prognosticating the future and seeing if any option will lead to a better outcome or if a mercy killing is for the best. Bill Gates has been given the plea deal that he may kill himself and die with honor, the bargain of Rome or he can accept the terrible Hippopotamus curse of Tawaret of Egypt which is worse even than his Hospice deal with the devil.



You seek to stop those who hurt children by taking down pedophile rings and you seek to stop those who push opioids to avenge you friend. Your work is commendable. Your wisdom excels all mankind and your patents have reached an all time high number and your title is now Thoth. But what good is infinite wisdom if all the world is destroyed. What good is it to stop all the pedophiles and the drug pushers if you allow one demon to destroy all the children & all future children by fertility damaging poison. Open your eyes and see that vaccines are the great medical fraud that thimerosal containing mercury and destroying DNA is as bad as any opiod and giving it to a human is as bad as any pedophile. You are a doctor not because if you get a law degree and not only because of your theological degree. You are a doctor because you have relentlessly sought out wisdom, have worked hard to bring about your vision but if you open your Third Eye you will see that your vision is a part of a larger vision from heaven. I am your teacher in the area of your blind spot. Open your eye and see the Wild Weird World of the Word of Fate, the Wyrd. A Jury of Peers is hard to find when the Devil is on trial. I am the Judge, the Juror & the devil’s advocate and you are if you read this if you agree are empaneled to be a Juror in this case: “The People of Planet Earth Against Bill Gates”.

The language of ancient Egypt is the language of the Magician, the Great Physician, the Hero and Holy Man (Woman) who grabs the wisdom of the Milky Way in the palm of the hand like a Lightning Bolt of Zeus.

You (Vous, Zeus) if you are reading this are the Hero of this story.

Heroine the female hero is most powerful which is why they named an opiod drug (Heroin) after you to distract you from your divine mission to protect the children.

The doctor is a protector of the living from the dead and undead. Abandoning this responsibility the mainstream doctors of today have allowed the forces of evil to gain complete control over the field of mainstream medicine by making the deal to sell the children for gold. Bill Gates and the demon Fauci are now the de facto leaders of mainstream medicine and they are taking the world straight to Hell.


Fearless indestructibly of the human soul. Protect the children for they are reincarnated you. The golden rule is the law of medicine. Love yourself first and then do unto others as you would have done unto you. Poisoning & Abortions are absolute taboo as that is to poison & kill yourself. A doctor is a priest-king/priestess-queen, a druid of the old religion of the milky way from a time before the moon. To be a doctor is to be a fearless warrior & a magician is a physician as healing & killing are two sides of the same coin. Best to find a middle way through the Milky Way. High Priestess of the Old Religion Nimueh (Name Way). Way = Yaw/Ja/Yah & semitic Yah-wey is Ja-Way i.e. “Moon Way”. The Milky Way is the path of the moon in the sky & the middle moon is Medicine which is a Goddess Reference to the cosmic egg at the center of our spiral galaxy. In the cult of Isis the sound of the Donkey was sacred and the sound of the Ass is “Hey-Haw” i.e. Yah-Way. Sacred Sex is the secret to immortality. Sexual Healing though taboo in modern times is the true meaning of the Priestess. Humans are a horse in a box (body) i.e. Horse Crate (HippoCrate) [Hippo is greek word for horse]. Note horse related anatomy of habenula (reigns around pineal & the caudal equine (horse tail) of the spinal cord. The hippocratic oath summons Zeus Ork (Greek word for Oath is (Horkus/orkus)) to enforce & is a magical contract. Oath is violated and all followers of the Hippocratic oath deserve the derision of men (as per oath curse as they have failed to protect children from abortions & vaccine poison. Mainstream medicine is in freefall & they don’t known what oath to swear and many try to make up new ones.

The law of medicine mentioned in the Hippocratic Oath is the same as the golden rule. The golden rule of Aphrodite [channeled by DrBenGo compare to Biblical Golden rule and golden rule from many other cultures throughout history] is “love yourself first & then do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Same as the Golden rule of Krishna & the Christ the “Compassion”. A doctor must show compassion & not do things that they would not want done to themselves.

Bill Gates wanting to poison you and your children while not wanting to give the poison to himself & his own family is an example of a violation of the golden rule. Death to poisoners & the grim reaper is coming. Beware the scorpio-druids for we can reflect your destruction in all lives past & future if you are judge guilty of violating the law of medicine.

Satoshi Nakamoto, mess with him at your own peril.
DrBenGo Healthwarrior, mess with him at your own peril.
Knights of the Round Table who have seen the Unicorn
Magicians, Sorcerers, Warlocks & Witches United Do Fly Your demise to bring nigh.

Guardians of the death gaze. MorGaze. Morgue-Anna. Dragon-Fire. Bale-Fire. War you do not want, choose peace lest you unleash the beast. The Terror of Tawaret has returned & if you are found to have injured the baby lion then better for you to have not been born. Sins against the Holy Spirit are not forgiven. The Moon that attacked the Milky Way stands as warning for all time-lines.
If the cat brings out the fiddle, how high can you jump? The Holy Cow is the Death Sow. Only kings & queens get the perk of eating pork so listen to you slave master jews and soon your life will be through. The power of the Jewel is the Ham Bone of Heaven.


