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NeuGold™ Colloidal Gold by iMedDo

The ACE of health supplements is Colloidal Gold, because it optimizes the nervous system. The science of colloidal gold is not well understood because it defies and points out that our current electromagnetic theories are insufficient at the nanoscale to really understand what is going on with this powerful bio-electrical metal. Modern high quality food grade colloidal gold is safe for internal ingestion according to Dr. Calin Pop. iMedDo now offers NeuGold™ at 50 ppm (parts-per-million) concentration in a 1/2 oz blue boston round glass dropper cap vial with 400 drops per bottle for health support only subject to the FDA disclaimer. NeuGold™ is a high quality food grade true colloidal gold and has a slight pink color and does not contain gold salt. Particle size is 12-18 nm with same safe proprietary coating as NeuSilver™. What does gold do? iMedDo cannot make any health or medical claims concerning NeuGold™ as you understand from your health supplement mindset. I understand the health supplement mindset, what does gold really do? The true purpose of NeuGold™ colloidal gold is for optimizing your nervous system and reaching enlightenment. It amplifies and accelerates all healing and spiritual modalities and is best used to optimize the benefits of meditation, sound therapy, energy work. You cannot focus on optimizing your nervous system when you are sick which is why you use NeuSilver™ and NeuIodine™ as well to protect and transform your body into a an optimal vessel to be the spiritual being that you are. Besides the true purpose of colloidal gold, it has many self-medication healing uses as well. I’ve personally experienced gold helping with mood, headache, depression and anxiety, and amazing fast when you put 3 drops directly under your tongue typically within 5 minutes, or 10 minutes longer if you put it in water and drink it. I have had enough feedback from self-medicators to say with certainty that it also helps a great deal with rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis (not osteoarthritis), and appears to be a general nervous system anti-inflammaotry and nervous system detoxer and because of that is helping with depression (nerve/brain inflammation), many strange nerve and back pains in particular. Based on the observations of self-medicators, I have come up with a simple hypothesis to explain the majority of the actions of NeuGold™. It is clear to me that it is a preferred nutrient in the brain and nervous system to copper. I believe that when people do not get enough iodine that their thyroid doesn’t work correctly and that certain metals in their body get out of balance. One of the most important ones is the copper/zinc balance. I believe the body uses 8-12 more zinc than copper to keep the copper electricity in control as it is toxic to the brain and nervous system and that although copper is a nutrient it acts as a quasi-heavy metal in the brain and nervous system. I believe that the excess copper in the nerves makes them “spas out or misfire” which explains why the gold helps with anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, and likely other diseases related to copper toxicity. If my hypothesis is correct then I also predict that the gold will help with Parkinson’s disease since it is related to copper toxicity in the nerves. In addition the gold is able to flush out and detox heavy metals from the nervous system for sure Lead and likely many more possibly all heavy metals from the nervous system which is likely why it is having an “anti-inflammatory” effect and is likely why it is helping with headache/migrane and depression since depression has been shown to be related to brain inflammation. Is that all gold does? There is likely much more health beneficial that gold does. A quick look at a recent nano-medicine paper talks about gold being used for all sorts of treatments including inducing apoptosis in cancer, liver protection, killing parasites, as an anti-oxidant and many other uses which iMedDo has not evaluated. iMedDo sells NeuGold™ for enlightenment health support but the world of mainstream medicine is still struggling to quantify this mandala. Gold is the new medicine of the Golden age just as silver is the new medicine of the Silver age. Don’t get so caught up in the details, just recognize that each of these is infinite and can be used as a mirror to send love to yourself. No matter how many billions mainstream medicine spends trying to quantify these mandalas, they will never use them correctly as they are viewing them as a fix for particular problems in their diseased world paradigm instead of embracing the new Silver and Golden age of health and Enlightenment. Commentary on the History and Miracle of Gold Like the iodine conspiracy, I think that an exciting field of gold hidden medical knowledge awaits. Throughout time rulers have controlled gold, it’s access, and perhaps its medical knowledge. Historically, all learned knowledge including medicine and gold medicine in particular has been controlled by various priesthoods dating as far back as ancient Egypt at least prior to 2500 BC. I have found through personal experience that gold “sensitizes” your spine and nerves to spiritual and healing energy and is inseparable from a “priest-like” metamorphoses of your mind. Because of this little appreciated effect, gold healing is more akin to a “miracle” than traditional medicine/drugs that we are used to, and that gold healing through your personal spiritual expansion appears to be of seemingly limitless scope and can perhaps facilitate self healing of any ailment physical or spiritual. If you believe or have experienced as I have this effect of gold then it becomes obvious why people throughout time has tried to eat/drink/heal/worship using gold since the dawn of time. Gold in the Eluma Elish The oldest references to colloidal gold is found in the ancient Sumerian/Babylonian creation mythology the seven tablets called the Eluma Elish which can be interpreted as an account of the planets and their movements . Central to the story is the idea of a larger primordial earth (dragon Tiamat) being attacked by another planet (Nibiru/Marduk). If the story can be believed in light of planetary interpretation, the ancient earth had 11 moons which were caught up in the gravity of passing Nibiru and a very large part of the ancient planet it’s heart or womb was ripped out exposing its inner golden veins (blood of the planetary goddesss) and became the Moon (Kingu/Khonsu). The story is at least somewhat plausible in light of modern science in which the prevailing theory is that a Mars sized planet/asteroid hit the earth approximately 4.5 million years ago and that indeed based on isotope analysis the Moon does appear to come from earth rock material. Although no scientific evidence for this Nibiru planet has been found, it is interesting that in later times the god’s name was updated to “Marduk” i.e. sounds like the planet Mars to me, and seems very interesting that modern science believes that it was a “mars sized planet/asteroid” that hit the earth. Could it have actually been the planet Mars itself that hit earth? Whether myth or ancient astronomy/astrology, it is a fascinating story when interpreted from a perspective of understanding where mankind’s fascination and early beliefs about gold and silver originated and makes many divergent beliefs make sense in light of the mythology. Supposedly the seed of life was on Nibiru(Mars?) and was imparted to the earth when the collision occurred from which life evolved. Interesting the story goes on to have the idea of another race, the Annunaki who came to earth in search of gold as to them it was their salvation as they supposedly needed it to heal the atmosphere of their planet Nibiru. The fallen angel/astronaut Allahu supposedly came to earth first in search of the gold, found a garden full of snakes guarding the precious gold-water and he then phoned home like ET for backup, more arrived and they were supposedly involved in breeding with and creating man (Adamu) possibly through genetic modification in their quest to make some servants to help them out in their gold harvesting. Regardless of how you interpret the myth/holy tablets in their various forms, what is certain is that gold was considered to be highly prized in antiquity as being the “blood” of the earth goddess (it does occur in “veins” in the ground), and it was regarded as being “salvation” for the gods and men. Supposedly the moon Kingu was sacrificed to create men (had its gold veins mined out), and there is the overarching view that mankind really needs the gold and that planet Earth is the “planet of gold” which has it so abundantly that it can be harvested from the freshwater in rivers and lakes, but better watch out it is guarded by venomous snakes and this wise Annunaki fallen astronaut guy (demonized as Lucifer nowadays) who you gotta go through to get into the garden to get that precious gold water. Hard to evaluate mythology, but it is clear that the ancients in Iraq, Egypt, South America very well might have been trying to harvest gold from the water be it for themselves or to please their gods. Pyramid Gold Sluice Believed to be the oldest known worship center discovered on earth (prior to 2500 BC pyramid uncertainty date) is the “Stargate of Abu Ghurab” near Abu Sir Egypt home of the crystal mandala which is believed to have been the base of the oldest obelisk in Egypt inscribed with the symbol “Hotep” for “Peace”. Because colloidal gold has a calming effect on the nerves could this be the Peace that the ancient Egyptians were referring to? The site has strange and mysterious large stone bowls with holes in the sides apparently made with laser precision. The bowls were originally placed around a pyramid with large red granite stones (red granite believed to be a characteristic of the earlier Atlantean/Annunaki/AlienAstronaut? race). The best theory that I’ve seen is that the bowls were used for gold (colloidal gold in water no doubt) harvesting using the pyramid with a water feature which would somehow pump water to the top where it would perhaps stream down to be collected and sluiced. If this theory of the Abu Ghurub stargate is correct, be sure if you ever meet an alien, rather than trying to say the word “Hotep” i.e. “I come in peace”, you will probably get farther by offering the alien a drinkable NeuGold™ snack to calm down it down and show it your peaceful sincerity =). If a pyramid is a gold sluice then it makes sense that the stone at the top of each pyrimaid and oblisk (called the ben-ben stone much to my delight since my name is Ben) was always plated in gold, or gold & silver (electrum). Some people think the ancients were using pyramids and obelisks over water sources to somehow tap into or broadcast telluric currents from the earth and solar (gold) and lunar (silver) currents from the sky. I personally think they were drinking colloidal gold in their water as well. Perhaps since gods were believed to be relatives of but live longer than man and perhaps the gold was used to live longer by tapping into the divine DNA. In any case, the idea of drinking gold water is not a new concept. Gold in Ancient Egypt and in the Bible Colloidal gold at high concentrations (500-5000 ppm) is a red color and has been used for thousands of years in stain glass windows, and water from a golden bowl or chalice often used for holy water. The Egytian word Nb/Nebu/Nub for gold for which the land of Nubia come from indicates that there were many gold mines in ancient Africa and the Egyptian hieroglyph for gold is somewhat of a mystery as it looks like a basket or perhaps a large beaded necklace or collar but often depicted more as a footstool with goddesses kneeling or standing on top of it. Below is an image from King Tut’s coffin with Egyptian goddesses Isis and Nephthys standing on the gold “footstool” symbol perhaps because of gold’s association with the sun god and hope of eternal life. Interestingly, King Tut was part of a historically covered up “heretic” period in Egypt portrayed as a shift to monotheism called the Amarna period and the image below may be very similar to or may have inspired the “cherubim” on the biblical ark of the covenant. Fascinatingly, there is one direct reference to drinkable gold in the Torah/Bible at Exodus 32:20 where Moses fires the golden calf, then “spreads it on the water” and makes them drink it! Since Moses was portrayed as being raised and taught in Egypt, it perhaps makes sense that he knew the secrets of Kemetic gold working alchemy and thus knew how to dissolve solid gold, somehow make it water soluble and how to make “drinkable gold”. The ancient pharaohs who were also high priests were believed to ingest a drinkable form of gold likely giving rise to the popular myth that Egyptian gods had gold for blood. Based on the biblical account, it seems that Egyptians had a way of melting and dissolving gold into a water soluble powder i.e. perhaps food grade colloidal gold! Gold because it never tarnishes was considered the “flesh of the gods” and perhaps in ancient Kemetic mystery religions eating or drinking the flesh of the gods was considered beneficial much as eating the “flesh and blood of Christ” in more modern Christian sacraments. Gold perhaps was thought to be more of a male metal because of its association with the sun and sun god but interesting is frequently depicted as above with the goddesses as part of death protection/eternal life/resurrection so its gender association is not so clear. Because every pharoah/god/priest was potentially given drinkable gold or perhaps a water soluble possibly colloidal gold powder then doesn’t it make sense logically that it is possible that some of the gold given to baby Jesus (Matthew 2:11) actually could have been in the form of drinkable gold Aurum Potablis possibly from Egyptian alchemy and intended as a spiritualizing medicine? Perhaps it was, especially since it is mentioned next to Frankincense and Myrrh, two plant resin/incense/oil/medicines whose vapors are used to this day for spiritual purposes in many religions (in Catholic churches for example