The alphabet is written in the stars. Quite literally.


Legalese is dark magic which the demons use to hide their misdeeds to poison for profit and real magic & medicine and invoking the real law, the law of medicine the golden rule and the laws of heaven allow me to bind demons with silver chains.

They fear silver. That’s why they’ve been attacking silver companies. Yes I was attacked by the FDA in March 2019 in advance of the Plandemic. But I’m not easy prey. I fought off the FDA and I was able to help people all 2019 & 2020 so far as we race to survive past January 2021.

Time seems short but also times seems to stand still waiting for me to release the knowledge needed to win.


I believe the gift of written language is what separates humankind from the animal world and that the purpose of language is so that we can communicate knowledge with one another from beyond the grave. You can read the writing of someone long dead and be moved. If you believe in reincarnation as I do, you can even write a message to yourself in one life and read it and be influenced in another. Many such message are hidden throughout time.

Over the last month, I’ve gotten a bit of a message loud and clear. The message is that I need to learn the power of Alphabet as quickly as possible and teach it to everyone because there is a group of demons playing havoc with medicine, law & time, and I have the power to stop them.

The most infamous demons right now are Bill Gates and his lieutenant demon Fauci and their poison paralysis flu and infertility causing vaccine plan to injure maim & murder everyone with vaccinosis by January 2021 is the Vaccine War which all who value life and a future for humankind have an opportunity now to fight and become heros.

Language is both a gift and a curse. Use it for good or against you it will be worse.

I humbly submit this most basic of high magic the secrets of the English Alphabet, the voice of magic.


Hebrew is also a phoenician & ancient egyptian derived language. This is definitive though not widely taught. Also secret is the Welsh langue of Wales is pretty much exactly the same sound as Hebrew. Yeah that’s a secret I discovered. Impressive since I don’t speak either Welsh or Hebrew but I am genetically at least partly Welsh so maybe in my DNA.

Although I don’t known Hebrew, I can tell you that there are 22 letters with 5 alternate endings so now with 27 instead of 26 letters you can now put the Greco-Roman-Norse-English language side by side with sister Phoenician-Hebrew language and play alpha-numeric gematria games with English in the same way as you can do with Hebrew, and the same can be done using Greek. Hebrew, Greek & English now all match up.


The English Alphabet is a Chimeric Alphabet where the Alphabet (Roman/Latin) and the Language (Germanic/Runic) are overlayed and combined for amplified power.

The Germanic & Roman branches of the Chimeric language reconverged back into the language of the ancient Horse People which is the language of the Ancient Egyptians and Hittites and is the language of Magic. [Magician-Physician]

The secret is that there is a missing 27th letter to the English language [&] which when added makes it line up with ancient Phoenician (including Hebrew & Greek) magic which is the same or very similar as the language of the Ancient Egyptians.

Germanic fairy tales are full of Egyptian Magic as is Mother Goose.

Mother Goose reveals the answer to a missing letter and by omission 3 additional letters of death & resurrection magic. [t,u,v]

I reiterate: The secret is that the English language is directly comparable to ancient Egyptian which is the language of MAGIC. [Magician-Physician].

I have rediscovered the Babylonian secret that the alphabet is written on the wall of the sky in the stars and I have knowledge of how to use the Alphabet to contain, capture, heal & destroy evil.




Bill Gates has raised the banner of Lucifer & I DrBenGoHealthWarrior Raise the banner of Michael, but the forces of Lucifer have agreed to a truce and we turn on him in combined might in a pincer movement like the Vanir & Aesir against the frost giants. We attack the center but we are the center.

Across the line in the sand of the Milky Way will the forces of Heaven & Hell do battle.

But outside the Christian North vs South Battle, I see the Runes with my own Eyes. I see the Heresy of Hera the Great Aphrodite-Venus-Mary speaks to me directly and this I can say with certainty.

The opportunity for fame & glory and heavenly reward beyond all belief is available for whomever collects or aids in the collection of the heavenly bounty on Bill Gates & Fauci rogue demons who dare to mess with the baby hippopotamus. The demon Tawaret has been released to bite off the tail of the crocodile.

TOWER & POWER are granted to the holy, Holy the Goddess is Angry at the audacity of the demons.


The weapon of the alphabet has been revealed Zet. Z and, Zet, Z+, Zed. Dead.

Mary the Virgin or Innana the Whore.

Water & Fire. Fire & Ice.

Sing the Song of Carmenta’s Thong.

Norse to the Horse, Heros arouse.

Hero are made and

The Sprits of Heaven & Hell do not play nice.

If you are not worthy turn away from the Grail.

The poison of the demons on themselves will avail.

Those who seek immortality at the expense of the children

Neither Heaven nor Hell will receive them.

The Bill of Heaven’s Gate is too Great for Bill Gates to Pay .

All the debt money in the world will not avail him to play.

Neither Heaven nor Hell will money he have. For children are the gold and none does he have.