as an asthmatic friendly smoke). Likely it was gold dust ground into a fine powder (which could be suspended in water i.e. colloidal gold) since mention of gold being ground into powder to be suspended in the atmosphere was around already in the Eluma Elish, it was not unheard of. Alternatively, gold is frequently mentioned in the Bible in the form of a golden cup for drinking wine from (sometimes in a positive and sometimes in a negative connotation), and as golden lampstands for burning of incense (Frankincense and Myrrh?). It is interesting that Myrrh at least could be ingested if dissolved in wine and perhaps was served with some drinkable gold or from a golden vessel which may have leeched gold ions into the mixture for an added health boost? My impression upon studying biblical gold references in the Old Testament is that gold (and silver, and clothes, copper, and iron to some extent) were highly valued for religious uses in the ancient times, that kings had a propensity to want to cover everything in their temples with it and plunder it from each other, that gold could be programmed with the energy signature imparted by the worshipper and needed to be purified by fire to convert the gold of other gods into HIS gold. Interestingly though, metallic gold was considered by the prophets to be perishable, tarnishable and useless compared to the value of wisdom and understanding (considered astral gold by the alchemists). My impression of the gold in the New Testament is that, the gold is inside of each of us which has an interesting Egyptian ingestible gold connotation to it by my mind, and jives somewhat with the hypotheses that Jesus may have spent some of his adulthood training as an Egyptian priest (notable psychic Edgar Cayce is a proponent of this). I also wonder whether colloidal gold of a very high concentration was used somehow in turning the nile to blood (red) and perhaps in turning water to wine (red), possibly with an electric or spiritual current causing gold ions to plate out at a high enough concentration turning red? No matter how you interpret the scriptures or what your religious beliefs, most agree that taking gold internally and strengthening your spirit is definitely preferred by HIM to hoarding metallic gold (forbidden in the scriptures) and especially to doing what men tend to like to do which is to create a statue, cover it in gold and worship it (idolotry). Either way there is and always has been an interesting gold-spiritual connection and at least for me, my interested in nano-gold has certainly awakened and sent me on a spiritual journey from whence I am glad I embarked. Many customers have told me that using NeuGold™ has strengthened and accelerated their individual spiritual journeys as I have found, and I hope you experience the same. Egyptian gold technology The more I study ancient Egypt (Kemet) the more convinced I am that the gold they drank was very likely a true colloidal gold not just ionic gold or gold flakes, and I’m fascinated by what all medicinal and spiritual purposes they were trying accomplish. Firstly, the ancient Egyptians had electricity at least low voltage pottery type “bagdad battery” style with electroplating capabilities, and very likely were among the first to experiment with gold for medicinal purposes. Secondly, the Egyptians actually had colloidal gold available, as discoveries indicate they had the capability of making red stained glass and the red comes from colloidal gold particles of a certain size and concentration. Thirdly, the Egyptians had proven chemistry & nanotechnology capabilities that we know of concerning faienzed blue dye which forms nanosheets in water going back as far as 2500 BC at least so their chemistry prowess was above an beyond what people normally realize and high quality true nano-colloidal gold like NeuGold™ was not out of their reach. Fourthly, it is possible that Egyptian chemistry and nanotechnology prowess peaking perhaps around 2500 BC included laser technology which could explain some of the precision required to built the great pyramid which is actually 8 sided which if you don’t believe in then you need to expand to aliens or atlantean technology transfer to explain. Likely drinkable gold has many more discoveries awaiting us today. Amazingly, gold mining and likely smelting and potentially gold chemistry (alchemy) in Africa was very advanced in ancient times especially in the land of Nubia where Nub/Nb is the Egytian/Kemetic hieroglyph/word for gold. The Nb hieroglyph looks like a basket or perhaps a beaded necklace. One persisting mystery is that in modern times we really still don’t know what the Egpytians were trying to tell with their art concerning gold such as the famous pictures of Egyptian gods such as Isis and her sister Nephtys who are frequently depicted as kneeling on the basket/gold symbol with hands in the “power position” (perhaps they doing energy work?) while surrounding a djed pillar (spine/nervous sytem uses of gold perhaps?) with ankh and sun disk on top (life and solar connection to gold perhaps?). One interesting clue in my opinion is the first ever Egyptian minted gold coin which has the Nb symbol for gold overlaid on hieroglyph for the human spine (Neter/Perfect/Fine) symbol which I believe proves that the Egyptians were aware at a very early time of the drinkable gold/positive nervous sytem (spine) effects of gold. Horse Lovers Did you know that the horse is a solar symbol and thus related to gold. You will be pleased to know that there is a horse on the other side of that Egyptian coin. At some point people realize that if a health supplement is good for them, it is good for their pets as well. If you are a horse owner and want to try out self-medication of iMedDo products on your animals under vet supervision then please contact me. I’m currently near Ocala, Florida the horse capital and a lot of people are very exciting right now about protecting, transforming and optimizing their horses (especially the race horses). Alchemy As a chemist who does gold and silver chemistry, I am technically an “alchemist” as the earliest chemistry in Egypt/Kemet concerned the utilizaton of gold. Alchemy in particular refers to gold chemistry and also encompasses the spiritual uses of gold as well and has a rich history in the middle ages as people tried to “make gold out of lead” and other follies as they refined the field of chemistry. One major difference between chemistry and alchemy is the focus of alchemy (gold chemistry) on the spiritual which I believe is a natural part of gold biochemistry/biomedical chemistry/medicine because of gold’s spiritualizing effect on the human body. I was taught in elementary school that in the middle ages there were alchemists who were trying to turn lead into gold. Perhaps this teaching is part of some intentional gold propaganda meant to mislead from the truth and prevent the re-discovery of gold medicine. It turns out that what alchemists were trying to do was to turn metallic gold (not lead) into drinkable gold known by its latin name “aurum potabilis” i.e. potable gold. My interpretation of the