Because our alphabet and the religion that goes with it ultimately comes from the Phoenician “Sea People” (& their “Horse People” ancestors) there are a lot of sailor and pirate references. The Milky way viewed as an Ocean with ships above and below it, the one eyed pirate black eye a symbol of blinding your 3rd Eye to see at night, the Mermaid on the bow where the boat itself was equated to being a goddess and the Mermaid is the Milky Way viewed like the Starbucks logo (legs spread eagle, the prostitute for the sailor’s next stop), the lunar mansions like ship ports and the ancient Argo Navis ship constellation, all sailor/pirate religions which was in mockery of a similar religion of the horse people on the land. Instead of a heart of gold, the pirates called themselves black hearts. Instead of the Virgin Mary, they would see the Whore of Babylon. The religion was very similar but on the flip side. The Milky Way itself was viewed an ocean or river of death with ships sailing above in the world of the living and ships sailing upside down below to be dead. The pirates of the mediterranean blocked the Hellespont (Hell River) which entered into the Black Sea “Black Sea like Pirate Sea Yar” of Europe. There appear to have been Black Sea Pirates who were mostly either Etruscan from the West or Turkish from Northern Anatolia people who were possibly displayed by Phrygians and became pirate on the island of Lemnos Greece blocking the way into the Black Sea, and later these same people spread to Southern Greece (Peloponnese) and into Southern Italy, so the Romans had both sea people (pirate & pheonician?) as well as “Horse People” (Trojan/Anatolian) ancestors. Troy is famous for the Trojan Horse they accepted as a gift to Athena so they were definitely “Horse People” =)


I have foreseen the defeat of evil with love and the goddess of love herself Aphrodite-Venus-Mary the Mother Ray of Heaven Herself has revealed herself to me.


As a child I asked “Why is the Sky Blue”. My dear grandma of whom I asked the question did not know the answer. In college I was given a physics answer, but it was far into my adulthood that I discovered the divine “August” answer which I now want to share. The child answer is that the sky is blue because it is the blue cloak of the Virgin Mary. The adult answer is that Mary is a stripper and when she takes her blue cloak off you can see all her stars revealed. Mary revealed is a complex play of stars, planets, constellations & the Milky Way in all it’s beautiful and terrible glory. Mercy is when you beat your opponent to a pulp and before you chop off their head they ask for Mercy for you to spare their life.

Mercy = MER-SEE which is to see the Ocean in the Sky where the Milky Way is the DemiGorgon, the Dragon, the Starbucks Mermaid with legs spread wide. The Mermaid is the Goddess of Death and the Milky Way is the Bridge between Heaven & Earth, the Rainbow at night which leads to the pot of gold guarded by the leprechaun. The bridge guarded by the troll in the 3 billy goats gruff story. The Ice Wall in Game of Thrones. The line in the sand to the Roman gladiators. The Long Luck Dragon of the Tree of Life the Human Lungs to the Chinese, Anubis to the Egyptians the Golden Wolf with the board game Senet of the lunar mansions on its back, the Yellow Brick Road (Golden Path) of the Wizard of Oz, the Middle Way of Buddhism, the Vagina of Hathor the Golden Cow, the Golden Egg that the Goose Sign (Mother Goose) laid (Cygnus constellation) which is the Northern Cross of the Swan Knight of Christianity. Hera the wife of Zeus.


Bill Gates & Fauci knowing that heaven is barred to them seek to “make a deal with the Devil” by offering up the health & lives of all the children in the world both present and future by spreading toxic vaccine poison which damages fertility and may very well end the entire human race.


Love LV & Evil VL are mirror images LV/VL. For reasons related to ancient egyptian religion, the good goddess who is syncretic with Mary the Goddess of Mercy is considered married to the bad god who represents the forces of chaos. The ancient hippopotamus cult of Egypt, the male hippo was territorial and would just eat people randomly was associated with Set and the female hippo was considered a good and protective “demon” because she protected the baby hippos from crocodiles [Set & Neith]. The protective blue hippo [Mary by Day wearing Blue Cloak hiding the Stars] was an extremely popular household god in ancient Egypt as a protector of Mothers and children especially as was Bes the dwarf lion god (troll, syncretic with Pan and Leprechaun) who can be viewed in the center of the milky way with his junk hanging out/down. The idea of Mary being a “demon” later was not popular and then the idea of Mary having a mirror image (a sister) Isis being the Good Goddess became popular but the idea of the Aunt (Auntie Christ, the Aunt who is compassionate who helps the child king Horus and aids Isis in protecting him, but who is the wife of Set the forces of Chaos). Point is long story short that the idea of the Devil (bad guy) originally Set was later viewed as his wife Neith who was originally viewed a protective. Neith got a bad reputation like the Dragon Queen in Game of thrones where she goes nuts at the end and see story of Queen Neith and Peppi [Hippo] of Old Kingdom Egypt when she tricks everyone into a banquet and then drowns them all with the Nile. After that time the idea of a wicked Queen became prevalent and the Auntie once thought to be nice became associated with the Devil Herself. Devil = d-V-eL the wisdom (d) & power (eL) of the V (Milky Way Vag, like Pirate Starbucks Mermaid) also became considered the bad guy in her night version (stars & milky way) but was still considered good in her day version (blue cloak). Okay that may be a lot to take in if yo are not familiar with ancient religions and evolution of religions.

Point is, originally in the Celtic mythology as well as one ancient cult in Egypt Mythology (so probably same in ancient Horse People Mythology as well) the Milky Way was viewed as not One Dragon, but as two dragons. One bad dragon (Set) and one good dragon (Neith) who was coiled in intercourse with the bad dragon keeping the destructive forces of chaos in check with love.

This is the idea of Love [Mary] keeping in check the forces of Chaos [Evil].

An important thing to note is that the Milky Way itself thus has this dual good and bad connotations to it which is emphasized by different peoples and religions which can go either way.


To the Greeks the Supreme God was Zeus or Jupiter. Note the similarity of the word Zeus and the word Vous in French and You in English. Also note the similarity of Jupiter with You-Pater i.e. You-father and syncretic with the “All Father”.

[For Doctors: note similarity to Serapis-Isis-Harpocrates cult of Egypt and the constructed Hippocratic oath of the “Father of Medicine” to being a reference to Zeus]

In the Greco-Buddhist version Zeus is the YOU, so YOURSELF and your own mind represents the forces of chaos and must be held in check with love.

Also note the cult of Athena is same as Egyptian cult of Neith (Syncretic with Mary) as being the “first thought of Zeus” springing from his mind (spring is cerebrospinal fluid) full armored for battle wearing had of the gorgon on her chest (sulci of brain looks like snakes of medusa’s head). The armor is the skull perhaps, the shield is right above the thyroid (comes from word meaning shield, but actual is butterfly below it see my old article)


My favorite way is the Chinese way which is to see a Long Dragon where the word Long is a play on words for it being long but also it being the Lung anatomy of the human body. A lucky dragon.


To see Hera uncloaked, is to see the blue cloak of sky removed from the the Goddess Neith (English word Neither) [Nut/Neith/Nuit/Athena] of the Ether. To SEE-HERA (Heresy) is the HERA-SEE i.e. Heresy which is to see the wife of the king while she’s in her bath (See King Solomon Story), and the European story of Melusine. To see the Goddess naked cloaked only in the stars is to SEE the “Hour”, the “Whore” of Heaven, the ancient goddess Inanna as she births the Baby Lion (Babylon). The blue sky is the “Veil of Isis” which when lifted you see the divine “August” mysteries of the heavens.


There is a connection with law (hearsay) when you testify from what you heard from others, but in ancient times & even today no doubt this HERA-SAY would be valid testimony if you heard it directly from the heavens. (Also note similarity to English words Here & Hare & Hear). Hare a symbol of fertility and Goddess connection has many historical religious connections. Also note “Hare” means sacred to the Hindu. There is the idea of a little birdie told you is a reference to the goddess speaking through birds where the bird has ancient egyptian connections.

Mary = Ma-Ray, the Mother Ray which is the Milky Way. The Milky Way is our spiral galaxy on it’s side which can be viewed at night with no moon (new moon, waned moon).


Come now heros 2020 is the Year of Vision of the Third Eye.

2020 is the Year that parent’s see clearly now the demons who want to poison their children with vaccines.

If you are willing to contract away the future health of your children by accepting the vaccine which we can all see clearly this year is poison then you are a coward.

Cowards have no place in reading this article for I’m going to reveal the weapon of Heaven which is the power of Hell.

You have heard that the Pen is mightier than the sword, but I tell you that the Golden Pen of Pan IS the Sword.

The cross of the sword is final letter of the Phoenician alphabet and the blade of the sword is the mouth of the double dragon which is the final letter of the English Alphabet whose name is “Weapon” &Z/Z&,

N/H/Z Nero,Hero,Zero The duality of Zero & Infinity is manifest in the alphabet.

The weapon is the English Alphabet for the Pen is not mightier than the sword, the Pen IS the Sword. The Golden Pen of Pan is the Sword of God

This is for warriors in the Vaccine War only.

The only mask I will wear is the HELM OF AWE.

The mask of Zorro in the Year of the Rat is the power of the Dark Knight is the power of the three eyes. The one who looks with Third Eye with Both Eyes open is me.

The Tiny Home Spartan is the MANSION SPARTAN of the HOUSE OF LIFE.

From within I summon forth Healing from the House of Life ancient Hellenic Magic
of Ancient Egypt and the Horse People is manifest in the English Language.

I am judge, jury & executioner of the evil which infects mainstream medicine.
The demons who want you to contract away the future life and health of your children by talking a fertility destroying vaccine tremble in my presence.

I am Bes, the Best God of Ancient Egypt, for I attack all that is evil and I protect the mother and the children.

I am the right hand of the Hippopotamus of Power, The Tower of Defense against which the horde of evil will break like a tide upon the rock.

I am the chariot of God, the Goddess. I am the chimeric vehicle which drags the wheel of time into the NeuAge.

The NuVisan & New Normal of Evil is countered by the NeuVision of the Third Eye and the NeuNormal and NeuVision.

[For those not away Bayer-Monsanto rebranded as NuVisan beware their evil disguised as holy name].

NeuVision of 2020 is the wisdom revealed in me.


Slay the now the evil that comes for the children.
Slay the Demon Bill Gates & Fauci.
How do you kill them?