texts indicates to me that they were searching for and knew that there was some form of gold between metallic and ionic gold which had some amazing beneficial healing and spiritual effects and what I think they were looking for was nano-colloidal gold perhaps very similar to NeuGold™. From my perspective NeuGold™ is true Aurum Potablis, is the pinnacle of modern alchemy, and is the key to unlocking a wealth of health secrets. The Secret of Gold I did not know when I studied nanotechnology and biophysics in graduate school, that I would be eventually following in a sense after the German alchemists of the 1600’s who understood the secret of gold that it is a MEDICINE of the highest potency and that through sufficient refinement could be even more potent. Although they ultimately are considered to have failed in their refinement, they and many alchemists before and since them has contributed greatly to the field of modern chemistry, but today with modern nanotechnology there has been a great leap in alchemy with the ability to create high quality food grade colloidal gold NeuGold™ which is revolutionizing the health supplement industry concerning nerve, spine and spiritual attunement. Soon I predict that NeuGold™ will be a staple health supplement for every Chiropracter, Reflexologist, Neuroscientist, Psycologist and anyone who works with the human brain or nervous system. The secret about gold is that it is so much more than just the best electrical conductor, or the foundation of modern money as bullion, it is actually as the ancients saw it a “heavenly” metal of vast utility to priests/doctors and medicine and human spirituality in general. I believe and am focused on raising money for research to prove that gold is actually a preferred nutrient in the human nerves to copper. Arthritis Conspiracy Gold shots used to be used for rheumatoid arthritis in mainstream medicine but are mysteriously no longer available where instead you can only find extremely toxic cancer causing and immunpsuppressing drugs. I asked a notable mainstream MD doctor i.e. a Rheumatologist and was told that modern drugs work so well for arthritis that they don’t look further, and that although gold shots were once used for arthritis that no pharmacist could fulfil the prescription if they wrote one. I’ve met quite a few who claim that the modern drugs do not help them much, so I think the Rheumatologist may have either been exaggerating, be misinformed, propagandized, or is an active participant in the gold conspiracy. Ask your mainstream doctor why you can’t get any gold shots and see what he says. Most alternative medicine minded people believe or suspect that they did work, and that they were removed as part of a drug monopoly move to sell poison. Whatever the truth is, don’t waste your time trying to find inferior gold-salt drugs of old, when modern food grade colloidal gold is right under your nose. I can’t sell it to you for arthritis, but I can’t stop you from self-medicating for it either and if your arthritis just happens to get better when using NeuGold™ for health support, is not my problem, and is your solution, and I love making such win-win scenarios. Rheumatoid Arthritis To the best of my knowledge NeuGold™ works more effectively and safely than any other modality including the gold shots of yore for Rheumatoid arthritis. Enough customers have asserted to me that colloidal gold has helped with their inflammatory and rheumatoid arthritis that I believe it wholeheartedly. My own grandma claims that it has indeed helped her rheumatoid arthritis. My hypothesis is that the colloidal gold and/or gold ions released by it are somehow detoxing copper from their nerves which is why I believe people report that it is helping with Rheumatoid arthritis. For some good research references for colloidal gold see generally the work of Dr. Guy Abraham including: Abraham, GE Himmel, PB: Management of Rheumatiod Arthritis: Rationale for the Use of Colloidal Metallic Gold, J. Nutr. Med. 7:295-305,1997. Osteo-Arthritis NeuGold™ does not work for osteo-arthritis, but have you tried Frankincense (olibanum/boswellia sacrum)? Still NeuGold™ may help a bit since osteo-arthritis usually comes concurrent with rheumatoid arthritis and nerve inflammation. “Osteo” means “bone” so osteo-arthritis is a type of arthritis caused by bone build up where it’s not supposed to be which can mechanically push on the nerves and be painful. Usually bone build up is a calcium metal imbalance problem and usually comes together with high calcium levels with low calcium utilization levels and along with magnesium metal imbalance which can cause trouble sleeping as well as vitamin D deficiency. Did you know that no matter how much vitamin D you take you still need some sunlight for your body to use it properly so try to get a little bit of sun exposure (not enough to get burned just a few minutes) every day if you can such as exposing your full exposed back to the sun. I believe that metal imbalance including calcium and magnesium can be regulated by iodine and when you get enough iodine your body can absorb and utilize nutrients better. You may be getting enough magnesium in your diet but be low anyway as your body is not using it without the iodine perhaps. Because of this, for osteo-arthritis, you might want to consider using NeuIodine™ supplement as well as the NeuGold™ and if you are lucky it is possible that the osteo-arthritis will go away or halt. Same with the reverse which is called osteoporosis where the body does not build enough bone and you get too much bone loss. Since some osteo-arthritis medication drugs are isolated from Frankincense, I belive that Frankincense essential oil or you can get the raw Frankincense plant sap and burn it on a coal and breath the healing vapors which are also germicidal, good for asthmatics and perhaps also anti-cancer. Perhaps the 3 wise men of the Gospel were on to something when the story goes they gave baby Jesus gold and frankincense as a baby gift. Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s disease as well as it has also been implicated with copper toxicity in the nerves. As with Rheumatoid arthritis, my hypothesis is that the colloidal gold and/or gold ions released by it are somehow detoxing copper from their nerves. Because of this, if I had Parkinson’s disease, I would definitely try NeuGold™, food grade true colloidal nano-gold. Back Pain Many customer’s report that after using NeuGold™ for a week, that their back pain is also reduced. My own grandma was primarily self-medicating for arthritis, but also asserts to me that it has somehow helped with her back pain as well. NeuGold™ appears to be anti-inflammatory in the nerves and seems to help with some back pains and many customers report self-medicating for menopause related back pains. NeuGold™ may not help with back pain if it is from a mechanical issue such as a bone or pulled muscle, for that try talking to a surgeon, chiropracter, massage therapist or other professional as needed. NeuGold™ does appear to help with “strange” nerve pains that nothing else seems to help possibly by detoxing