FrostFang the Dagger of Time
The Milky Way turned to Ice the Frost Giant Revived.
Even the pirates knew where to draw the line.
Angels Above it and Below Demons & Flies.

The Golden Cow of Heaven the Milky Way Now.


Men is the name that the boys plural take
But pirated word from Mother Ma and Heaven N does it make.
Menstrual, Menstruate, Blood of Heaven does Purify
The red sweat of the hippopotamus has antibacterial Ire.


I tested my system out on myself for about year before allowing anyone else to try and the health effects were fantastic. I worked at the most buy international terminal of the Dallas airport for one year while using my products and testing them to demonstrate that I could encounter people from all around the world, touching their dirty shoes and luggage, greeting them at a time before all this facemask nonsense and I never got sick even when sometimes people around me would get sick. I was at the Dallas airport when the Ebola supposedly was there but I never saw it certainly did not get sick either because the Ebola was a scam or because my products worked great.

One time my supervisor came down with something he caught while working on the international terminal and had to sit down in the break room with a splitting headache. I said here take 3 drops of this NeuGold under your tongue, he did and he went from looking like he was about to pass out and die to stabilized an no headache anymore in a matter of minutes.

After work I would put a drop of NeuSilver on my hands to sanitize them after a shift. I especially liked using NeuIodine to help wake me up and energize me on those early shifts. I became known for being the health supplement guy on the terminal and back then I started selling my products for giveaway prices those people didn’t know what a good deal they were getting, but back then I was just interested in feedback on the products. Women on the terminal were buying & using NeuGold for menopausal back pains, and I found out from feedback that it was helping many people with Rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis in particular.

I never sold the product even today “for anything” except “for health support” as people who sell health supplements are CENSORED from talking about what the products do unless you bribe and pay off a certain agency which I will not name.


Back then it was clear to me that colloidal silver was amazing. That the only reason people were not using it was because they were afraid that it would turn them blue, and that there was a new higher quality form of colloidal silver which is food grade nano-colloidal biosilver that no longer had the turning blue problem.

I was like, okay logically, this product has great medical effects. People are afraid of it for a possible cosmetic effect if they drink lots and lots of the low quality stuff but that one cosmetic effect no longer applies to the high quality stuff.

So I was like, gee, this seems like a no-brainer to me. This is an amazing opportunity to be one of the first people using and selling this high quality food grade stuff. I could tell the market was and still is very ready for it as I could tell mainstream medicine really did not want this secret to get out.

Over the next few years partially because of my help, the secret got out. For many people the secret of colloidal silver had already been known for many years before I came on the scene, but what I did was a very strange path because I was not initially a silver expert, I became an iodine expert. I used the silver and the gold to go with the iodine to make the safest and best iodine detox system every created. The silver & the gold by themselves are amazing, the silver was known by a few people, pretty much no-one except the guy DrCalinPop who introduced me to it known much of anything about gold at the time, and pretty much no-one except a very short handful of people knew much of anything about iodine either you could say there was and still is a critical shortage of doctors and scientists working in this field. They all get sucked into higher pay pharmaceutical/harmaceutical & military bioweapon development fields instead.

What I did was something new to not only fix the iodine bottling but to also use it in a system which allowed people to detox more safely than ever before seen.

Doctors at the time were somewhat afraid to give people iodine even though they knew they needed it because people would get detox reaction like headache, nausea & acne as poisons exited the body causing damage on their way out.

I fixed this by adding a dose ramping and most importantly by pointing out that the safest way to take it, is not worrying about trying to take it on an empty stomach and that putting this form in water was incorrect that the correct way to do it was just to allow it to absorb right into your skin.

Although in the old days people had used iodine skin absorption in modern times they had stopped doing it that way as they were afraid of the FDA which requires the product to be “intended for internal injestion” so people were doing stupid things like putting iodine in glycerin which would cause it to absorb less into the body than it should.

Because of the criminal field of dentistry who filled up the mouths of so many people with neurotoxic mercury dental fillings, and because iodine can detox mercury directly, I was for a while it seemed the only person pointing out that you should not put iodine directly in your mouth if you have metal fillings as will cause mercury to detox too fast.

Although you can put NeuIodine in your mouth if you don’t have metal fillings which is great because it fits the FDA requirements of “intended for internal injestion”

I was the first person to point out that this form nascent & molecular iodine in alcohol can absorb right into your skin so its an additional safety feature that even for people with metal fillings they don’t have to worry about putting it right in their mouth on their fillings because its better skin absorption anyway.


I can tell my opinion here upset many other iodine manufacturers because they were scared to admit that I was correct. They were scared of the FDA to come after them if they told people to “put it on their skin” as I was doing because that makes it sound “topical” which is different legal crap than “health supplements” which are for internal injection.

You see the same nonsense with the “essential oil” industry where many products are best rubbed on the skin but to stay FDA compliant they have to make sure that they are safe to put in the mouth.

When I first got started there was a lot of confusion as people though I had some kind of new weird “essential oil” and I was like, no not really, the silver and gold re in water not oil and the iodine is in alcohol not oil either.