heavy metal build up in the nerves (copper at least perhaps also lead and cadmium and others). Feeling Better and Depression My own mother claims NeuGold™ makes her feel better, and my own aunt adamantly tells me that it’s a “miracle” as it has cured her seasonal depression! Many customers have reported feeling better with gold, and gold is generally believed to put you into a “festive” mood. Headache and Migrane I have yet to find a headache that the nanogold doesn’t make go away, almost instantly. When I put 3 drops under my tongue any headache is gone in under 2 minutes, and if I drink the gold, it take about 10 minutes longer. I’ve personally experimented with addiction headaches, feverish headaches, sodium benzoate preservative headaches, dehydration headaches and more. If you have a headache, consider trying 3 drops of gold under your tongue and likely you will feel better in a matter of minutes. There does depend to be a little bit of a dosing issue as for headaches as sometime 3-4 drops is a good adult dose whereas 1-2 drops is not always enough for an adult but works fine for a child dose. For a starting dosing guideline for headaches I would try 1 drop if up to 50 lbs, 2 drops if up to 100 lbs, 3 drops for most adults 100-200 lbs, 4 drops if 200 lbs and up. However this is just a guideline, listen to your body and you will determine where in the 1-4 drop range of gold works best if you have a migrane or other headache. Because gold is expensive many people try to use the least amount that is effective, but taking more won’t hurt you. Addiction Many people believe that gold is beneficial for using in lieu of a particular addiction item. More research is needed on this topic, but as a qualitative test, it appears from my personal self-medication experience that gold can in fact be used to curb a caffeine addiction headache so maybe it could be used for other addictions as well. Gold has especially been implicated in helping with alcoholism. As a neuroscientist I am fascinated by this area of research and need more funding to pursue, so please support iMedDo so that I can support such worthy research goals. For self-medication guidance on addiction, here is what I would try if it was me which you are welcome to read about for informative purposes: If I had a nicotine addiction for instance, I would try using 3 drops of gold on my tongue every time I wanted a cigarette instead of actually smoking a cigarette. I believe the gold could help reprogram the ritual/habit and could help to convey the energetic of my intention to stop smoking into the brain more swiftly and would help curb the addiction withdrawal symptoms as well. I’m not advocating you try that, just letting you know my thoughts on the subject, as many people have reported that gold is useful for all types of addictions. As a scientist I really want to know whether gold really helps with withdrawal symptoms of what types of addictions, and to what extent in what dosage and whether different sizes of gold have different effects and a hundred other questions which as of yet still have no answers. Alert but Relaxed I’ve personally experienced that the gold somehow puts you into a simultaneously focused by relaxed state ideal for meditation, work and/or pondering universal truths. It feels like a state of increased intelligence, a higher vibrational state or perhaps a slightly disassociated state which allows you to better notice, control, govern and ponder your own actions, thoughts and feelings. Some people including my wife say that the gold gives her energy (so does the iodine) but unlike coffee which alerts but stresses you, gold seems to alert and also relax. I’m fascinated by the idea of using gold before taking a stressful test as it may have the benefits of focusing you, relaxing you without the negative side effect of caffeine of also making you need to use the bathroom. I think this would be a worthy field of research to find out whether gold could be useful as a test taking enhancer! Intelligence I’ve seen claims that gold can make you up to 20% smarter. Not sure who got those numbers, however, the idea of the possibility that gold could make your nerves conduct and fire better is certainly an intriguing one and one which deserves a real research study to find out! There is no motivation to do this research in mainstream medicine as gold is not patentable so can’t make money for intelligence as a drug, plus perhaps the rich and smart people who might already be hoarding this secret knowledge wouldn’t want us to know anyway. As a private scientist, this topic is a fair game research topic for me. I’ve already got studies planned when resources are available. As different size golds have different electric properties, figuring out which ones if any really stimulate intelligence through hippocampal studies would be a great research topic. I was mentored by notable learning and memory Neuroscientist Dr. Neal Waxham in graduate school, and I’m always looking to come back around to this area of research. When you support iMedDo, you can support real Neuroscience. From my personal experience, it does seem like my brain is more active and most notably that seem to have more good ideas more frequently when using gold. Also for intelligence see iodine. AUM for Alzheimer’s The human brain has been discovered to contain immune system which was previously unknown to be contained there. If you took anatomy then you know that the heart pumps blood out but it doesn’t just come back it gets stuck in the lymph nodes and is actually the squeezing of your muscles which push it back. But there are no muscles in the brain so how do you get your immune lymph flowing in your head? Suddenly all the yoga and spiritual people doing laughter therapy, sound therapy, humming, using tuning forks etc don’t looks so silly after all to the scientist. Now there is actually a scientific basis in additional to the spiritual basis for humming and Auming. It is possible that a disease like Alzheimer’s which is related to a protein build up in the brain could actually be protein build up in the brain’s lymph nodes. If that’s the case then if you have a loved one who is at risk or suffering from Alzheimer’s have you tried having them Aum yet? It just might work to shake up that head a bit and help complete the brain’s ciculatory system flow to get needed infection and protein buildup out and anti-bodies in. Also try NeuGold(tm) colloidal gold. What are you waiting for, AUM for Alzheimers!