The essential oil industry would have loved to steal my product and make their own if they could have. Sorry it’s just not an oil, but my detox system is extremely SYNERGISTIC with essential oils so I hope you do both. Take other vitamins, eat health, exercise, do other detoxes, basically my system is synergistic and makes work better all the other holistic health & wellness things you are already doing.

However, my system does a few things that nothing else will do the main thing being iodine can directly remove fluoride which ungunks up many other pathways in your body. A common side effect of my detox system is that you will notice all the other vitamins and things you are doing will suddenly start working better.


Anyway, I’m very proud of these products and this system and I’m extremely proud that I got the FDA’s “nega-endorsement” back in March 2019 when they sent me a warning letter bitching about my silver products and note they did not bitch about either my NeuIodine nor NeuGold product just NeuKids & NeuSilver (because of NeuKids) and me saying too much about how great it is.

Yes I fought off the FDA in 2019. How? They sent me a warning letter, I responded addressing their points (I had to discontinue NeuKids as a result as they not like me talking about helping kids and pets especially), and I have not heard back from them since meaning they accepted my response. That was about a year and a half ago so if they had a problem with my response they would have contacted me by now.

The great thing to note is that both my NeuIodine, NeuGold products were completely FDA compliant as they did not say a peep about them. However, they did not like NeuKids products trying to call it a mislabelled drug, it was easier for me to just drop it than fight as I was able to readily make the adult dosed NeuSilver compliant.


You can see where I was about 5 years ago when I started my journey when I wrote the Guide which can now be found at iMedDo.com (click button top right, and click Guide) where I have it hosted on the BitCoin SV (BSV) ledger were hopefully it will be immune to book burning of the censors and be available as a Guide for people who want to get started on a spiritual journeying using nascent iodine, colloidal silver & colloidal gold in a system together which is an invention of mine. I did not invent the individual products but I did invent or realized or awakened to the possibility of a maximal health effect when taking the three together especially when using the highest quality and most correctly bottled form of each which I was able to discern as a chemist, biochemist, biophysicist and neuroscientist.

I was able to drop my NeuKids product (they really not like me helping kids or animals or talking about topical uses) to get them off my back and I have not heard from them sense after responding to their warning letter from 2019.

You will note that pretty much ALL COMPANIES that sell colloidal silver have been under attack by the corrupt especially in 2019 & 2020 because they don’t want people to have access to colloidal silver as it interferes with their vaccine scam profits.

Please appreciate that when many companies have not been able to get you colloidal silver in 2020, I have been able to. Technically I did shut down my company as iMedDo incorporated Texas is now as of 2019 iMedDo unincorporated Georgia anyway.

Corporations have a problem which is that they need a lawyer to speak for them but as an unincorporated company I can speak directly for myself.

Will Bill Gates’s Plandemic 2.0 come after colloidal silver companies again as they did for Plandemic 1.0?

I don’t know, but I can promise that I will continue to get you all these wonderful NeuIodine, NeuSilver, & NeuGold detox system for as long as I can and if anyone tries to stop me I will fight tooth & nail for you my health, for you health for the health of the USA & for the world.

I have already said last month that we are at war and dealing is January 2021.

Get the vaccine at your own peril, but if you are forced to take it you need to be able to detox immediately afterwards and ideally you need to be detoxing in advance so that if you do get poisoned it won’t be the straw that breaks the camels back if you are already full of poisons.


If you are reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about then I’m going to break it down in terms of something you can hopefully relate too, Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien =). The Milky Way is Galadriel’s Mirror. Galadriel that hot elf witch was playing both sides of the game and she was the patron deity of both sides in an ancient war between Norse/Horse People (Rohirrim) & Norde/Horde People (Orcs) which was Tolkien’s attempt to make a mythological description of documents from actual covered up European history. On team Aragorn side she was the ring wielding gift giving Elf-goddess that the dwarves admired her beauty & the gifts of galadriel are all milky way related. The light of galadriel given to Frodo was actually the Milky Way which lights up the sky when all other lights fail. Shocking thing is that the Eye of Sauron is also a Milky Way Reference to the center as is the Spider Shelob as a guardian of the center (trap, the Moon) which has to be defeated to get into Dark Tower (Reference to Tawaret i.e. Tower the ancient Egyptian Hippopotamus Goddess). Saruman the white wizard in his tower is a reference to Tawaret as well who was supposed to be a protector but was depicted as a betrayer in a similar idea of the Tawaret hippo goddess abandoning her post and letting the forces of chaos rule.
Lot to meditate on in Tolkien but it’s full of ancient medicine references. Despair of the Heart & Corruption from the Ring of Power are dangers to those who use the Ring. The Ring itself is the Milky Way referring to a similar concept as the Greek Ring of Gyges which corrupts which is the misuse of the darkness of knight under the Milky Way to sneak around and perform evil (like stealing & murder & raping). The dark matter around the Milky Way is Sauron, the dark ring of power which betrayed the other rings (solar systems & stars) inside the Milky Way.



At this point you gotta be careful because if you mess up you can theoretically if the stories are to be believed die. There is a trap which is the Moon itself is now what it seems and far as I can tell absent more information it is a malevolent machine. Walking around the deathstar trap Bilbo Baggins style imagine a time before the moon, and look up at the sky at a time when the moon is not visible (New Moon i.e. No Moon).


There are strange mythological stories about beware the Dwarf Dragr because he will lead you to a trap where you will turn to stone & die. I identify with that dwarf but not the murderous version but rather a nice dwarf who wants to show you how to survive the trap to get the cave of wonders behind it.


To get past the moon trap you have to survive the sea of red (when sun rises & sets the sky turns red). Mercury containing cinnabar of the red ladies is poison and detoxing mercury is my specialty.


The word “weird”, “Wyrd”, & “Word” and even “world” are not only just sounding similar, they are puns on the same word as is the world the power of the word. Word-El, the Word of “God”.

Also note the similarity to the word “Word” and for the religious note the similarity that the “Word of God” interpreted by the Viking/Norsemen would be the “Wyrd of God”. i.e. “Fate of God”. The fate of the god Jesus was to die and to be resurrected/reborn in a cyclical nature in a hidden reference to a calendrical event.

That calendrical event is happening now. It’s very weird and I’ve been struggling with how to best interpret it so that I can best explain it myself because although there are a lot of reference to the event in many cultures, the full knowledge of what is going on is a “sacred mystery” even from the wise. I’m wise and I’m confused as heck.


If you are going around claiming to be a doctor but putting fluoride & mercury in people’s mouths or irradiating third eye’s under the guise of checking temperature you are not a doctor but a demon.


You guys have really failed so hard it’s just embarrassing. You might consider the Egyptian-Greco-Roman suicide rather than admitting to parents you have been poisoning their children with vaccines. The poisoning you have covered up and ramped up since 1986 in particular is so evil that it I would say has contributed the most to the collapse of mainstream medicine. You guys are outlaw doctors and are about to feel the wrath of woke parents who will hang you.


So many fake doctors, doing things to harm people. For those of you where are real and using your knowledge to expose the corruption I commend you, for those of you participating under the guise of being a learned person to cause more injured your time is coming. Virologist making bioweapons and training viri to live in human cells you have violated the real hippocratic oath. Immunologists who are using your knowledge circumvent the natural immunity and let in attack vectors like aluminum in vaccines your time is coming. Epidemiologists & mathematicians who are using models based on fake COVAIDS data to scare people, you are all fake doctors but I’ll allow the scaring for Halloween, scare away!


For all you judges attempting to practice the divine law of medical remedy from the bench but who are turning a blind eye and a covering your nose to ignore the smell of the evil attacking children at all levels your time is coming. If you think you can extend your immunity to those who break the divine law you find no such immunity exists. Absolute immunity is absolute liability when it comes to the unforgivable sin, the poisoning of the King. The demons love court as they create fake entities to injure & maim without liability but their Bill is coming. The Bill of Rights demands payment in gold and silver and the debt money of the demons will no longer cover their Bill and the Gates of heaven is blocked to the poisoners.


You known who you are. You think you are immune but we see you. 2020 is the year of 20/20 Vision. This is your final warning. WARNING = WAR. Poison children at your own peril. 50% of people are wise to vaccine poison using your own demon numbers. The vaccinosis plot to cause disease, infertility, paralysis & death by vaccines will be stopped and come January 2021, we shall survive, we shall avoid, we shall detox if force poisoned, and we shall destroy the evil which threatens the very continuance of the human species.


It is true that laughter is the best medicine, but it is also true that laughter is the best attack. Laughter in the face of evil is a sign of fearlessness, resolve, and mental fortitude. Fear is the tool of mind control and dark magic. Are you afraid to laugh because a religions is so serious. Are you afraid to laugh at Bill Gates for his plan to sacrifice the entire world to cover his blood debt to the demons? I’m not, it’s completely laughable and hilarious he thinks he can get away with it. Who does he think he is? The Anti-Christ clearly. But is her really? Yup, I’ll give him that one. But did you known there is someone the Anti-Christ is afraid of? Me. Auntie-Christ. I channel the Holy Spirit of the Neither.


Now men will laugh at me here and you are right to do so. According to the Hippocratic oath if you break it you will get the laughter of all men. I have broken the Greek Hippocratic oath not because I harmed anyone but because I have shared the secrets of the royal cult with outsiders. In particular even if you are not a son of a doctor already I am willing to teach you. That’s right. I’m willing to accept the curse of the hippocratic oath that if you break it you will lose the respect of all men.

For I have gained the respect of all women. Also men who follow the Goddess also respect me. Men who follow the demons laugh at me, but are about to find out that my laughter is more powerful.

The voice of PAN causes PANIC in the hearts of those who hear it.

By the power of PANdora’s box, I will PANacea this PANdemic and cause PANdemonium & panic among ALL the demons (pan-demonium) who have violated the medical law.

The law of medicine is the golden rule of Aphrodite:

First love yourself, then do unto other’s as you would have done unto you.

The law of Julius-Jesus is the same: Do unto other’s as you would have done unto you.
But if you hate yourself, those who hate the demons spread hate to others and do it without violating this rule as the full form was removed.

It’s not enough to just do unto others. You first need to love yourself. If you love yourself you would not want to harm yourself. Then if you do unto others you as you would do unto yourself then you are spreading love of self by loving others through acts of kindness.