(tm). I didn’t take Medical Neuroscience in medical school for nothing, and I’m not content that there is no cure for Alzheimer’s except the long term care insurance fix for the finances. I think this might work and I’m looking for feedback. Who do you know who has Alzheimer’s and have you had them try this yet? This is at once old news in the spiritual community but is new news for science so help me spread the word. AUM. Anti-inflammatory Because gold salts have anti-inflammatory effects, many people think colloidal gold may as well, but I don’t have any customer feedback yet to confirm or deny for gold, nor do I have any first hand knowledge on this issue either. I do have feedback that the silver definitely has been reported to have an anti-inflammatory effect, and gold as a similar noble metal might as well but more feedback and research is needed. Let me know if it works for you as I value your testimonial. Fibromyalgia Some customers have reported self-medicating with iMedDo products for fibromyalgia breakouts and that they have helped greatly. Because fibromyalgia is somewhat of a catch all disease, different people’s fibromyalgia may have different causes and for some NeuGold™ will help if it a nerver problem, but for most fibromyalgia’s is the NeuSilver™ that will help the most since it is a bacterial biofilm in the smooth tissue not the the nerves as the underlying problem. Try all 3 iMeDo Products together standard dosage, and take 4 extra drops of the NeuSilver™ additional and/or 3 additional drops of NeuGold™ in case of a flare up and see which one helps. If the NeuSilver™ helps was likely an infection problem, if the NeuGold™ helps was likely a nerve inflammation or toxicity problem. Feedback has been that the majority of fibromyalgia cases is typically a bacterial biofilm so be sure to have some NeuSilver™ on hand if that is the case for you. Cosmetic effect and longevity Historically people desired to drink gold for longevity and youthful appearance. NeuGold™ has not been on the market long enough yet to have feedback on this issue, but since it is the highest quality food grade colloidal gold on the market, there is really no reason to think that it won’t result in a positive cosmetic effect. Even using a low quality contaminated gold, the mistress of the king of France allegedly looked 30 when she was 60 because of the gold (see below dangers of non-food grade gold), imagine what pure food-grade gold could do! Energy Sensitization I’ve experienced NeuGold™ sensitizing my nerves to healing and spiritual energy of all types. In particular, I became sensitive to Reiki (Japanese energy healing originating from study of Lotus Sutra) as before I could not feel it and now with NeuGold™, I feel a tingling sensation when Reiki work is done on me. If you don’t believe in energy work, you can try out NeuGold™ with the “Bemer” chair, the Nasa microcirculation enhancement electromagnetic energy chair or pad (Bemer is a trademark of Bemer Internation AG and not of iMedDo) where you can “feel” it stimulating you at a much lower setting than typically is perceptible to humans. I frequently encounter Bemer salesmen at fairs I work at and I never cease to impress them as I feel zapped by their device when it is barely on after taking the gold. Energy sensitization of the nervous system by the gold is likely because gold is 10,000x more electrically conductive than copper in the nerves and results in enhanced perception of energy. Try any form of energy work using NeuGold™ such as sound therapy, Reiki, meditation, yoga, or whatever floats your boat and likely you will experience an enhanced experience. I love feedback so let me know your experience! Chrysiasis Similar to Argyria with silver, too much non-food grade gold can result in a negative cosmetic condition called Chrysiasis which can result in a mauve or purple-darkgrey color of the skin. NeuGold™ does not cause Chrysiasis. As low quality knockoff non-food grade golds start to flood the market, I expect the incidence of Chrysiasis to increase, just stick to NeuGold™ and you don’t have to worry about it. Likely, many hopeful alchemists in the middle ages did not actually succeed in creating Aurum Potable but instead made non-food grade gold. One mixture was thought to be gold chloride (a water soluble ionic gold salt) mixed with diethyl ether and possibly mercury. Ionic gold is not meant for prolonged internal use and does not reach homeostasis in the body as there quite a bit of science concerning the correct size, coating, and concentration that goes into doing making food grade colloidal gold. Infatuation with the fraudulent non-food grade supposedly drinkable gold peaked in the 16th century France where a mistress of the King Henry II taking gold for her beauty may have died from a metal or gold overdose. Already, I see an unfortunate resurgence of non-chemists, non-biomedically trained people trying to sell gold “snake oil” which may not even contain any gold, and I encourage the supplement user to only get food-grade colloidal gold if you intend to supplement your health with gold. NeuGold™ is the only safe food-grade colloidal gold that I am currently aware of on the market. A common trick is to play to people’s demand for “blood-red” gold because it is pretty, and already I believe there are fraudulent supposedly colloidal golds on the market which may simply add red dye to their product along with perhaps gold salt to make a very non-food grade product. Another trick is to sell gold flakes, which is a really great way to waste money for the consumer as gold above 20 nm does not absorb well in the body, so don’t waste your money eating gold only to be making expensive poop and like with large silver chunks is not really that safe either. Don’t be the person calling me complaining that you rubbed in or drank some other company’s shyster gold product on your skin or in your mouth and now think you have overdosed (yes someone has done that before!). I’m only responsible for the safety of iMedDo NeuGold™ which is the only safe true colloidal food-grade gold that I am aware of. Besides having vetted the quality of my materials, which are certified by a mainstream internal medicine doctor as being safe, and understanding the size and coating issues of the nanotechnology as a biophysicist, and by manufacturing, bottling and labelling it correctly as a chemist and member of the American Chemical Society Medicinal Division, and by talking to people about how to use it correctly as a Doctor of Supplemental Medicine, I wear many hats and employ many processes including modified cGMP compliance to back up my safety assertions. What do other companies do? Since you understand the health supplement mindset, you are doing your homework on me by reading this and I thank you, for being able to discern between non-food grade gold and food grade true colloidal gold NeuGold™, as although the difference is like night and day to me, the subtle difference might be lost on the passing observer. Gold Homeostasis Food grade colloidal gold NeuGold™ is believed to reach homeostasis in approximately 1 week of taking 1-4 drops a day. There is much similarity with gold as with silver, as they are both noble metals, both can have ionic (water soluble), colloidal (more readily absorbable for reaching homeostasis), and too large forms which can cause negative cosmetic skin effects if you do not use a food grade true colloidal source. Taking pure ionic gold salts, or low quality (too small 1-10 nm or too large particle sizes >20 nm) even if colloidal is non-foodgrade and does not reach a beneficial homeostasis is not recommended.
Good for your liver
Gold is very good for your liver and also helps it break down alcohol in your blood.