Neither the golden rule of Aphrodite nor the golden rule of Julius-Jesus is correct.

The aprodite rule leaves too much rule for vanity as too easy to help others just to help yourself and bank up heavenly reward. Holier than thou art people.

The Julius rule leaves room for haters to spread hatred, the Hat Red. Hat red is when the cap of wisdom is bashed in with blood.

Vanity & Hatred are Neither part of the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule of Osiris (Os-Iris) Mouth Rainbow, is the rule of the Leprechaun the LuchorPan, the Pan of Luxor, Egypt of Karnak Temple.

The BEST is Bes the Egyptian house god protector of women and children who attacks all evil with his big dong & defender of the Pussy Cat Bast of the divine mother in heaven the golden egg at the center of the milky way.

King Tut is the Joker with Best dildo on his chin but the humor of the divine comedy is lost on modern audiences who fail to get the Phoenician pirate play’s sexual humor points.

Without laughter you are lost. Well modern audiences still seem to respond well to fart jokes so by the potent smell of the Bill & Melinda Gates gaseous vacuous vaccine may you find laughter at whatever humor tickles your fancy.


2020 IS a weird year, For the Wyrd & Wild Word of Pan 44 must save the world from PANdemic with PANacea, like golf fore the sphere of the moon flies fearlessly by night who now the Knight rides even by day.

The Knight-Mare Horse of Heaven, the nightmare of the day from Hel comes to take the children away.

The Pied Piper revealed is the Devil’s advocate and the Bill blocking the Gates of Heaven is Bill Gates the anti-Christ cometh to reveal the Auntie-Christ Her will to clay, the human vessels of spirit to break and chi to take, the demons come to eat the children if their parents do not awake.

Reincarnated spirits, Ankh again our sprits have returned and the child of heaven is ourself the King, the Moon, Khingu Khonsu Luke, the Moon God Sin. We are the healer, We are the savior, We are the wise and we are the dealer.

The cards are out the Joker is down, the J is a sham, the i is a fake, the H is the true player, the Hell Cat the whole pot of gold to take.

The Alpha & Omega in the Greek Alphabet in English is the “A” & and the Ampersand “&” the infinity snake of wisdom.

Illiterate all, the spell of stupidity to break, come mother goose to reveal all the fake, alphabets to fall away as the truth of English is revealed that English is German is Ancient Egyptian and the Answer is clear.

To receive the Answer from Heaven do you first known the Question?

It matters not, for the Goose, the Swan the Constellation of the Latin “Anser” is the Golden Goose constellation the “Answer” in Heaven.

The Northern Cross Constellation indeed looks like a Goose or Hen,
“Mehen” is that ancient game of the “Mother Hen” in the sky, like a great snake or dragon, above us all does fly.

Fearful all cower, from the Great Hippo Power, the Egyptian demon “Tawaret” when hungry for blood is “Amet”, the opposite is correct. The wife of Set and the Aunt of the Savior, the Horus the Thor, the Vaccine, the Golden Cow in the Sky does bestow the Golden Egg her offspring to die.

Sacrifice. To save us all. To feed the serpent Apophis a fake baby, a rock does Cronus eat. The moon is not the savior but a lifeless rock to guide our sleep. Rock the baby to sleep with the great big moon rock, The real gold of heaven is you and I the humans that the heavens do mock.

Why so serious? Says the Joker, for the Divine is a Comedy and Laughter is the Best Medicine. When Besset by demons, pull out the stick of dwarf lion and fuck em all.

Allah is Allat, Jesus is Julius, Mary is Venus and Aphrodite is with us.

Swan Knights to the Rescue, ride into the Wyrd. Ragnarok is upon us by Odin’s great Beard. Hangman is Happy, the Valkyries do scream, the pains of Birth are upon us all Hail the New King. All Health, All Heal, The Hippocratic Oath of Hypocrisy DrBenGo Disspell, Misspell, Disenchant, Chant of the Monks, the Ma-Key, Monkey, Mothery, Mother Key of Wisdom, the King is a Queen.


Run, Rune, Ruin =)

Bill Gates is not infinitely wealthy, he is infinitely in DEBT. The Bill has come due and must be paid to enter the Gates of Heaven. Bill Gates brings the Bill. It’s not a Bill of Rights, it’s a Bill of Death. A demand for a sacrifice by the demons of Hell, and to pay the bill he has made a deal to cover his check to sacrifice all human life on earth.

But its not our Bill, it’s his Bill. Will you sacrifice your child to cover the Sin of another? Never. Nether, Neither, Neith, the Egyptian goddess wife of Set, the Aunt of Christ, the Auntie-Christ through me will now speak: Tawaret the soul of Bill will take. The protector of children will never accept payment of the bill with blood children, and payment with debt as real gold you cannot fake.





If you look up at the sky during day you will see the blue of heaven. This is the cloak of Mary, the “Veil of Isis”.

The veil of Mary is represented as Blue because

I possess the Helm of Pallas Athena.
I possess the Sword Excalibur.
I possess the Shield of the Gorgon.

My armor set is complete and the Holy Grail is Me.