Gold Detox
I believe that gold may actually be an even more potent detoxer than iodine for the brain and nervous system in particular where it seems to act with extremely fast speed (5-15 min perhaps). The gold seems to be pushing heavy metals toxins out of the nervous system into the the digestive track. Rare but possibly side effects of using gold are Constipation and possibly pain in nerves as around gut region as the heavy metals are being sent on their way to exit the body through the feces. Whereas iodine will detox heavy metals every way possible (skin, urine, feces), I believe that the gold primarily detoxes directly into the feces. If you experience mild constipation, simply drink water and wait for your next bowel movement for toxins to exit. Just as toxins will sit in the skin and won’t sweat out sometimes without the iodine, likely toxins near the gut ready to exit body also need iodine to make the last transition to getting out. Just take all three iMedDo products together and you will detox effectively and gently. I also believe that the gold pushes the toxins as far from the brain as it can get them (down to feet) and thus soaking feet in a salt bath is another good way to facilitate the gold detox.
Upper Dosage Limit
I’m not aware of an upper limit on how much gold you take in a day, it just gets expensive so better to use the minimum amount that you need if you trying to be frugal. For most people that is 1 drop a day, for people with problems like rheumatoid arthritis typically 4 drops a day and the highest I’ve heard of people using it is 9 drops a day. I tested it on myself at 100 drops just to demonstrate there is no adverse reaction and it really put me in a “festive” mood for about 4 hours, more is not necessarily more effective, just use the minimum amount you need to save money. There are 400 drops in a bottle of NeuGold™ so it is a YEAR supply using it 1 drop a day or if you use 4 drops a day would be a 100 day supply i.e. over 3 months. On average a bottle will last about 6 months for most people since they take 1 drop most days and then 3 additional every now and then if they have a headache, don’t feel good, feel depressed, or are stressed out. Because gold detoxes the nervous system, it is always good advice for detoxing to start low then ramp up, so I wouldn’t take more than 4 drops everyday for the first week, if you plan on experimenting with higher doses of NeuGold™ in your spiritual and mediation uses. Once your nervous system is detoxed and all the toxins have exited your gut (if gold give you mild constipation means there are still toxins being excreted there) then take as much as you want.
NeuGold™ is Pink in Color
One way to verify you have food-grade colloidal gold is by the color. NeuGold™ is almost clear but is actually a light pink color which you can verify by holding it up to a black background. I get high quality true colloidal gold at 5000 ppm (blood red color), and it is pink at 500 ppm and is an almost clear but light pink color at 50 ppm which is the correct concentration for human consumption with 1-4 drops a day (Most people use 3 drops a day). When you see a 10 ppm gold claiming to be blood-red you have to ask yourself did they add some food coloring in there, because likely they did, so beware of scammers! If the gold is completely clear, it may be simply gold salt which is not food-grade for internal use. NeuGold™ contains no gold salt. Now that you know the faint pink color of NeuGold™, also be aware of scammers who may try to add a little dye (pink) to gold salt or water, so you can never rely on color alone to verify gold quality, but it is a good first past test, just as true colloidal silver should have an amber color not a clear or cloudy white color.
Monoatomic Gold vs. Colloidal Gold
There is a lot of buzz about “mono-atomic” gold but that just means that the gold is distributed as single gold atoms. NeuGold™ is a true colloidal gold, not monoatomic BUT actually does slowly release monoatomic gold but since it is colloidal is able to distribute better in the body first before delivering its golden payload and is thus superior to non-colloidal pure monoatomic gold which is not in a food grade form per se. Gold 10-20 nm is food grade size and beware of either smaller or larger particles for consumption. NeuGold™ is bottled at 50 ppm concentration whereas many knockoffs are much less concentrated with non-food grade particle sizes. Some products advertised as monoatomic gold are simply gold salts and not true colloidal gold in a similar fashion to how many silver products advertised are simply silver salts and not true colloidal silver either so buyer beware if you don’t use quality iMedDo products.
Silver and Gold Synergy
Colloidal silver and colloidal gold are both anti-inflammatory where silver reduces inflammation in the body and gold in the nerves and brain for a total body anti-inflammatory.
Iodine and Gold Synergy
Colloidal gold and iodine both effect the nerves in a positive way. Both result in increased intelligence as nerves fire better and are more conductive than without.
Silver, Iodine and Gold Synergy
Take all three daily for maximum health support. Silver and Iodine immune boosting and germicidal, Iodine and Gold nervous system, Silver and Gold anti-inflammatory.
Taste of Gold
Gold for most people has no taste, but many people report that it has a “sweet” energetic to it. When people are toxic sometimes when taking gold for the first time the will taste “metallic” which is like the metals being detoxed by the gold and not the gold itself. After taking gold for a while, not taste is reported. An interesting sidenote is that people in India reportedly put gold on the tongue of infants “to make their voice sweeter”, and thus more testing in peoples of different cultures is needed to see whether some people actually have a “gold” receptor on their tongue.
Gold/Copper & Iodine Detox Hypothesis
It seems like colloidal gold gets in the nerves, colloidal silver gets everywhere except the nerves, and iodine gets everywhere. It is possible that the human body has evolved and adapted to use certain metals like copper as a catch all perhaps in the nerves out of desperation when it is deficient in gold or iodine either of which might actually be a preferred nutrient to copper for nervous function. Copper is known to accumulate in the nerves from chronic stress and is linked with arthritis. Colloidal gold releases monoatomic gold cations which are hypothesized because of their chemical similarity (see periodic table) to detox copper in the nerves and serve as a more conductive and preferred metal for optimal nervous system function. Copper is known to be controlled in the body along with zinc and perhaps regulated in part by iodine related thyroid function. If this hypothesis is correct then it makes sense to take gold and iodine together as they will have a synergistic effect on nervous function with both gold and iodine improving nervous working and both detoxing copper in the nerves.
Heavy Metal, Noble Metal or Nutrient?
Heavy metal is synonymous with “bad metal” in the body from a biomedical perspective. Anything which has some positive or nutritional effects cannot by definition be a heavy metal. Anything that can build up in the body is heavy metal-like though. Anything that is recognized as a nutrient is by definition is not a heavy metal by definition. Copper, Silver, and Gold are all very chemically similar on the periodic table, but currently believed to be very different in the body. The main difference is that copper is considered a nutrient and thus is not a heavy metal by definition, whereas silver and gold are not as of yet acknowledged to be nutrients but are considered to be “noble metals” which have strange electric and energetic properties at the nanoscale. However, I think copper has a lesson to teach us. Copper can obviously build up in the body and become unregulated and thus act heavy metal-like. Gold appears to detox copper from the nerves and seems to behave somewhat nutrient-like. It is possible that all 3, copper, silver, and gold when in the wrong form or size or when unregulated perhaps can build up in the body if not in homeostasis and behave heavy metal-like. This at least is consistent with their chemical similarity, but let’s take it a step farther. Perhaps copper has something to teach us, maybe it is more similar to silver and gold than we think. Maybe actually all 3 copper, silver, and gold are actually nutrients; Maybe actually all 3 copper, silver, and gold are actually regulated in the body (iodine mediated), Maybe actually all 3 copper, silver, gold are actually noble metals with interesting electrical properties and nanoscale properties; Maybe iodine is always required for optimal electrical function and mediation between the noble metals. Iodine itself is an bio-electrical/bio-conductive nutrient masterpiece capable of energy absorption at many different vibrational states and in many different forms.
Gold Nutrient Hypothesis
I believe that colloidal gold 10-20 nm is a preferred nutrient in the brain to copper, and that it will be recognized as such in my lifetime. Gold is currently not recognized as a nutrient in mainstream medicine but copper is. However, copper also needs to be recognized as a quasi-heavy metal that is toxic to the brain and nervous system. I believe this understanding explains why the body uses such as high zinc/copper ration using the zinc to suppress the copper electricity in the brain as it is toxic there.
Cu-Ag-Au Bio-electrical Hypothesis
If you look at the periodic table in a column you will see Cu (Copper), Ag (Silver), and Au (Gold). These metals have one electron in their outer shell and are all highly electrically conductive. In contrast heavy metals like Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Aluminum etc, have two electrons in their outer shell and are highly non-conductive which makes them toxic in the body as they block your bio-electricity. Iodine in NeuIodine™ is able to grab an electron, make a heavy metal temporarily conductive so that the body can bind it and remove it. Copper electricity appears to be a catch all type electricity that is used throughout the body but is kept in tight control by zinc as it is toxic to the brain and nerves if it gets too high. My hypothesis is that silver electricity although not used by the brain and nerves is actually a NUTRIENT like copper used throughout the body to zap baddies (bacteria, virus, fungus) so in a way silver is used to protect and purify the body like an electric fence or force field, or you can imagine it is the body’s bug zapper. My hypothesis is that gold is the preferred NUTRIENT in the brain. Whether or not there is some other good but non-conductive metal (like zinc is to copper) to keep the silver and gold electricity in check is not known, however I believe that there is not (see next hypothesis).
Silver Electrical Heart Balance Hypothesis
I believe it is actually the silver electricity itself that keeps the copper and the gold electricity in balance and that this balance occurs in the heart which likely explains the known metaphysical association with silver to the heart chakra. It is possible that whereas gold is preferred in the brain and nerves that silver electricity may actually be the preferred nutrient or electricity in the heart. Likely besides pumping blood the heart has a less known electrical (silver bug zapping function), and it is known that many nerves and neurons are in the heart. It seems that copper (or excess metaphysical grounding which is associated with copper) is toxic above the heart/heart chakra electrical area and silver seems to reset the balance if it gets out of whack. Too much copper makes you feel “heavy” and restoring balance makes you feel “lighter”. What exactly this perceived weight is in the heart is unknown but toxic, and silver by removing it aids greatly in healing the body, gold aids greatly in getting the brain and nerves to function, and perhaps copper has a larger role to play in the lower body especially gut areas. Copper is also anti-bacterial and perhaps plays a first line of defense against invaders, silver the second and gold the third.
iMedDo is committed to gold research
Gold has been used since antiquity in eastern medicine and perhaps it is time modern medicine catches up with ancient medicine concerning gold. Regardless of whether you believe in ancient gold knowledge passed on from the Egyptians to the Jews, to possibly the Masons and the Catholic church, gold has long fascinated humankind and has not only uses as money and bullion, but also interesting and uncovered electrical and medicinal properties which require further investigation. As a Medical Biophysicist, an exciting area of research for me is figuring out which gold sizes and energy signatures are important for human health as each size of colloidal nano-gold is known to have different energetics. Gold and silver are noble metals and have special energetic properties which are even acknowledged in mainstream science and referred to as optical properties and surface plasmon resonance which have fascinated me every since I learned about their potential application in cancer therapy from my training at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Rice University. Gold hyperthermia radiation therapy and immunology gold conjugating for cancer targeting is fascinating and up my alley, but I think is a red herring to the gorilla in the room which is the likely fact that gold is an unacknowledged nutrient which requires nutritional studies from the health supplment mindset angle not from the mainstream medical paradigm. I am undaunted that there appears to be no funding for what I consider real gold research, and I am determined to do my own private investigation into the matter of gold medicinal uses, so please support me by buying my premium health supplements as you can help yourself and help me advance knowledge with your purchase. I’m committed to re-discovering any and all nano-gold medicinal applications for moderning medicine and iMedDo Inc under my leadership is on the forefront of nano-gold medicinal study. When you buy NeuGold™, you are supporting not only your health but also exciting Egyptian gold nanotechnology research!
By Popular Demand, a One Page Summary!
FINIS (the end).
I hope you learned something new, thought of something new, but most importantly, I hope you take action to support your health. iMedDo only sells NeuGold™, NeuSilver™, and NeuIodine™ as a health supplements for health support not a drug so self-medicate responsibly if that is your intention but that is not our intention for you to do so when we sell it to you. Check out iMedDo’s six month supply of each for only $150 super bundle pricing for silver, gold and iodine, our most popular health supplement package! Also I am always looking for good retailers, contact me if interested.

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